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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Protective Standing Case - Black Reviews

This Official Samsung Protective cover in Black is the perfect accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone. Compatible with 4G and 5G variants.
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This Official Samsung Protective cover in Black is the perfect accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone. Compatible with 4G and 5G variants.
 4.6 stars from 30 customers

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Phone case review
Very good case hard plastic around the edges case dose not slide on the table of put on its back camera lens is covered up nicely and case is not huge so it doesn't feel chunky in the pocket like some other cases
Good Product
Good product, took about 3 weeks for delivery
Excellent case, fits perfectly and also protects screen if dropped flat, really enjoy using the kickstand
Fantastic case
I bought this case for my galaxy s20 note ultra 5g. It's amazing. Comes with a stand and gives the phone all round protection. Love it and would definitely recommend ????
Good Shop
I will recommend to my friend
Excellent case, Top service from mobile fun.
Love this case. Mobile fun service is top notch.
Not really fit for its intention
Id have liked a fully enclosed case my note 20 ultra. This isnt going to do that. It fits the phone ok but doesn't protect the screen. For 30.00 pounds its far too expensive. I bought an ulternitive for 10.00 and although not as thick its a fully enclosed case.

Try adding a front cover. It would save a drop to the floor on its face. My phone cost 1200.00 retail why would i not want a case that does the job

Fits the phone perfectly and makes it look great.

Love it and would most certainly recommend.
Great product
Best case I have used for s20 ultra
Best case for Note 20 Ultra 5G
Close fitting, elegant with gripable sides. This is the best protective case for the phone. My only suggestion for improvement would be to colour the side buttons.
Casing Review
Good handling feel and fantastic fitting.
Strong Protective Case - Fantastic Service from Mobile Fun
It's a solid case. I've used the Samsung Protective case on the Note 9 and Note 10+ previously.
To accommodate the larger camera bump they moved the kick stands lower down. This means that the stand can really be used in portrait mode any more. Would rather that it only had 1 length kick stand, like the Note 8 case.
Ordering from Mobile Fun was a pleasant experience. When DHL didn't deliver the case in the prescribed delivery time. Mobile Fun couriered out a replacement ASAP. I would order from Mobile Fun again!
Great case
If you're looking for good protection and look this is a good case to go for. The back feels like metal but I doubt it is as the wireless charging works perfectly. The kickstand is perfect for content consuming. It doesn't add too much weight to the phone, s-pen is easy to remove and replace. Overall great case from Samsung.
Great case
Best case I ever owned.
Durable Phone Case
I love the sporty two color look of this case. It has the stand on the back which is great for viewing videos. This case protects back and corners, however no protection for the front of the phone.
Very slow delivery
Product works as advertised
But the delivery to BC, Canada was over 4 weeks
One of the best
One of the best cases out there for the Note 20 Ultra. Fits perfectly (as it should, being an original Samsung product). Looks great. Very easy to hold thanks to the rubberised edges. Highly recommended.
Great case
Excellent case fits brilliant an offers great protection.
A solid protective case
I really like the case. I have used official samsung cases for years but wanted to change from the 'S-view' cases after they stopped integrating stand functionality.
I like that the case gives a good grip and also that it matches the camera bump and so stops the phone wobbling. The stands are OK. They pop off too easily, but this means that they do not break easily.
The one thing that disappointed me was that I thought the long stand would enable standing up in portrait mode, but it does not. It just allows for a steeper angle in landscape.
In love ... but
Really like the case.. it looks good and has a good grip but the stand was broken after using it after a week... so dissappoinred...
Great case... Super case
Great case and super sturdy and stylish
Love this case
Was not sure about it but am very impressed. Still worry about the screen, but the case itself seems sturdy
Quality as always.
Awesome case by Samsung, if you want protection this is the case for you.
The second day I had the case it got tested properly while I was out.
I dropped my phone and it bounced off the corner and then fell on its face.
My heart missed a beat, turned it over and it was fine, doing what it's supposed to do.
Got it in black and it looks great.
Looks good.... but
It looks great and while it does afford some protection, there will be better ones for much less cost, its not a heavy duty case, my phone fell off a waist high bench, landed not quite face down and got a crack in the screen, to be expected I guess, but why they call it gorilla glass I'll never know, maybe time for a rebrand... gopher glass?
Better than Note 9 equivalent
I bought this after an upgrade from Note 9 to S20 UltraNote. Black is better looking and fit is, as expected with their own product, perfect. Similar in size to Note 9 with the equivalent case on - and essential to protect considering the cost of damaging the thing.
It is nice ????
It is all right, good and robust.
Best Note 20 Ultra 5g case currently available
I was familiar with Samsung's heavy duty cases for their Note range so naturally I went for this one. I believe it is the "Mark 3" version.
This case is strong and elegant gripping the phone like a glove. My only suggestion for improvement wold be large bulges on each corner for additional protection in a drop.
Great case with good grip
I've had the same case for my 2 previous Notes and they have added extra grip on the sides which has improved an already good case

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