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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Extra Battery Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery and battery charger that's fully NFC compatible - Make sure your spare battery for the Note 4 is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48537
$43.80 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 49 customers

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Brilliant Accessory
Really good to have a genuine spare battery that is always fully charged and to have the plastic carry case to keep it in when out and about is an added bonus.
Perfect solution
My Samsung Note 4 was playing up and not charging while the phone was on. This proved to be the perfect solution to my problem. It gives me a spare battery on the move so I never have to worry about charging my phone during the day.
Excellent piece of kit. Excellent service.
great item
Working as expected , this is must have item if you use your phone a lot and need more power. Also contain a small container so you can carry charged spare battery safely in your pocket.
Highly recommended to all heavy mobile phone users.
So handy
I never have an uncharged phone now, and that's so helpful. I just remove my battery, place it in the charger, plug with the existing lead from my phone and charge until the light turns green.

This came with a new battery (my existing one was starting to let me down) but I use both of them now in turn. I can highly recommend doing this, and I'm buying one for my son who has an S5.
Now I'll never be run out of battery again
It's very helpful for me. Now I'll never be run out of battery again. Thanks for your produce
spread battery & charger
The charger & battery seem to be genuine. This package now enables me to keep up to my daily messages. The battery life on the phone alone is poor, now my phone lasts the full day without me being attached to a charger constantly.
Good purchase Robert
As far as I can makout it is the genuine article
As far as I can makout it is the genuine article, and works well to keep the best phone on the market working. It was delivered on time and would recommend it.
Brilliant Item Extremely Fast Dispatch
Looking for a new battery for the Note 4 due to the battery suddenly dying without warning. Was thinking oh great I'm looking at least £70 bill here for a new battery. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a original product through you was 24.99. I choose to get the one with the charger at 29.99.Battery was ordered on Sunday. I received the battery the next day. Brilliant Service
Indispensable item. Great service.
I could not make the most of my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 without this item. Having a fully charged extra battery in my bag at all times ensures I am never without my phone when I need it.

Great service from MobileFun and fast delivery. Very pleased. Thank you! I would definitely recommend.
Must have item!
Absolutely essential for those who use their phone for work related tasks all day. Spare battery, fast charging, original samsung products. Fast delivery. Great service. What more can I say?
Very good product
battery kit
Very good kit to have especially if you're travelling and using your device a lot I would recommend to have one
A usefull handy kit
A usefull handy kit wouldrecommend to get especially if you are out and about every day
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Extra Battery Kit
The battery does not seem to charge
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Please contact us and we will see what we can do to help, you may have a faulty battery which we can replace.
Great to have backup
I really like the idea of having the freedom to replace the battery as I am not a huge fan of integrated batteries.
It's great to have the possibility to carry a spare battery, in a charging case, so I don't need to worry about my phone running dry. It charges very fast, so you can have a fully functional spare battery again within a couple of hours.
Great Product
Great product. Impressed with MobileZap's service
Wish I knew about this sooner!
Ideal for... those who use their phones heavily but can only charge their phone over night, or to leave in your car for emergencies.

More then just a spare battery... you can charge it using the supplied case, so you don't need to swap the battery in your phone to charge it.

... Good value at a price I'd be willing to pay.

... The little charging case and holding case are great.

... No USB cable or plug (ok if you have spares from old phones though).

... Mo fast charge like the battery on the note 4 phone. However I typically just leave both charging over night so not really a problem for me.


... Don't forget to know your phone pin before you take out the battery!
The product is a satisfactory as it's a package of battery and it's charger for the note 4. Now theres no point of running out of battery
A very handy effective tool for the busy person on the go.
Samsung Extra Battery kit.
Excellent product. The charger and case supplied are very useful for travelling when one can't find a charging station. Good value for money.
this is amazing
I adore this product having a spare genuine samsung battery with a charger box is so useful! You don't have to wait for your device to be fully charged / or being attached to one spot while it charges. I recommend this product to everyone who has a samsung galaxy note 4 it's my must have essential!
I am so pleased with my item
I am so pleased with my item one of the only places where I can buy original items and accessories for my phone many thanks 5 star rating
Now I know why I hated my iphone so much
After 2 years of using the iphone 5 (my first iphone) I opted to change to the Samsung Note 4. The iphone was driving me nuts because after 18 months, the battery would die after about 5 hours.
The Note 4 has a changeable battery so this kit is the perfect partner. I can keep a spare battery with me now and just change it when the one in the phone goes flat. Furthermore, if I'm out and about, I can then pop the flat battery into the charger and connect a power bank into it. This means that you don't need to wander around with the power bank hanging from the bottom of the phone.
This product works extremely well and is a genuine Samsung part and battery.
No looking back for me.
Apple???? One bite and I found it rotten to the core.
Absolutely fantastic kit!
I received this item quickly and it is absolutely fantastic. The Samsung battery is genuine and the charger works very well. There's nothing worse than having your phone connected to the lead when charging it is so much more convinient to just swap the battery with a fully charged one! The charger is a nice shiny plastic which gives it a good quality feel and there is a handy light that goes from red to green to let you know when the battery is fully charged. Also comes with a carry case for the spare battery which is handy. You do need to use your own charger to plug it into the case but we all should have one of those anyway!

Would highly recommend! And such great value!
Samsung Battery
Very happy and so glad I bought the second battery
Nifty little package
I think this is a great addition if you are a power hungry mobile user, although the Note4 has the best battery life around in my opinion its always good to carry a spare battery just in case and for about a fiver more than just a battery you get a battery, a plastic case for it and also a nifty little charging pod that isn't much bigger than the battery itself and you just hook it up to a USB charger and let it charge in a few hours, to be honest you could pretty much just do away with the plastic case and carry the battery and charging pod with you as its not much bigger and weighs very little, overall a very good investment
extra life
Bought this extra battery and case as we travel a lot last thing I want is my battery dieing on me as this is a life line when I visit my children and grandchildren as they live so far away so my phone is used all the time with the item I bought it's great as one can be on charge and I'm using the other what makes it better is I bought off a company I've used before and trust the items I buy and the quality I would recommend it to any and every one
Genuine Samsung. Great product!
I initially bought one of these on a popular auction site. It was a fake and about the same price as this one. When I received this from Mobilefun I was very happy to see that it was an original, genuine UK Samsung product.

As for the product. If you on a Note 4 you will want one of these. I'm a heavy user of my phone and by 6pm it's running low on juice. Swapping to a fully charged battery gives me more than enough to last the rest of the evening. No messing about with cables or anything!
Great website and great product
This battery and battery charger kit is the perfect accessory for me as I am always on the go.It helps me to always ensure I can use my phone to its full potential. The site was helpful and precise it gave me updates on despatch delivery dates and time. No problems and would use it and recommend this to anyone.
Fantastic, 0 to 100% in 30 seconds!!!
This is a must have it you have a note 4.
ideal to keep in the car or van and no need to use a cable to charge. Brilliant, quality product from samsung...again.
Extra battery
Excellent, second battery with its own charger.
quality product
Really handy piece of kit and a genuine Samsung product at a good price. Just remember you need to order a separate USB cable & power brick to charge. Great for when on travel.
Fast charging spare battery kit
I am happy with the spare battery kit delivered by Mobilefun. Using the original charger the spare battery is char g ed in a couple of hours. Plus the product is a Samsung genuine accessory
Great.. And a real Samsung product..
My Note 4 turned up with a faulty battery, it's 3 weeks later and they still can get it sorted.. So I bought one of these and I was really surprised with what I got. You can charge the battery in it's own charging box (very nice build quality too..)and then it has another small plastic case to keep the charged battery. As I've said my original battery was broken so I've been using this one until I get a replacement and it works flawlessly giving me 2 days usage like my partners original, with handset unit. I'm being very careful to choose my words as I've previously purchased a so-called original battery (from another seller) for my SIII which was a fake.. This is most definitely a good quality original..
High quality product, great value for money, never run out of charge!
A great product and extremely useful to have on occasions when travelling without the ability to charge your phone, giving you peace of mind that you won't run out of charge by having a spare battery.

The kit includes an official Samsung battery for the Galaxy Note 4, a charging unit that doubles up as a stand, and a plastic case to safely store the spare battery around in. However, it does not include a USB charging cable.

The charging unit is very compact and has a handy LED indicator so that When charging the battery separately, you can easily see when the battery is fully charged. Overall, this is a high quality product that offers great value for money - a highly recommended purchase.
An excellent product
An excellent product. Very good build quality from Samsung as you would expect. Very convenient to be able to charge a battery independent of the phone in such a compact case too. Highly recommended.
Useful, but not quite perfect
Carrying a spare battery is second nature for me now. This charger with extra battery is great - not much bigger than the battery it charges quickly and means you need never run out of charge again.
To be perfect though, It would have been great if it came with a charging cable, but thats the only problem with it. Very useful piece of kit.
Battery and charger
I don't know what to say about a battery. I seems to work just find and is no difference then the one that came with the Note 4 and I am happy with it. I really like the charger which also work great and is easy to take on the go.
Great to have a spare charged battery. I brought this so that when i do change the battery, the other can be charged seperately.

Nice battery case that comes with it too so it's safe to carry around.

A must have if you use your Note 4 for everything which i do, i play games, browse, use lots of apps and sometimes work on the Note 4 so it's great to have a spare.
spare battery
Great accessory.a must any android user.also great service from mobile fun.
first class
This genuine battery and charger kit is a must if like me you use the Samsung galaxy note 4 vertualy all day long, it's fantastic to slip in a battery whenever needed. It's a quality piece of kit.
Compact, does the job
I'm a great believer in having a spare battery ready charged to put in the phone if I've forgotten to charge the phone overnight. The charger is very reasonably priced, though the battery seems a bit steep. I also like the carrying case for the battery - means there's no fear of accidental discharge if I want to take the spare battery out with me.

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