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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Clear View Case - Black Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in black is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
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This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in black is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
 4.7 stars from 74 customers

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A truly great case for your Note 10+
This is a great case for your Note 10+. It's sleek, stylish, very functional and does everything it promises to. It took a YouTube search to work out how to get to the settings on the phone that gets the always on display working with the cover clear view panel, but once sorted out, it works perfectly. Love it.
Not know
Not know
Great Service! Great product! Great Price & Fast shipping!
I'd like to buy again!
Best case for galaxy note 10 plus
The Best option
I would like to thank you for fair actions, first when I made mistake with my previous order - you refund my monay. Now quickly received my second order. I am happy to deal with you.
Received my phone case on time. Excellent service.
Great product and Great sevice
This is an original phone case which offers great facilities to use the phone while in the case. Great company to purchase from as well.

After a couple of cheap cases I got this one, and should have gone for it first.
Fits the phone like a glove..others were quite bulky
Good Product Great Service
Really love this case, the customer service team were extremely helpful and quick to respond.
Good product
The case provides some protection to the corners of the phone and the case makes the phone much easier to hold. I thought I would use the display function more often than I do. One has to press the side of case to display the time although you can set phone to permanently display time but then that will affect battery life.
Excellent phone case
The Samsung case is exactly what I needed. It fits perfectly and the display window is fantastic. I don't require to flip open the cover to see incoming texts or calls. I highly recommend anyone getting this Samsung phone case for their Note 10+
Great cover.
A great cover which unlocked my phones unique display desgned just for this case.
The sidebar is brilliant for notifications and also answering the phone, no need to open it.
Pricey bt worth it - & looks good too.
My wife likes it too.
Phone case
Just what we wanted. Speedy delivery once back in stock.
Still came in time for the birthday.
Great case, fantastic service
case is great- protects the screen, easy to clean.
Nice phone case.
A phone protection, good quality and pleasant to the eye. I like the blue colour and has the satin finish which great. The only thing is inot secure if it where to fall to the ground, as the cover loose it doesn't have magnetic grip to hold on to the case. Thank you.
Great Product
Great service
Samsung galaxy s10 note plus clear view blue case
Very good product
Neat cover
Good cover well made and delivered fast
No delivered.
No delivered
No delivered.
Where it's my order?
Great case
Ordered received good and fast
No hassle at all.
Great case
I bought this case as a gift for my husband's new Note 10. It feels like it is really good protection and he likes that he can see who is calling without opening the case. It was dispatched really quickly with a swift delivery, really pleased and will be using mobilefun again!
Excellent case for phone
Loved the blue colour. Was not available in Toronto area as such bought from UK. Good quality. The phone look great with this case. It fits very well. Highly recommended
Case arrived on the 14th business day.
I ordered this case and it arrived on the 14th business day. I had thought that it was lost in the mail. The case is new and it's in it's original package. The case also works as described.
The only negative is the time it takes to get the package. The package was mailed from the UK. Since this is a Canadian website, it will be good to have a distribution centre in Canada.
Does what it says
Snug fit, looks cool and does what it says on the tin. Only negative is it is a little awkward to get the pen out.
Amazing product as Described
The Samsung note 10+ 5g phone case arrived in no time , and the product is very useful and strong to protect your phone from any fall over , even after applied screen protector the phone case close very well so I am really happy about it definitely will recommend others and will buy it again if needed :)
excellent item
about the product
Brilliant! Fast hassle free shipment too
Original Samsung its great quality and value thank you
Excellent quality
Robust full case with the phone snuggly fitting into bottom case. Good solid corner pieces ensure protection to the phone.
Fab cover.
Lovely cover . Fits my Samsung Galaxy 9 note plus perfectly. Love that once you put the cover on you can download free themes for the cover. The cover does not drain your battery and you can see you icons clearly through the clear side panel.
My phone still looks neat and slim but is protected both front and back from knocks and scratches.
Samsung official
Very Smart
Great product. Love the look of it and have received several compliments especially when my notifications appear on it.

Doesn't show any fingermarks which is a bonus and when I dropped my phone it, did it's job perfectly.
Great case
Great case, I love the clear part for the time and notifcaions, only draw back the front part can open if dropped
Actually nothing.
Fantastic case
Great case, looks the part and feels quality. Sadly cover does not magnetically stick to the screen so in the event you drop it, chances are it's going to open during aviation - destination, ground island. I have infact dropping my phone with this case so I can review this. To put it simply, my phone, in the case of course - hit the laminate floor and the phone ejected from the case. I found this hilarious initially, what a pathetic attempt the case made to protect my phone I thought to myself. Anxiety and depression ran through my mind as I edged towards the phone, only praying to the lord that the screen wasnt smashed into a thousand pieces. The phone was unscathed. Phew! I thought to myself.

To summarise,
It's a good looking stylish case with that should protect your phone while putting it on tables and in and out of your pocket etc. Dont expect any practical drop protection from this case -you would be better with something armoured. Would I buy it again ? If it was cheaper probably. Would I reccomend it to a friend for any other the reason that I have mentioned ? No I wouldn't.

Awesome Case, but contactless doesn't work
Love the case, it looks amazing feels nice in your hand, however the notifications you see in the picture, actually only stay lit for 10 seconds and then dis-appear and doesn't show even when you get a new notification, also my Google/Samsung pay don't work through the case, I have to remove the phone every time I use them, which defeats the whole point of the case. Shame as I love the look and feel of the case
Astonishingly good product
Smartphone cases have been uniformly terrible since the invention of the first smartphone, basically taking an expensively finished bit of kit aggressively downmarket. This product is the opposite: pricey but enhancing the phone as well as protecting it. I find the sidebar window invaluable as well as neat. Note it does not have slots for credit cards or parking tickets, neither of which would improve the appearance of this case.
An amazing case that give an other exiting experience with the Note 10 Plus
Highly recommended
Wonderfully Simple
Being an official Samsung product the quality finish and attention to detail is obvious, the clear panel allowing you to view notifications is excellent, volume buttons along the spine saves having to open the case when listening / viewing, the finish affords a good amount of grip to stop it slipping out of your hand, seems quite robust in it's construction, any marks simply wipe off, my only gripe would be that I wish Samsung would introduce the case, like for the S8+, that folds into a stand which allows you to have the phone free standing, rather than propped up, so as you can sit back and watch whatever takes your fancy, if and when they offer one then I'll be upgrading as it's the best cover I've ever had.
Satisfied with its use
The view case is doing its intended use while providing privacy
Excellent finish
The quality and design meets the high standard of samsung products. I am very satisfied with the service
Awesome Product
Great services and delivery was very fast.
Good case
Delivery time is a bit long
Love my note 10+ cover
I received my note 10+ cover from mobile fun.
I love ❤️ my georgous cover. Feel like ordering other colors ????????????

Will surely order from Mobile Fun again.
Thanking you from Montreal Canada.
Very good case which provides protection and information
Although the case does give information, it does not show notifications. A bit disappointing considering the price,.
Very expensive for an average case, the white cover gets dirty quickly and is not easy to clean.
works well, probably a little pricey but worth it, good protection for the screen, not sure about drops but its not designed for that i guess.
Best product and service!
To make sure they're genuine samsung cases.
Very good
Delivery time
Its a lovely case
I really like this case. Love the colour. It just took a really long time to come.
Great case I love it very official
I love this case feels great and is very official from Samsung. Shipping was fast. The packaging was also great. This is my favorite case for the Note 10 plus
Samsung Note 10+ Cover
Very pleased with this new cover for my Samsung Note 10+. Product was shipped on time & met my expectations. Will order from MobileFun again. Good experience.
Great Product
Well pretty much I had a very clear picture of what I was purchasing from your description. I think its a beautiful, sleek case and I have which I have received various compliments, so overall I am very satisfied!
Excellent product
Always bought my cases from mobile fun , top quality products , and excellent service :) highly recommend mobile fun :)
Good sturdy case
Very good quality, nice material and all worsk as it should.
I've always had the Samsung cases for my note phones. And loved them, the last one was very high gloss, which scratched really easy and was always covered in fingerprints.
This case however Is just as nice but the matt finish eliminates the above.
Excellent Customer Service
Item was accurate as to what they were offering on their website...
Love the color
I absolutely love the color. It is so clean and the feel of is nice. I love the edge view, its simple. You get to see who is calling and can either answer it or ignore it. Notification icons shows instead the actual message. Best of all it protects the front of my phone.
So perfect!
A perfect fit. Time, date, and notations are easily viewed when cover is closed! This is a very classing looking cover made of quality. Top and bottom of phone are void of covering allowing for easy access to headphone jack, sim card/storage,
battery charging, and s pen. Quick open and close, a dream! Tons of compliments.
already bought one
already bought one
perfect case for note 10
perfect case, I love the notification and the protection.

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