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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus LED Cover Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus from harm with the intuitive LED cover official case from Samsung in Black. This Case ensures you stand out from the crowd with LED design embedded in the back of the case while protecting your Note 10 from impacts

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 4.7 stars from 16 customers

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Stunning looking case
Offers very good protection & has some really nice features the best phone case I have ever seen.
I am not easily impressed, and I was fully impressed with this phone case. Looks great, LED, and phone protection all in one. I hope they make some more variations of this case. Great buy!!!
Samsung official LED Case
Nice case with the LED Gimmick but i was expecting more for something originally priced at £50 and my price was £37.

Basic at best and not value for money even with the back LED panel with a few LED options when phone is face down.

£15 would be where this should be priced at Maximum.
I absolutely love this case! I had no idea that it connected to your phone and sets a theme that matches the case. I also had no idea that a phone icon comes up when your phone rings, you miss a call, etc. Best phone case, so worth it! The only issue is, it doesn't protect your screen so make sure you buy a screen protector.
Great product
I have been buying from mobile fun for a while now. Professional and very reliable. This purchase was no exception. Delivery a bit delayed but very quick response to my enquiries. The case i bought was an absolute bargain and working exceptionally. Thank you mobile fun.
Smart case.
I really like this case. Modern and tech. I want the white one too ;) I would recommend to my friends 100%. And this case is original.
very cool case
great case only thing is it does not really to much in protecting ur screen but everything else is awesome
Good service, good price
I placed the order without creating an account, that was nice. The price was cheaper than any other source I've checked. It arrived after about a week or two. The condition was great and it worked perfectly. Love the case. Good serivce. Wish the shipping was a little bit faster.
New funky case
Having just got my new phone I was looking for something to protect it and look good, this case is great and fab, quick service and a great price from mobile fun.
A great case for the price
A little tricky to get going for me but this case really makes my phone look that much more luxurious. This case is perfect if you wanna get the most bang for your buck
Excellent service
Purchased my item from mobile fun..and received it a few days , also was updated throughout the despatch activity
Note 10 Plus Led Cover Case
More information on the screen protection factor. Love the sleek clean look though.
Very cool, but not an everyday case
This case is really cool. Every time I put my phone face down at a meeting or dinner everyone at the table oohs and aahs.

Quick list of Pros and Cons:

1. This is very cool. Very sleek. Definitely an eye grabber.
2. Being that it is a Samsung product, the interface is perfect.
3. No lag or anything annoying associated with third party devices and apps.
4. Having the icons pop up on the back screen when the phone is down is really cool.

1. Kind of fragile. I only use this when I'm going out or in an environment where I can show it off. It's not my daily case. If I drop my phone I worry it won't protect much, and damage a $50 case on top of everything.
2. The software is cool, but gets a little wonky when you are not using the native Samsung UI. I use Nova and it works, but with a few workarounds.
3. It changes the theme when you put it on and I'm not in love with it. I like my black AMOLED themes and I have to re-apply. I know this is petty but still.
4. Gets a little weird with wireless charging.

This is a fun case but you're not going to use it all the time.
Mood lighting for my phone, yes please!
Nice slick case. Does get a little finger print covered due to the gloss finish. Some might find it slippery. At present you cannot use the theme that comes with it if you want to run night mode. Still one of my favourite cases though.
Cool and fun case for an awesome phone
This is even more fun than described. Nothing like an impromptu star field to brighten your day. Love the case.

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