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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Standard Battery with NFC Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs. Also features built-in NFC.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48532
$35.84 inc VAT
 5 stars from 53 customers

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Good product does what it says
Genuine Samsung battery, works as expected, given my phone a new lease of life
The spare battery - what every heavy phone user needs
Samsung made a huge mistake when they did away with the removable battery in their phones and thus became mere Apple clones. As a heavy mobile user I need the reassurance of being able to change the battery if I need to. I don't always have the opportunity to recharge and Mobile Fun are the only people still selling genuine Samsung batteries for the Note 4 so I am a happy customer.
Fantastic battery
My note 4 battery before was only lasting an hour. I bought a battery from a shop in town , this also lasted an hour. Rather then buy a new phone I bought a battery from.mobilefun, this battery is brilliant and lasts all day. I definitely recommend mobilefun if you want a genuine battery.
I'm thinking of buying a few more from here for my other devices.
Nice! The plastic case is great for carrying a spare too.
Very pleased with this battery - it resolved a problem with my phone which wasn't charging properly and now is. Perhaps there was also some issue with my main charger, but I had charging problems with others too. The phone still shuts down abruptly at around 10‰, but at least I know that the new battery is sound and will give me the greatest usage time. The old battery makes a useful spare, and the slim plastic protective case from this battery makes an ideal carrier for the spare. Fast delivery too!
Will definitely buy from you again since this is my second time
Will but from you next time again. One of the best places to buy. On line
Got this to replace my old battery that would get to 30% and switch off, new battery workes perfectly. Great service!
This battery has gave me confidence again in my phone
Bought this as replacement for my original battery that kept dying at 30%. This battery has gave me confidence again in my phone; that I had consider replacing. Replacing the battery has saved me a fortune of a new phone
Excellent service from mobile fun. Got this battery to replace my old 2yr+ plus battery that was losing power after 25%. So delighted with the product. Would recommend it
Excellent performance
I bought the original Samsung Note 4 Battery and the poor performance of the phone despaired like by magic! Great deal!!
thie is real official battery
thie is real official battery, good quality, and fast delivery.
Genuine battery, performs very well
Seems to be a genuine Samsung battery, has given my 2 year old Galaxy Note 4 a new lease of life, it's now as good as new. With batteries, just spend the extra money and buy genuine :-)
Its not a replacement battery, Its an Original Note 4 Battery
I was looking to buy a replacement battery for my galaxy Note 4. I bought few batteries from other popular online shopping sites but all were fake. Everybody was claiming that its 100% original battery but infact all of them were fake products. After a lot of search I found this website with some wonderful reviews about the battery and I thought lets try this one.. Oh my god.. it was brilliant.. it seems like an original battery.. its not a replacement at all.. my note 4 came back to life.. Now my phone is breathing superbly.. :-)
Very good.
want to keep my Note 4 going for as long as possible so bought a new battery. Excellent service.
Why does it always happen to me?
Your phone dies. What do you do? New battery is first (or high) on the list. Of course, it turned out to be a software upgrade that buggered it up, but, the battery arrived exactly when I thought it would ...and it worked beautifully! Can't blame the battery! MobileFun's service was as impeccable as usual.
Back from the dead
After buying a replacement battery elsewhere and my note4 having the exact same problem as the phones original battery,of cutting out and not coming back on until I put it on charge, I thought the phone was finished.
I decided it was worth one more shot with a genuine Samsung, after much research I decided to buy from mobilefun as the review's were glowing, I'm delighted to say the phone now works like new. Fantastic service, thanks.
100% geniune
If you are looking for a battery for your Samsung Note 4 then look no further guys, buy this! Bought this a year ago, everything is still fine and I am using my Note 4 to write this review.
Bought the real thing ,could have got a cheap one ,but paying for the real thing really paid of
Bought the real thing ,could have got a cheap one ,but paying for the real thing really paid of. Phone now working like new very happy with the battery and the fast service of Mobile Fun
Genuine Samsung Battery. All my app crashing and phone spontaneously restarting problems have disappeared, in addition to a new lease of life on the battery power which now lasts all day like when the phone was new.
I would not trust cheaper batteries online if you want your phone to remain reliable at all times.
Genuine Product
Product as described, not a fake (be careful the are lots of fakes being sold), and excellent service from Mobilefun as usual.
New Original Battery
If your phone is turning off prematurely ie 40% and/or charging has become a regular chore, then I'd definitely recommend buying this battery! Although it's a tad expensive it's worth the money however as my phone now lasts all day again. Hassle free purchase with quick delivery.
10+ hours of battery a day of moderate use
My Note 4 battery was failing as I literally couldn't take off the charging, or else it would drop from 100% to 0% within a minute. And Samsung official store didn't have the official battery to replace them, so after some online searching I found this and reviews mentioned that even Samsung recognised MobileFun. I decided to give it a go and hooray, my phone is now as new. The battery lasts me ~10 hours every day moderate use for 1.5 week now. Do not ever go elsewhere to buy those fake ones. Plus MobileFun is a google certified shop, makes me more comfortable buying from them!
Hi am very pleased with the order I placed an item i received from you guys,the price was reasonable for a genuine Samsung product and delivery was next day which was brilliant definitely would recommend you guys thankyou
Better than new
This replacement battery has completely revitalised my 2-year old phone. I do not remember the original battery holding its charge for so long.
great buy
thought about getting a new phone but gave this battery a try,wow like a new phone,easily 1.5 days use and i'm medium/heavy use,if your battery is dying after a few hours you won't go wrong with this 5/5
Note 4 Battery
Searched a lot to find a suitable replacement for the original battery. Bought it from Mobile fun as it was recommended by Samsung Support themselves. Battery charges very fast and does not drain like my old battery. Fast charging works very well as well. Came in original packaging, very happy with the purchase.
Needed a genuine replacement battery
Looked for some time for retailer I could trust to supply a genuine Samsung battery (harder than it sounds.) Mobile Fun supplied genuine replacement battery with full retail packet and with fast excellent service. My phone battery had failed after two years and now is back to 100%. Thanks.
Had to wait, but at least I got one!
These batteries are like hen's teeth - can't find them anywhere. The Samsung UK shop didn't have then and couldn't get them, and Mobile Fun was their only recommendation. Mobile Fun didn't have them in stock either, but kept me informed of the status whenever they had more information and managed to get some within a few weeks. They even use a decent courier who gives notice of when delivery is scheduled and lets you change if inconvenient. Batteries themselves seem to be exactly what was expected, but not had them long enough yet to comment on their longevity. At least, having been recommended by Samsung, I expect they are genuine Samsung parts.
A genuine Samsung battery at a fair price
I struggled to find a real Samsung battery until I was directed to Mobilefun by Samsung. Although out of stock, they accepted my order, and kept me informed about dispatch and delivery which came quickly. It's wonderful to have a phone battery that lasts all day an doesn't conk out at 30%. I would recommend them.
Extremly impressed
I placed my order as I had been adied by someone as they had dealt it you before. I was a little unsure as I would normally go straight to samung to purchase anything. Once order was placed I had and email to confirm order which is good. I then received an email explaining the item was out of stock. I was very pleased that mobilefun kept me fully upto date with every step of what was happending with my order. I even was concerned about the order and had a personal email from a college of mobilefun explaining the situation and keeping me up to date. My item has arrived and is is now being used. Thand mobilefun I will be using you again and spreading the word about you site to others.
Better than all the rest..
After suffering months of battery issues with the phone I use and rely on for my business, I bought a replacement battery. I had no luck sourcing an original locally, so reluctantly accepted a generic substitute (£16)..Waste of money!!

The battery wouldn't fully charge, and gradually accepted less & less of a charge.
After reading some excellent reviews I ordered from MobileFun. Ordered 6am Monday & despite choosing the 3-7day standard delivery the battery arrived midday Tuesday. Fantastic service, genuine product supplied and my battery life is far in excess of what I experienced when I first got my phone 2 yrs ago. Top purchase, very please.
Pay more for quality
I have been having issues with the battery life on my Note 4 for a while. I bought a "genuine Samsung" replacement battery which lasted even less time than the original one! Deciding to rather spend a bit more money, I bought the battery from.Mobile Fun. So far, so good and not only does it seem to be a proper Samsung product but its holding a charge much better: as good as new! So, buying a cheap battery didnt pay in the long run but this one is the business!
Legit battery
Only bought form here since Samsung THEMSELVES told me to come here, so you know it's the real deal. More expensive than eBay or amazon however you can't really tell if they are genuine, whereas Mobile fun you know it is genuine. Also you get 1 year warranty too.
Note 4 replacement battery
Power from battery was terrible Went to a local big brand shop and friendly staff tried his battery in my phone.Unfortunalty they dont sell batteries!.So after a lot of online research we used Mobile fun.Bit of a hicup on delivery but all good in the end .Battery is functioning very well and would buy from Mobile fun again.
Genuine product. Keen price. Quick delivery. Brought my phone back from the dead.
Perfect replacement
Exactly as described and a genuine replacement as the ones I had previously from amazon bloated unsafely so third battery and works perfectly and fast charges too. Should have come straight to mobile fun. The others were much cheaper but also in build quality so you do get what you pay for it.
Great Battery, Genuine Product
I was hesitant to buy this battery because I wasn't sure if it was definitely real but on receiving it I was convinced it was a legitimate Samsung product from the packaging and from comparing it to my old battery. I've had the battery for around 2 weeks now and it is working great, it lasts triple the time of my old battery and fully charges fine.
Perfect replacement
Bought 2 batteries previously from what i thought were repituble sites and both bloated unsafely. This one is great and fast charges as opposed to the previous ones. just shows when you try to save money its a false economy. Well done for being spot on yet again
It's a new battery...
Spookily coinciding with eligibility for an upgrade, my Note 4 started to behave erratically - battery crashing to 0% from 17%, not charging overnight and suchlike. Now, I really like the Note range - the 2 was great and the 4 has been a bit better. But paying £57 per month for two years for the 7, for which you essentially get the same screen, waterproofing and a fingerprint scanner that works, seemed a bit steep. So I decided to shell out for a new battery to see if that would make a difference (note, pun intended, that you can't change the battery anymore so that trick can't be repeated with newer models). And Lo! My phone is restored and rejuvenated. So for the money, I have saved £40 per month for a year by staying on my existing contract (after which I'll think again about upgrading). What's not to like? MobileFun service was fine - the battery arrived quickly, as promised, tracked accurately. Couldn't fault anything.
fab item
Stick with Samsung items phone now runs faster from old battery to new
A battery that holds the charge... hurray!!
What a God send this battery has been. After having been through 4 others off a popular auction website and online retailer, I came across this website selling genuine items. At first I was apprehensive, but read the reviews and went for it. It's been 2 weeks and so far so good..a big thumbs up. Hope it last's. Money well spent!
Quality product, Quality Service
Once again, excellent service from Mobile Fun. I chose to order the Genuine Samsung Battery as a replacement for my power hungry Galaxy Note 4. I didn't want to risk going for a cheaper generic one and finding that it starts to swell after a few charges or even worse, damage my phone. In my opinion, paying that bit extra for piece of mind is worth it, after all if I wasn't bothered about quality I wouldn't have the Note 4!
Battery works as expected just like the original. Thanks again Mobile Fun
The Genuine Article
They are a LOT of fakes out there guys- Don't take the risk. This listing here is the real deal.

It's worth mentioning that Samsung themselves steered me here as one of the retailers that they deem reputable.
The item itself is top quality and original
Excellently layed out website with fast and efficient delivery. The item itself is top quality and original. Very well packaged and excellent helpful communication.

Highly recommended would definitely buy again.

Genuine battery
Genuine samsung note 4 battery. Great service, quick delivery in original packaging. Once fully charged it lasts well compared to my 9 month old battery.
Samsung Note 4 battery
Authentic Samsung product. Did exactly what it said on the tin. MobileFun were quick and efficient. Would certainly shop with these again.
Does what it says on the tin
Genuine Samsung product, straight 1 to 1 switch for my original which was having draining issues. Phone now feels brand new again and no more worries that the power will suddenly drop. Exactly what I was after!
Very happy with the performance and charging
Genuine samsung battery replaced original worn out battery. Very happy with the performance and charging with this new battery NFC works great and very happy with my purchase.
Great Genuine Samsung Product!
Received this today having only ordered yesterday, I had been looking to replace the battery that came with my note 4 as it had started to lose its performance, great to find a genuine product as it appears there are a lot of fakes online!

Product came quickly, battery is as described, genuine and comes in the genuine Samsung packaging.

I strongly recommend and has the added bonus of being cheaper than buying directly with Samsung!

5* service and quality!
This replacement woks perfectly. I didn't notice any difference from the original one. Recommended

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