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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Wireless Charging Cover - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The official Samsung S-View Cover with built in 'wireless charging' for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slim and stylish. Ideal for checking the time or screening and answering incoming calls without opening the case.
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 4.7 stars from 176 customers

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We came to NZ in 1970 from Birmingham and were delighted to get such excellent service from you. Delivery was fast and good to see that you have kept up the Birmingham spirit of being the best there is.
Good product - if a tad expensive!
I bought this to replace a pale pink case (same model) as the pink had become grey from daily handling (I had no idea my hands were that dirty!). These Samsung cases are good, although in order to keep it closed it's advisable to purchase the Spigen magnetic clip (making it even more expensive. Mobile Fun seemed to be the only seller getting these cases back in stock so I'd nearly given up replacing my old case when I saw these. Well done, Mobile Fun!
Exactly what it says
What you see is what you get.
Read all the reviews and opted for this and it is and does everything as described. Great quality and great service.
Lovely Case
I have the white one of these for the summer but it doesn't feel right using something so light and bright on dull grey days. It is no more bulky than the non charging case so I am very happy. It is so easy just to drop the phone onto the charging pad on my desk for a quick top up. I would love some other colours to match my handbag etc.
Useful Improvement on original
I used this on an original Samsung S view case that had been in use for about 7 months. I was going to replace the case which had gone soft on the hinging part and didn't provide a positive enough action to activate/deactivate the phone. I saw this on a mailshot from MobileFun for about a tenner and decided to risk it. I'm glad I did because it not only looks good , it does the job exactly as it should and has breathed life back into my case - Recommended.
Look and feel of a pocket diary
Excellent and I would say essential addition to Galaxy note 3.
Interactive window enables view of calls, messages, email notifications etc and the use of various applications. The active note feature is amazing for jotting down bits and bobs to check out later without having to open up the phone, you don't have to use the pen, a finger will do.
Also the camera is available too..as is music player.
As others mentioned the case replaces the original back and I was dubious about that but all was good.. just make sure every click is clicked!
There are + and- signs on the edge and indeed you can alter volume whilst case closed. want to check window when black just press power key on side or flap open briefly!
It feels very comfortable and more diary than phone like.
The blue lime colour is more of a steely duck egg blue.. beautiful.. I love it. If you want to see what your phone is up to without the faff of a full case.. this is the one.. Mobile fun service excellent as ever
I have had no issue with it flapping open as yet
As Advertised
item received was as indicated and in good order

Only complaint is this review process when multiple items are purchased... each item has to be rated individually with no further reference to what item you are actually reviewing - fail
As Advertised
item received was as indicated and in good order

Only complaint is this review process when multiple items are purchased... each item has to be rated individually with no further reference to what item you are actually reviewing - fail
A Must Have
Heard about this in one of emails was dubious at first then decided to get one because my s-view case never closed fully. My god what a difference this has made firstly with fixing the closing problem but it also makes my case so expensive looking. So easy to fit highly recommended
Slick, light, genuine and worth every penny
Despite being warned against flip covers being a pain to open and close repeatedly, I desperately wanted this one as I had seen others using it and it looked slick and light. I am so pleased with this cute pink one. It takes all the beating and scratching so my phone doesn't have to. It adds no bulk in my handbag and the window works perfectly (you can swipe through it to take or end a call and your phone really does recognise the cover and offer you a range of backgrounds). The case always closes flat, no matter how often you fold it backwards on itself. Don't worry if at first this doesn't happen; It will soften with time. Worth every penny and it is genuine.
Great cover
Cover fits perfectly for phone and I love how the phone matches the cover and goes pink , great fast delivery have recommended this site to all family and friends
i have received the product and the product is excellent and awesome and my note 3 looks stunningly awesome
Useful additions.
Having just taken delivery of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I foolishly assumed that the accessories for my old Galaxy Note 1 would be compatible.

I needed a decent cover and this one is nice quality and reasonably priced. Bit of a shortage on colour choice, but the blue grey one is OK and as a genuine Samsung part, fits well.

The usual great service from Mobile Fun.
Very quick delivery next day. Excellent quality. Can get cheap copies elsewhere but the cover is genuine samsung model.
re-samsung cover
Excellent service, keeps you up to date at all times. Would highly recommend site.
Great quality and protection
The original and the best case in my eyes! as always excellent service and very fast delivery, in a nut shell this case does everything I need it to and does it well, good quality product and well made.

Great service as always from mobile fun ;-)
Got what I Wanted. ... On time
Ordered a wireless charging SView phone cover for my Galaxy Note 3. Got what I ordered within the time stated on the website. Good service.
I already have all S view covers of Samsung and this colour was left out...smart design and great functionality..
Love this S-view cover of Samsung,I already own all the colours of Samsung note 3, just this was pending and I ordered it..
This case is well worth the money. Slim but offers great protection. Also the ability to see time and message etc while the case is closed is great.
"Clever" case!
The S-View case is "clever", in that it "knows" when it is opened and closed and adjusts the phone's screen accordingly. In common with many Samsung phone cases, to keep the slim profile of the phone the case replaces the phone's back cover. It's a great case but, like other customers, I find the case won't stay shut when I close it. This isn't helped by the fact that in order to use the phone, making it even less likely to stay closed when I shut it. I'm thinking of getting one of the magnetic clips also sold on this site to solve this problem.
Great case easy to use.very cool smart.functional.
Solid well made. .
Great case easy to use.very cool smart.functional.
Solid well made. .
been looking for this
best ever clip you will find fits very good on my samsung galaxy note 3 no one sells this best price you will find thank you very much mobilefun always buying stuff on you site joe.
perfect case
This is the perfect case for my phone. It gives good protection. Also allows easy usage of the phone, with the cover closed
Amazing. Bought the item 3pm one day and was delivered the next morning. The case is fabulous I couldn't be happier. Best service I have experience with online shopping.
I am overwhelmingly pleased. I began the shopping experience barely 5 minutes before the 6:00pm deadline for guaranteed next day delivery. I payed by PayPal to save having to find my wallet and credit card and the whole process was pretty slick, payment taken and order confirmation received by 5:59pm.

I must admit to being hugely skeptical that my order would be reveived, processed, packaged, despatched and delivered in 19 hours and 1 minute but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best regardless.

To my surprise and delight, with 3 hours to spare, the package arrived. MobileFun clearly employ magic pixies and that's just awesome.
s view cover
Original cover at greatly reduced price
Great case
Was skeptical about the case until I put it on then it was like why is this not what comes with the phone. The phone feels better with the case and in my opinion it works better as well. The window is a great size for using the music and camera.
Ref case purchased
Perfect case and perfect phone protection. Arrived very quickly. Just what I wanted. Excellent price as well. Would recommend to anyone. Bright colour but at least I can see where I have left my phone A++++ for delivery and quality of the case.
Good quality
Having already purchased the blue lime cover I purchased the orange s view cover for my note 3. The colour is bright and rich. I had the flip case for my note 2 which had more coral tones. This colour is much better. The leather grain effect is finer than that of the blue lime case. It has real stiching around the edges. It is well made and adds little bulk to your phone and nice to hold in the hand. I would give the case 5 out of 5 however recommend buying the spigen magnetic clip which stops the cover flipping open. This can be easily changed from cover to cover. A great buy and very quick delivery.
Case review
Case is a perfect fit for my phone
Very pleased with purchase. Works perfectly. Allowws me to use camera without opening the case.
Looks good and feels good.
Great Case
This is a great case very stylish and does not add bulk to your phone. Having looked at the blue lime colour on other sites you would expect it to be brighter. The colour indicated here is a far more true representation. The s view window unlocks additional features on your phone and you are able to see missed calls/texts time, weather at a glance. However the window is a bit of a finger print magnet. Real stiching around the edges gives a more premium look than the original back cover. I would recommend buying the spigen magnetic clip for this cover as it keeps the cover closed. Overall a good buy.
what I was looking for...
It is actually what I was looking for, the colour is bright and attractive.
Ordered on the Thursday and arrived on Monday, which is extremely fast for standard P&P.
The review and details is excellent and would recommend this site to any of my friends, colleagues and family.
Perfect case
Really impressed with this case. It looks smart and you can easily bend it back so you can text easier. The pink looks lovely with my white handset.

I don't understand why this case is so expensive everywhere (£50) but this was the cheapest I could find it.
Overall it's a nice colour and fit, but I wish it was real leather! (Especially for the price!)

Thanks mobilefun, quick delivery!
A Truly Snart Case
I bought this case to protect my new Samsung Galaxy Note3 phone,it seemed a small price to protect such an expensive handset It does all it said in the video,looks stylish,offers great protection and allows use of the phone without opening the cover-brilliant!
Loving It!
Stylish and chic...something just like me!
Just what I expected
A little pricey for a case but exactly what I was looking for in terms of use.
Great Job
Fits nicely, I haven't bought a wireless charger yet. A lot nicer than most bulky cases. The main issue I have with is is it doesn't fit perfectly on the front, it's slightly to the side, but other than that good product.
Works with DT-910 and DT-900 wireless chargers
I bought the item so I can charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using my Nokia DT-910 wireless charging stand and DT-900 wireless pad. Works flawlessly with the DT-900. With the DT-910, however, I need to place the phone horizontally on the stand.
Great Cover
Perfect fit for the Note 3 as expected. Charger works well. Received quickly despite international shipping.
a great final touch
I had a great phone so why not add the final finishing touch and get an official samsung cover. easy to fit and it is the final touch to a great phone.
no point in buying an expensive phone and cheapening it with a naff cover.
plus I know that all my phone functions will work with the cover.
Love the product...BUT
Wish I was made aware that you would need the actual wireless charging pad seperately, would have ordered a kit which included it.
finally a solution to ur s view case constantly opening
Im so glad spigen brought out the product its so annoying when u have a case that just won't stay shut well no more thanks to this product does exactly what it says on the tin keeps ya case shut very easy to install defo worth buying highky recommend
Just brilliant
What can I say , No more flappy S- view case
I was a bit apprehensive about the adhesive of the tape holding the one part ! with it in and out my pocket all day. But it's rock solid , as not moved one mm
I'd recommend this to anyone without a second thought
I got this so that it would offer some protection for the phone and also because I've a Maxell wireless charging pad. The cover does protect the phone, it adds virtually no bulk to it so the phone will still fit in my pocket, and it works with the charger.
Expensive but works well
You fit this case by removing the back cover on your Note 3 and snapping the case into place, so unlike other wallet type cases, you don't have to worry about the plastic surrounds breaking or bending and the phone falling out of the case. A nice feature is when you open the front cover, your phone goes out of standby automatically - without you having to press any buttons or swipe the screen. You can make a phone call and close the case, and still speak and have a conversation without having the front flapping about. You can then end the call by swiping the clear front window. You can listen to music and pause, FF, Rew etc by pressing the front window, so you don't have to open the case. The front of the case can be folded all the way back so you can lie the phone flat on a desk, or prop it up against a wall. ONLY drawback is there isn't a magnetic tab to keep the case closed, but this hasn't been a problem for me as it doesn't flap open and generally stays snug against the screen.
Bought the Samsung case for my note 3. I was using a leather case which was in the same price area however it felt bulky and some of the dye from the case was left on the screen. From the first moment I put the Samsung case on my phone, it was a huge improvement. Perfect fit slim.On a more practical side I could see who was ringing or texting me. I would recommend this product to anyone. Its not cheap but neither was the phone and the two go perfectly together
Great Service
It was exactly what I expected! Name brand product, brand new, works great!
Exceded my expectations
The case itself is brilliant rubberised interior and is exposed at the corners, to prevent any shock getting through to the Note 3. The see thru screen means just by pressing the home key accessible from outside the case, basic tasks can be performed with the case closed. A superb investment.
Awesome product.
The cover is high quality in form and function.
The product was exactly what I was looking for; it works great.
great case
It's a great case, it looks really good, the color was just how it was showed on the website, and it works great. if your getting a case for your note 3 i highly recomend this case...
Great Product
I'm very happy with this case. Wireless charging is convenient and the case has a good look and feel. Overall very happy with the product.
What it says on the tin.
The cover works well. There's not really a lot that you can say about a cover, except that it replaces the phone's back cover, it's quite strong and protective of the phone. All the functions operate with the cover closed, although you'll need to open the cover to kick them off. Opening the cover illuminates the screen.
Exactly as advertised
As of today there is no aftermarket option to have wireless charging, S-view cover funtion/pass thru and NFC working with a receiver pad. So this OEM case/cover is really the best way to get wireless charging with some extra protection for the front and the camera and maintain the premium look of the Note 3 without losing any functionality. I am happy with the look a feel. It does add a bit of heft, but it actually feels quite grippy and balanced.There is a small lip around the top, bottom and exposed side to offer some additional drop protection. I does not add a lot of size to phone. I added the Iloome flexible glass protector and Spigen magnetic clip to keep it closed. I can confirm that they both work fine. Overall it is a nice quality product that adds to the Note 3 ownership experience without much compromise.
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Wireless Charging Cover - White
Excellent cover.well worth getting one.
Great idea and great product.
This is a great product, the wireless charging is so good, saves wear on charge socket and time fiddling around with leads. I was pleased to find that wireless charging is not slow making the product just a showy gadget also helped as it is easy to use and very well made.
The case is great even though slightly thicker and heavier than a standard s view case - still a lot better than phone with back cover and standard case. The markings on the case to show volume up and down locations are handy too.
The stylus is a bit harder to get out with this case and as the case is still new it is not very supple so does not as of yet stay shut all the time when the phone is on the charger (so the screen switches on). I would highly recommend this product.
Great service from mobile fun, arrived as stated and kept informed all the way.

The cover fits perfectly and works well providing good protection whilst looking professional and stylish.
Not fit for purpose.
The spine of the case where the volume buttons are when used a few times is quite stiff which leads to the case not staying closed so you end up placing your phone face down on a surface, also due to the stiffness if you bend the front back a lot to speak or text/email the case splits. A very disappointing purchase and now one that will ensure I always keep the packaging in future.
Great purchase
Ordering process was so easy. Colour exactly as is in the picture. Fits perfectly. Item arrived on the same day as the phone... What could be better.
Does Almost As Expected
Cover makes phone a little larger and heavier, but, does offer some protection. The S view window is very convenient and works perfectly. Though the battery stops charging when full, the charging pad continues to show it is charging. It would have been helpful to know this in advance since I had to check to find out that the cover does not have the ability to turn off the charging pad automatically. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product.
Does what is says on the tin! Happy customer!
Bought this cover as it seemed to be one of the only options for my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Very happy with it (although wish it hadn't been quite so pricey!). Really like the way that the phone recognises the cover. Would like to have a greater ability to customise what I see through the window but otherwise it's spot on.
Great case
Great case fits well as it should.
Only gripe is the plastic window,smears easily and looks fragile-only time will tell if the case will last.
But I like the fact that you can see who's calling,take photos,check and see if you recieved emails/texts without opening the case.
I would reccomend the case I've seen it cheaper on Amazon but there are concerns that they are fake.
Great phone deserves a great case.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Cover Provides Excellent Additional Features
The Note 3 wireless charging flip cover provides excellent additional features with only a slight increase in thickness and weight. The charger works well with a generic Qi pad and charging overnight means I can use the phone without a worry during the day. I haven't had the opportunity to use NFC. I previously tried two generic wireless charging pads, one with NFC, but neither would work with the basic S-View cover. I managed to knock the phone off a table with no damage to the phone or cover, so it does provide good protection against minor events. I use all the S-View features and recommend this cover as a great addition to an already fine phone. It makes a complete package.
Absolutely fantastic!
This case is ssssooooo great! The wireless charging is so much more convenient - once on the charging pad, makes answering or checking so much more convenient not having to unplug and replug. I had an Incipio case before this and found the "fold" rather bothersome when I opened the case to answer ... was like you could not hold it evenly because edges were not lined up. Being able to SEE the type of notification without even opening this case is really nice; being able to answer without opening is great! No additional bulk when holding to speak. You can also access music and camera without ever actually opening the case. I am extremely pleased with this product. For the ways I use my phone, this case makes what I do much faster and easier. Kudos to Samsung! Would really like Samsung Gear watch next but financial reality slows me down!!!
Eye-catching, well-made cover!
This is a very beautiful, well-made s view cover. Very easy to put on and replace the original cover. It protects well the front side of the phablet preventing inadvertent scratches when you are carrying it your packet. At the same time you are able to view how many missed calls and messages you have had, but doesn't provide any previews. The big advantage of this cover is that you could easily access the camera which is impossible otherwise when you are using a passcode on your phone. To sum up, I am very pleased with this cover and the 5 star delivery service of the mobilefun.
s view wireless
This item is great! Waited 6 weeks but well worth the time. Love the cutout window and the qi charging seals the deal. With over 10 mill note3 sold almost any part may be out of stock. Be patient ..
well worth the price
This case may be quite expensive, but its great quality and with the wireless charging capabilities I no longer have to go between cases and also being able to use my music player camera and action memo through it is awesome!
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging cover
The charging cover was an excellent fit.I was able to charge the Note 3 wirelessly as advertised.
Works perfectly
This case works great. I'm happy with the product. It took longer than I thought coming from UK, though. I wish there was more communications from mobile fun regarding when in stock. At first the website stated they were in Stock so I ordered it. A couple days later they were unavailable so I wasn't sure when it was shipping.
Excellent Case
I like this case because it gives excellent protection and it charges inductively just like it promises.No fooling around with cords. Just set the phone on the charging base and go.
Verá good product and fast delivery
Fast delivery as usual....
The case works perfectly with the Nokia wireles charger
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-view case
Fantastic item. Works great, looks great and is better than I thought it would be. Protects the phone and the ability of answering the phone without opening the front cover is great.
Excellent Quality
I have canvassed different kinds of S3 Wireless cover and found this. Surprisingly, at that time nothing was available in the retail store in the USA. I am happy with the quality of merchandise received and though it was on back order...it was worth the wait.
I am really enjoying my phone case. I love the way it looks & feels. It is more then what I expected. I recommend it to anyone interested.
Well worth the price. :)
galaxy note 3 s view
it's not working with the wireless charger I bought to go with it. whatan I doing wrong? Linda. I thought you just placed the s view charger on the pad. Please advise
Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover
I was so anxious to get this! I really was!

And now it's for sale. Like new.

It's actually very functional as far as checking the time, weather, taking calls or messages, etc. without opening the phone. It also very slightly overlaps the phone... so if you DO drop it, the cover will disperse the shock. I thought it would be great.

As it turns out, though, it has a fatal flaw: it won't stay shut! I sit the phone down and the cover flops open. I literally had to put the phone upside down to keep the cover shut. That sort of defeats the purpose of the cover, doesn't it?

As much as I want to like this cover, the fact that it won't stay closed just does it in for me. Samsung, in all its wisdom, couldn't put a closure of some sort on it? Oh well.

Maybe the Note 4 S-View cover will actually stay shut.
An Excellent Cover with remarkable features
I waited for seven weeks before getting this cover from mobilefun, I was using the Samsung's Premium cover with autooff function , but this cover provides far much better option like reviewing your notification and answering calls without opening the cover.
I personally think that this cover is not an accessory but an essential part of getting the most of the Note3.
Even better than expected
I previously had an original Galaxy Note and bought a similar type of cover which, similar to this one, replaces the back of the phone to keep the size small, an excellent idea. Adding the front window makes the product even better. It also seems to be a quality product.
The only downside is that the combination of the phone and cover causes my son to keep pestering me to swap with his brand new Iphone5S on which he spent twice the amount.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Premium Cover Case - Indigo Blue
Nice produce. Slim and has a clean view of part of the top half of the screen so your able to see calls or emails that came in.

Downside is to watch your movies there is nothing to help to keep the case open and upright for this particular view purpose. Hence I gave it 4 stars.
S-View Premium Cover Case
A great investment to protect your phone and have a dynamic appeal with protection. View, need to knows, before opening. Protects in pocket and drops, makes the side lined bezel asthetics look like pages in a book. Functional and fit is awesome.
S Veiw Cover
The S Veiw cover for my Galaxy Note 3 fits perfect and protects the phone perfect.the down side the S Veiw window is prone to finger marks and allways collects dusk no matter how much you you keep cleaning the window
Think the window would be better made in glass rather than plastic hensce why it collects so much dust
Others wize the case is nice
Helpfuly and amzing
Its a great choice because its do that was said and the delivery it was very safe for the package!!
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