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This Official Samsung Leather Cover in Red is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone protected whilst keeping a stylish look. Incredibly lightweight and sleek this case ensures you’re ready for any occasion.
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You will want to rub it on your face.
This is a very expensive phone, and you can't just toss it around like it's an AOL CD-ROM. You have to put it in a case. A silicon one? No way. You're not a peasant. But put it in a leather case - a RED one - and you'll want to show it off, flip it around in your hands, rub it on your face, and—now this is important—invite others to do so too.
Average quality and not worth for this price
The case doesn't fit properly. And is not precisely.
The best
I always but leather original cases for my phones whatever it is iPhone or other brand. When I got note 10 plus I purchase few other cases and they are all good but Im still coming back to this leather case. It is not the best in regards to protection but it will protect it from scratches and basic wear and tear. It is of a premium quality and the cut outs are to a high standard which is what you would expect from original case
Quality...Looks amazing....Protection!!!
Do you know what goes best with the best smartphone on the market a beautiful leather cover. I absolutely love these covers they look, feel and smell amazing nothing beats a good leather cover to compliment your Galaxy Note!!
excellent quality
excellent quality
Go best buy
If you're thinking of getting this case for your note first try your local best buy, I found the same red leather case for about $10 cheaper. Also mobile fun has a terrible return policy, since I found it cheaper at best buy I wanted send this one back, that's gonna cost you a ridiculous $20 mind you I only had case for less then 48hrs. $20 dollar charge that's basically half of the fucking case cost
Nice and authentic leather!!!
The case is very sturdy and protective of my note 10+ while looking very stylish!!!!
I had an amazing experience throughout the period of purchase. The serving was quite satisfactory
Very classy case with minimal bulk
I love this case very much as it shows off the Note 10+ plus professional look as a pro device. It is a case that is not too bulky and retains the slim look of the phone. The leather quality is top notch and cant expect less for an OEM case. I got this case for the Aura black color and it complements it really well. I would say it is worth its price and is cheaper than it on the Samsung website. Will definitely buy all my cases from mobilefun as they have it at the best rates. Only downside with the case is that it sometimes comes loose at the bottom from the phone due to it's coverage area and it has happened to me only a couple of times. So not a big issue.
samsung note 10 plus
Good product
Well made slim looks good
As abive
Minimalist high quality case.
This is an official Samsung clip on leather case that provides good protection for the back and corners of the phone plus some raiseivitity to protect the screen. It does not encroach onto the screen in a way to clash with a screen protector. The case also adds good grip and has a quality feel to it. It has an open design at the top and bottom allowing the easy extraction of the S-Pen and the volume and power buttons are tactile and very responsive.

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