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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus LED View Cover Case - Blue Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official blue LED cover from Samsung.

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 4.7 stars from 31 customers

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Great product. Quick delivery
Awesome product design
Product design is very nice
Great case
Excellent product
Working wonderfully. Fit to the phone immediately.
Feature operating while the cover is closed works fine.
Protect the screen exactly as I wanted.
Looks nice
looks and feels good but I am not convinced it can offer any great degree of protection, expensive for what you get
Exactly what I was looking for
Didn't take as long to get here as I thought it would during this covid crisis. Was exactly what I was looking for
Great case the LED lights
Leather or plastic
Good - but could be brilliant
Overall pleased with the case. Love the auto turn on/off of phone sleep mode when cover opened or closed (still need to unlock with password bio-metrics). Also large digital time display through cover and ability to set different LCD icons for each incoming number(s).
Don't like the fact that there is no way to have the digital clock display stay on which would be great for using the phone as a bedside clock, etc. Hopefully apps will soon be available for this.
Perfect fit for my s10 note+
Really good fit. Stays closed when dropped. LED display is clear and bright.You make your own dot matrix icons.
Samsung products that you can't even buy from Samsung
I bought my Note 10 Plus at release.
No cases ANYWHERE from Samsung brand for my expensive device.
So I bought here on a Monday and had my Samsung branded case within a week. From England to Toronto, Canada that quickly.
And no tax! That alone saved me $10.
I won't buy cases elsewhere from now on.
A case powered wirelessly by your phone is this truly wonderful! I love it! I am curious how long the white colour shall last! X
Will buy again
Good product
love it very much and worth to have it. love LED
Samsung store just show me of white Led case that how I want to have it but not colour and ordered one blue and am happy with it
The dog's danglies
This phone cover is really great. Switches the phone on and off when you open it and the LEDs on the front cover briefly display information such as the %charge, when charging, recieved messages and phone calls and you can even do bespoke ones. Its a real eye catcher.
The cover and LEDs require no batteries or power - its magic, actually some witchcraft using NFC.
Wireless charging still works through the cover, but take care positioning it if using the Samsung round charger.
Downward step over the Note 8
I had an LED case for the Note 8 and for some reason the resolution of the LEDs was higher, so there was more scope for creating better icons. Backward step Samsung! However, still better than anything that Apple can come up with!
Great phone cover
I did think that the front of the cover was touch sensitive, so that a call could be answered or refused without opening up. It doesn't seem to be.
Excellent LED Case
Lovely quality case and at a great price! LED Icon Editor App allows you to select one of several animated icons which can be applied to different Apps or your incoming calls. If you feel creative you can even design your own. Love it definitely worth the money.
Reasonable Case - Not prefect
Quite a reasonable case, it fits as you would expect being a official Samsung product, but there are niggles.
The card pocket is very difficult to use, it's very tight and that makes it difficult to get a card in and out. I'm hoping it will losen off with wear.
The Icon designer software seems to have changed still the version I had on my S9 Plus. The changers are a backward step; having less 'dots' to use in your design, no option to add a coloured border anymore and no way (as far as I can see) to export & import the icons you have already designed on the S9 plus.
Also, as was the case with the S9 plus version, you cannot assign an icon to wireless charging; but you can to wired charging.
Good service and product!
I recommend this case definitely.
good service what i wanted
already using same on note 8 , so no need for more
Truly I found your case to be the best case I ever own. Usually, on any given day, I keep my phone turned down, and your case allows me to see that I have a phone call or text with the see-through cover. In a few words, Awesome case.
Super case
This case have a funny features and made with great material
Great caae
Great case works flawlessly. I'm very happy with my purchase
Smart Looking Case
This is a very smart looking case. It turns the screen on and off when you open the front but this in turn has one down side... I haven't been able to get Screen Off Memos to work as seamlessly as they should. This is my workaround, either:

1) Remove the S-Pen, then open the case
2) Open the case, press the power button, then remove the S-Pen

If there is another way of doing this, please let me know!

The case is a lovely dark grey, almost with a fabric texture but it isn't fabric so is wipe clean.

The case doesn't provide much drop protection... :(

The LED front works great and gets admiring looks. It's cool that you can assign different icons to callers, as you can swipe the case to answer or reject calls without opening the case to see who is calling.

Other information the case displays, in addition to the time and custom icons for callers is battery charge level when starting / ending charging, text message alert with number of unread messages. That's all I've noticed so far.

One word of warning, the case doesn't display text message alerts if you use anything other than the Samsung SMS Messenger. I would imagine a similar issue if you use an alternative dialer as well.

Overall, very happy with the case.
Great cover
Worth every penny!

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