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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3200mAh Standard Battery with NFC Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will ensures that you have enough quality and reliable power. Features built-in NFC.
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 4.9 stars from 56 customers

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Just awesome.. Received the battery yesterday afternoon "allot sooner then expected" gave it a full charge over night and unplug it just before I went to work, 14 hours later it's only lost 17% charge. Totally genuine battery fantastic customer service would definitely do business with these guys again..
Pleased with product and service – Recommended
Battery arrived promptly and well packed. I think it was already at least partly charged on arrival, which was very helpful, but I charged it again fully for safety's sake. I can't testify for its longevity as I haven't used it for long enough but, so far, battery life with this unit is a marked improvement over its predecessor.
Revitalised an ageing Note 3
I was suffering from poor battery life from my 5 year old Note 3 phone - it wouldn't last a day even with frugal usage.
This battery has brought it back to actually being useful! I can now use my phone without worrying about charging at every opportunity.
I chose MobileFun because I wanted to be a sure as I could of getting a genuine battery
Exactly what it says
Having bought and regretted getting a cheap battery from eBay, I figured to spend more for a better battery. This came in the official packaging with a plastic case and hasn't started to drop out at 50% as the previous one had.

If you want a proper Note 3 battery this is it.
Original Samsung battery
Original Samsung galaxy note battery delivered promptly works great well recommended
Battery been failing fir about a week and was going to purchase on another site , but was concerned about the battery being genuine and the hassle of returns so came to this site as I had bought a genuine Otterbox for the ipad, a couple of yrs ago.
First class service , prompt delivery and sn entered in Google ! It's genuine. ...very pleased with my purchase.
Genuine Samsung Battery
Genuine battery! My phone is back up and running just like the first day I got it. This battery lasts all day and more, even streaming music for hours. You wont be disappointed with the quality.
A genuine product
I was concerned when wanting a new Samsung battery for my Galaxy Note 3 that so many of the offers on many sites were clearly not original as they were far too cheap. Using reviews it seemed 'Mobile Fun' was the place to get a genuine one and I'm pleased I did.
Phone like new again.
This battery is the real deal. Battery life is fantastic. Its worth it to pay the full Samsung RRP rather than end up with a cheaper fake off Amazon.
Genuine Samsung Battery
Don't waste your time getting a cheap one that's claimed to be a a reliable replacement , or even have the NFC chip. Always use a reliable supplier. Mobile fun takes the pain out of finding a genuine product. This battery is just fantastic, my phone is just like the first day I bought it. I get a more than a full days use on a single battery charge.
The baterry was quite hot on the first time I charged it but it works quite well now
Quick delivery. I got my battery on the next day. The baterry was quite hot on the first time I charged it but it works quite well now.
Genuine Samsung Battery
After reading the reviews decided to pay a little more for a genuine Samsung battery, wasn't disappointed, phone works great once again.
Very pleased with product. My Galaxy note 3 is back to good working order. I would highly recommend. Prompt delivery.
Genuine Battery with NFC
I strongly recommend this battery and after a week of use the battery work great my phone battery life become as when i buy it first time. It is genuine and you can buy it with trust that is the right one. Good job mobilfun you win my trust. The battery keep up to 8 hours with intensive use and 1 day and half if you don`t play game and don`t stay all day on facebook.
Good Product
My 3 year old note 3's original battery was past its best & needed to be charged regularly, was so nice when I received this from MobileFun, now it last most of the day
True original
My galaxy note 3 was getting slower and so bought this battery which has made all the difference. Must definitely be an original as phone works much better with this new battery. Will look to buy another one soon as a replacement. Order came quickly
Excellent product
Genuine battery excellent product - charge lasts for a couple of days.
Good quality battery purchased.
Date of production should be stated in the discription . My battery stated 10/2016. I took the chance of ordering off you on the stength of your customer reviews. Had the date of production been displayed I would have had no hesitation.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Thank you for the feedback. We have so many battery shipments, updating the date information would be a difficult task, but we always stock very recent batteries so you can be sure you are receiving an official, authentic and recently manufacturer battery :)

Hope this helps yourself and others.
Dont need to carry my charger with me anymore
Genuine galaxy note 3 battery. Item was available for dispatch right away. Battery arrived when said it would. You dont realise how quickly your old battery is dying until you get a new one and it last for ages before you need to charge again.
Genuine Battery
I was looking for a genuine Samsung battery everywhere until I came across MobileFun. Absolutely genuine, it's much more expensive than Amazon or Ebay but their products are certainly not genuine and for a battery it's not worth the risk. Definitely recommended.
Glad I bought this item, it stays in charge longer than my previous one
Glad I bought this item, it stays in charge longer than my previous one. I can get two days out of the battery. Was impressed with the constant up date's and location of my item when it was in transit to me. To conclude
I'd certainly buy from mobilefun in the future
Thanks again.
Nice product
Nice product
Good product, it is to specification
It's a great deal, matches specifications
Buy genuine or buy again and again.
Genuine Samsung battery to replace my worn out one, date stamped 2013. I've bought several cheap replacement batteries from off the net all promised to be a mass improvement on oem! What a load of twoddle, I bit the bullet and bought a genuine replacement after all, the original lasted 4 years before it had to spend its life permanently attached to the charger. My old battery would charge over night then with in 30 mins it would be down to 85% with out even using the phone! Cheap highly powered copies were even worse so got binned. Don't buy cheap because you will buy twice or more. Stick with genuine.
Replaced with the new battery and so far all is well
Thank you Mobilefun for a very fast transaction and delivery. Bought the battery for my husbands phone as the battery in his phone was not keeping its charge. Replaced with the new battery and so far all is well. I can recommend mobilefun for a good service.
Yes ! At last a genuine battery !
I've bought so called genuine batteries for what is now an older but still really good phone but they don't last or work properly and in one case made me think my phone needed restoring. I restored it and lost important audio files of my daughter.
This battery is real and I will buy another.
Replacement battery for Samsung note3
This product was ordered to replace the original note3 battery which was supplied with contract phone. Package arrived on time and was properly sealed in manufacturers pacgking making me feel confident I was supplied with an product which would not violate the phone's warranty.. I used the battery as recommended :for Li type:full drain and recharge once a month. And other times keep charge betwee 40-80%.so far with running viber, email,Facebook,1 to 2 hrs YouTube viewing daily and about 2 hrs Internet browsing daily. The battery only needs topup every second day..
Thank you mobilefun
New battery or New phone???
replaced the battery in my Note 3 with a new one from MobileFun and it's like a new phone. When the phone you have does all you really need, replacing the battery saves a fortune on the cost of a new phone.
Loving getting so much life from a phone battery.
Thanks MobileFun for really fast delivery too.
It was a lifesaver
My phones battery was playing up . i didn't have time to go to the samsung shop to purchase one.so i bought one from your sight , i went on other websites to buy an original unfortunately they were all fakes.
I ordered my battery and right until it was delivered i was notified which i found very helpful. I didn't want to buy a new phone as i am very attached to my phone and i am very grateful that you were able to provide me my battery.
Battery as described on website and has made my phone like new. Would recommend Mobile Fun to anyone.
Excellent service
The product was as advertised. My note 3 is now like when I had it over two years ago. Note 3 now like new and battery lasts two days. Mobile Fun are excellent in sending out product and text when product due to be delivered. Would recommend Mobile Fun for any product you wish to purchase.
A ew lease of life
After 3 years of constant use I was left deflated, flat out of power. ....then my owner purchased me a new battery........

Reinvigorated and full of life I can make it through the hectic workday and still have power to while away the commute home. .....

Remember a phone isn't just for Christmas. ...its for as long as you can get spares. ....thanks
Great item
I purchased a battery for my Samsung note 3 from a seller on a popular auction website. This turned out to be faulty so I decided to look on the internet for a supplier and came across Mobile Fun. After reading the reviews I decided to purchase a battery and so glad I did it was a good price and delivery was excellent. I shall definitely purchase again.
Thank you Mobile Fun.
Galaxy Note 3 Battery (SM N9005)
It's a genuine Samsung battery. I'm a "moderate" mobile phone user and the new battery lasts for about 36 hours. A Note 3 must have a NFC battery in order to use Android Pay. And I have used Android Pay with the battery in my Note 3.
No fake products from this firm, you can order with confidence
Orders items online and they where delivered to Europe within a few days. Products were OEM and exactly as stated. No fake products from this firm, you can order with confidence, will use again. Would definitely recommend to my friends. Top quality company.
Arrived promptly and the product seems too be the genuine real Samsung product. No problems so far. Battery is as good as new. Feels like a brand new phone again!
Buy with confidence. It's a genuine battery
This is a genuine Samsung note 3 battery exactly like the one that came with device. The manufacture date on the battery was less than a month old, wow!!! Nearly new. It's transformed by 3 year old phone. Back to 6 hours on screen time and all day use. Also mobile fun are one of the best online companies I've dealt with. Great price, item in stock and I picked the dpd delivery. I was informed via text and email and even told the drivers name lol, brilliant. Over the moon. No need for a new phone. Many thanks mobile fun
Hols battery
My note is almost 2 and I love the phone. Decided to purchase the battery and the phone is like new. It lasts for two days. Would recommend Mobil Fun for the prompt attention to my order and shipment. I may now not change my phone. Delighted and would recommend to friends etc
This new battery has made it like new
My phone is nearly 2 years old and this new battery has made it like new. Great service, delivered on time and great product. Would certainly recommend your company to friends.
Exactly as it said on the website
Exactly as it said on the website. Have used Mobile Fun before and will certainly use again , good prices and excellent service!
The service is excellent and I would recommend this to my friends
Simply superb product.
Genuineness and suitability which in this case was positive.
Samsung Note 3 Battery
Product arrived as described. Brand new and works great.
Great customer service. Thank you.
Exactly what my phone needed
I've had my phone for a year now & was at the point of having to charge it every day. So I ordered this battery & my phone's power is like when I first got it. So now I get a good 2 days use out of it before having to charge it again. Also dispatch was really fast too, so I was more than happy.
Like New Again!!!
Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery. Has the manufacture date of 15/12/14. Made my note 3 like new again plus i have the old battery as a spare backup! Would highly recommend to anyone who has an older battery ( my old batt had a 2013 manufacture date)
the genuine product
Fantastic genuine samsung note 3 battery. Great replacement for your old battery or as a spare. My Phone now has 40% more power at the end of the day!
my granddaughter is happy
i have her for xmas a NOTE 3 phone but there has always been a problem with the battery.
I have been searching for a replacement for sometime now and finally found one in the UK MobileZap.
Thank you for making my granddaughter's life happy and ceased sore ears from hearing her complains
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3200mAh Standard Battery 
Exactly as described. Great thanks
Happy Granddaughter
My granddaughter is now so happy, we have been trying to find a batter for her phone for months and now she has it working again thanks to Mobile Zap and their fast delivery
Samsung note 3 battery
Exerlant not a fake original really pleased and very quick delivery will be using this site in future A+++++++
note 3 battery
Havent had any issues thus far. Great price!
New lease of life for my phone
After 18 months of heavy use my Note 3 battery needed charging long before bed time. Now, arriving 24 hours after placing my order, the new battery has given me a phone which is like new again at a fraction of the cost of up-grading. Mobile Fun also have dozens of great cases for my phone so I'm going for a new look for the outside too.

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