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Official Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 Flip Wallet Cover - White Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 screen from harm and keep your most vital cards close to hand with the official white flip wallet cover from Samsung.
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$30.52 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 111 customers

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Exactly what was ordered. Delivered on time. Very pleased with case.
Product matched advertised item. Well made. Just what was wanted.
Great product
I would recommended this company to purchase from. Great fast service.
Samsung case for J5
So pleased with my purchase of original cover for my J5 phone. Case fits onto phone and replaces the back of the phone this keeps the phone slim. Also when i open the cover my phone screen now lights up and i am ready to go. Good quality cover. Really pleased i decided to invest in the actual cover this time. Definitely recommend.
Flip-cover-on works peefectly
Took a while to arrive but flip-cover-on works peefectly unlike the one bought loacally
2016 phone upgrade
Upgraded mobile to Samsung Galaxy J5 in 2016. Ordered a J5 2016 case. When received it didn't fit the phone. Returned the case explaining my problem and quoted the phone reference number. Mobile fun sent me a J5 2015 case which fit exactly. Excellent service and help. Lesson to be learned- never assume. So glad for expert knowledge of mobile fun
Samsung Galaxy J5 Flip Case
I have found this to be a very good item. It is sturdy and slim Also the flip function makes unlocking/locking easy. I would have liked a cvlear instruction regarding removing the phone back before fitting the case. It took me, however, only a couple of minutes to work it all out.
I would recommend this item, indeed I have already done so
Exactly what I wanted!
Having spent several trips into City Centre to purchase the official Samsung protective case for my J5 (and been disappointed in the price, and the lack of the 2015 model), I tried online - and was not disappointed! Prompt delivery and competitive price. Thank you!
Good Product
Does exactly what it says it does! Having said that I wouldn't use the pocket for credit cards or anything else with a magnetic strip.
Excellent product
Excellent web site, which helped me with my choice. Easy to negotiate, and plenty of choice. Speedy delivery.
Great Product
When I unpacked it my 1st thought was this price for this? - somebody is making a big profit, and there doesn't seem to be any way for it to switch on when opened, as claimed. When assembled, however, it was super slim (~12mm), and when flipped open/shut switched the mobile on/off reliably. Worth every penny.
If you want protection for your phone this will provide it
A great cover. If you want protection for your phone this will provide it. It is dearer than others but worth every penny. I had to wait because it was out of stock but well worth the wait. I highly recommend this product.
Just what I needed
I was always buying phones cases then they would always fall out the case on to the floor, lucky my phone not broken, perfect item just what I needed
It's brilliant I've been looking for a slim cover for years.the guru at my local o2 shop put ME on to mobile fun.co.uk
Perfect fit and protection
While mid-range phones like the Galaxy J5 don't have all the available OEM accessories like the flagship phones, this case gives you exactly what you need: A way to protect your phone that feels like it was made for your phone...because it was.
Probably the best part is that the back of the front cover has a slot for cards, but more importantly, a warning that magnetic cards (debit, credit and some driver licenses) should not be stored there (a circle hash over the image of a magnetic card and the image of a magnet.
So what do you put in the slot? Business cards, a $10 bill, anything that's thin and not magnetic.
If I had any complaint, it's that the case is somewhat larger in the phone, so it doesn't fit in my Galaxy Note 2 cradle as the case extends slightly on the sides, so the USB can't make contact. Solved that with a Belkin cradle with an adjustable USB connector.
Like Gold Dust!
Having tried virtually every mobile phone shop in Edinburgh, without success,
to purchase the correct flip wallet cover for Samsung J5, I discovered Mobile
Fun on the internet. They had exactly what I was looking for and it was dispatched
promptly and well packaged. I was delighted to get my hands on this product. . .
Many thanks Mobile Fun!
Immediately at home with this flip phone cover. Simply remove back of phone & snap on. Love screen turning on/off as opens/shuts. Uncomplicated, slick,sturdy slim - Worth every penny!
A good quality and good looking phone case
A good quality and good looking phone case, I had the phone in my back pocket and sat on it, no damage what so ever wipes clean and looks like new, well impressed.
love it!
Great peice of kit but a little bit over priced for what it is...it is just a moulded bit of plastic! Proberbly only costs a few pence to make! But anyhows it dose the job it needs to do and its not being sold anywhere any cheaper, so hey ho. X
Excellent purchase,phone fits perfect
Excellent purchase,phone fits perfect,looks good,feels good,would definitely recommend.
A smart top quality cover.
My wife has a J5 and bought a cheap cover which does the job but is bulky, and has a protruding magnetic clasp. I decided to buy the real Samsung cover from Mobilefun for mine and the difference is unbelievable. This cover is slimline and actually seems to make the phone seem smaller and neater. Fits perfectly and replaces the back to the phone. Absolutely secure and gives a wonderful professional look to the phone. Great touch is that opening/closing the cover activates/deactivates the phone. After many disappointing phone covers over the years I can thoroughly recommend this one. Stop dithering and buy one!!
I wanted something to stop my phone from getting scratched inside my zipped jacket pocket. What I purchased therefore needed to be close-fitting (hardly increase the size of my phone at all). This product came recommended by a friend and therefore had been tested before purchase. The friend acknowledged that you shouldn't put cards in it as they will scratch the screen. The phone will also affect the magnetic strip. That suited me. When it came, my 10 year old son fitted it with ease. The flip wallet cover has met all the requirements that I needed met, hence rating given.
samsung galaxy cover for J5
I absolutely love the way it opens the phone when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close the cover - I did not realise it did this when I bought it. Great purchase.
lovely case
looks great feels great ad fit perfect
Very good product
It fits my new phone perfectly just take the back off the phone and it clips into the case with no problem. It's slim therefore it doesn't make the phone bulky,and it looks good already two people have said they like it one a 14 year old, so it's not just for us golden oldies
A slim and effective case for my new phone
Well wrapped and speedily dispatched, the case providesd good protection for my new phone
Good quality little cover
Very good quality and gives good screen protection when in my bag etc. Love the fact that the screen goes of automatically when you close the front cover over. Very nice all round. I have a white cover and it has kept its colour well. Worth the money
Quality Phone Cover
Wanted a flip wallet cover for my new Samsung Galaxy J5 and liked the look of this. May be a bit dearer than the rest but the quality is outstanding. Especially like how the case fits the back of the phone by just removing the rear cover on the phone and clipping the phone onto the wallet that way keeping the phone nice and slim, not adding any bulk. Also love how you can answer/make a call, close the cover and continue the call so no more messy screen. The sound quality through the cover is clear and loud enough even with traffic around. Love it, just wish they did other colours. Also has the wording GalaxyJ5 on the front cover and Samsung on the back complementing the overall look of the phone.
A class act
An extremely good product stylish and is exactly as descibed. It was delivered next day as promised.I will be buying from Mobie fun in the future
Your description matched the case which I was very impressed with
Your description matched the case which I was very impressed with I like quality and this flip case had it so thankyou.
Very expensive item for what it is
Excellent quality product
The description given was accurate the delivery was as stated I would have no hesitation in buying rfom you in future.
Mobile Fun, worth it!
I was extremely pleased with the quality of the flip wallet. Good value for money and great service from Mobile Fun. I was kept informed as regards despacth date and time.
The cover fits perfectly my Samsung Galaxy J5 phone and keeps it secure. It looks very tidy too (remember to remove back of your phone before fitting it in wallet). I would definitely recommend purchasing from Mobile Fun.
Great case for J5
This is the official case for the J5. It becomes an integral part of the phone because it replaces the back of the phone itself by clipping on and then folds over the front. This means that the phone case is hardly any thicker than the phone on its own. When the cover is opened the phone fires up automatically, and you can accept a call then close the cover again and still talk, you don't have to bend the cover right back to use the phone.
Top Quality case and worth the premium price.
I bought this Samsung Official Flip Wallet cover as a gift for my wife. I had previously purchased a Samsung Official Flip Wallet from MobileFun for her earlier phone and was very pleased with it. You can buy covers for the J5 at far cheaper prices than this but I feel the greater expense is justified by the quality of the item and the fit. The Flip wallet incorporates a 'new' clip on back for the phone and so does not bulk the handset out as the original back is removed on fitting. The Flip Wallet Cover clicks easily into place and hinges along the long edge of the phone. Importantly it looks to be part of the phone rather than something the phone is fitted into. It looks very much like leather but is not but should be hard wearing whilst offering excellent protection to your mobile. It does not hinder the practical use of the phone. I don't think that I I would make use of the credit card slip in section on the cover so as not to take a chance on marking the phone screen. It is a shame that there are not more options on colour to be purchased. In my opinion the extra cost of this Official Samsung item is worthwhile in that it looks good, is of good quality, provides excellent protection and simply looks as if it is part of the phone manufacture. You may not have the same criteria as I have for choosing a phone wallet and I can appreciate that you might consider that you can buy quite a number of cheaper protective cases for the price of this one an important factor in your choice. I can only say that in my opinion some cheaper phone cases do not always fit as accurately as they should and sometimes bulk out the phone and lack a little in quality and hinder phone use. I have bought covers in the past which look exactly what I needed in the website photograph only to find that on arrival they do not live up to expectations , this one does. Cheaper is not always best value. Also I would suggest to buy from MobileFun. Their accurate and honest item descriptions and videos reduce the chance of disappointment and their customer service is excellent. I hope this has been helpful.
perfect fit
Although it was relatively expensive it was worth it just to get a slim case that was a perfect fit. It seems very sturdy and should last longer than cheaper ones, therefore it is recommended.
The feel, fit and general look of this case shouts out longevity of life. Quality!
I initially questioned why this leather case was 5 times more expensive than most cheaper alternatives. I need not have worried, you certainly get what you pay for. The feel, fit and general look of this case shouts out longevity of life. Quality!
Ordered one day and received the next. Quality service too. Perfect.
Absolutely Perfect.
I always believe in you get what you pay for, in this case it certainly paid off. This official Samsung Galaxy J5 phone case is perfect, it looks good and the icing on the cake is its very light because you remove the original back of the phone because the case incorporates the same phone back as the original, hence less weight. Delivery was also next day. Could not be more pleased. Well done Mobile Fun.
Suits phone well
This cover suits the phone well. By having it replace the back cover of the phone, it makes it like a mini-tablet, waking from sleep when you open it.
perfect quality, official Samsung case, no risk involved
I originally looked on a popular auction website for an official samsung phone case but became fustrated with all the fake / cheap / copied cases that looked flimsy and tacky. Very pleased I chose to buy from mobile fun. Arrived quickly, perfect quality, official Samsung case, no risk involved. Would buy again from this company
A surprising success
I searched every phone shop for my flip wallet cover without success. What a surprise to find it with Mobile Fun. Not a regular purchaser online I was a doubter as to the results of this purchase. I now feel a proper wally as within twenty four hours my wallet had arrived as stated it would and all is perfect again. Thankyou so very much for your efficiency an excellent service. I will use you again and recommend you to all.
Great quality
This was my first order with this company.fantastic all round service.Will definitely be highly recommend Mobile for Fun to friends family work colleagues @ neighbours.Many Thanks.
genuine Samsung J5 case. perfect fit and flips open / closed easily.Good quality. would buy again.
Good Product slightly pricey
The phone cover is good quality easy to fit and was delivered very quickly. It's stylish and fits the phone perfectly. My only quibble would be the price it's a tad expensive for what is a phone cover. A lower price would have scored a 5, as there is absolutely nothing negative about the actual product.
Worth paying a little more for a classy product
Buying cheap imitations is never the way forward. You get quality that will last with this Phone Case from Mobile Fun. Ordering was a piece of cake and it was delivered the next working day. The phone case looks stylish but what impresses me most is the way you remove the back of the Galaxy J5 and clip the phone case onto the phone,This makes the phone light and slim and is part of the phone, not like most cases which make the phone bulky and heavy.I am over the moon with this purchase. Well done Mobile Fun.
I am delighted with this Samsung J5 case
I am delighted with this Samsung J5 case. It is naturally a perfect fit for my phone. I had purchased another case from another company but it was very heavy and bulky compared to this official case. There was a slight delay in receiving the item however Mobile Fun kept me informed of the reason for the delay on a weekly basis. The white case also makes it much easier for me to find my phone in my handbag. Remember that you must remove the back of your phone and then clip the case into position. It is really easy .... no problems at all.
It is very nice beautiful wallet case. New brand and fit to my mobile phone.

My device looks very beautiful with this wallet.

Highly recommended to all friends who has samsung J-5.

Thank you
wonderful bit of kit
after visiting the site looking for a new case for the Samsung J5 I came across the original from Samsung, after reading other revues I found I wanted one, the way it turns the screen on when you open it and it turns off when you close it, very handy for me and a really good feature for this case, might be a few quid dearer but is definitely worth the extra, and its well made.
The Galaxy J5 Flip wallet cover is very good
The Galaxy J5 Flip wallet cover is very good and I like the way it shuts the phone down when you close it and it turns on when you open it and has a pocket to keep a credit card in....1st class.....
stylish cover
This is a genuine product.It fits the phone perfectly and you can fold it back when talking.I had one for my old s3 mini and glad you can get them for newer models.Would recommend this even though it is white it doesn't get dirty.
Expensive but so worth it !!!!
I am so glad I bought this item- it is a must for anyone with a Samsang Galaxy J5. Perfect fit (as long as you remember to take the back off your phone first!!!). It is very slim and turns the screen off every time you close it. I don't normally write reviews but really needed to let over people know how good this case is !!!!
Fits OK
The cost is more than half of what I paid for the phone, but the Galaxy needs a cover and having read reviews of cheaper cases from other sellers, the common theme is the poor fit. This case fits fine – as it should for the price.
It's a plastic material, so time will tell!
Very Smart Case for J5
The phone case replaces the original back clips on phone the flip opens the phone ready for use the spine is a little tight so didn't keep completely closed but on use it has stretched a little so is now fine. It is cheaper than on Amazon and they also charge for delivery, very pleased with the product will definitely use Mobile Fun again
Professional Case
Really nice feel to the case, it sits in your hand comfortably. Actually makes the phone seem smaller to hold and if offers good protection to the phone. Nice touch is that if you open the case the phone is activated. Thoroughly recommended.
Nice and compact. Not the most bomb proof, but great for urban use.
Nice and compact. Not the most bomb proof, but great for urban use.

Incorporates a pocket in the cover, which I would prefer not to have as I have no use for it.
J5 case
1st class product nice to hold easy to fit and keeps the screen scratch free. I also like the way it turns off the screen when you close the case and brings it back to life when you open it..
Does the job perfectly
Item arrived very quickly and it does the job perfectly. I would shop here again
Great phone cover
Really pleased with this phone cover. Adds no weight or bulk to the phone and provides neat strong protection. Love the way it lights up the phone when the cover is opened and can be used closed when speaking. No hesitation in recommending it.
Received the cover today. Easy to fit to phone.Looks impressive. I like the fact that the phone switches to stand by when the cover is closed. Very good service from mobile fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending both the product and and mobile fun.
Perfect fit
I'm really glad I went for the pukka Samsung case. The phone fits perfectly and seems to be very secure (remember to take the back off before fitting). Very thin case. Looks very stylish.
I have just received the Flip Wallet Cover for my Galaxy J5 and it is exactly what I've been looking for since I upgraded to this phone. The fit is perfect and I'm confident it will totally protect my mobile from scratches etc. What excellent service from MobileFun - thank you.
This product is perfect. It keeps the phone secure and protected whilst not adding any bulk to the device. Remember to take the back off your phone before you try to sit it in the case. It's a good idea to turn your phone off so you can go round the edge of the phone snapping it in to place. It will sit flat in the case and the cover will close neatly if you have it in properly. Great delivery time too.
Does exactly what it says on the tin ,as they say.
Great product would recommend in buying it to protect your phone .worth paying that bit extra for quality.
Excellent service from Mobile Fun. I initially went into my local Samsung shop to look for a case for my new Galaxy J5. Unfortunately they did not have the flip wallet in Black so I tried ringing Samsung which was an absolute nightmare. I searched the internet for the original Samsung flip wallet and found it on Mobile Fun. From start to finish the service I received was seamless. It was the easiest process I have every used shopping online. Thank you Mobile Fun for that and also I am so pleased with the perfect quality of this wallet. it is exactly what it is, a perfect fit, excellent quality and perfect for my phone. A very pleased customer, Mobile Fun will definitely see me again. Thanks again.
Excellent product
Easy to fit. Looks very smart. Good protection for phone. Prompt delivery.
Excellent, neat and compact. Pleased I read earlier reviews on how to put phone in. Not the cheapest but well worth buying.
Very pleased whith this wallet
Very pleased whith this wallet and told my mates,so you could get some more happy customers.thanks so much.
You get what you pay for!!!
I have always preferred a VERTICAL flip case and have had those from Mobile Fun for my previous two Samsung phones. Unfortunately the same wasn't available for my latest J5 so I plumped for this relatively expensive Samsung-branded horizontal flip case AND I'm really pleased I did. It fits by replacing the back cover with the flip case that fits so snugly it adds little to the phone's thickness, whilst the sides protrude sufficiently to offer decent edge & corner protection. The quality is excellent and embossed with the requisite logos. The flip section will fold completely back if required and the hinge seems strong enough to last well. The volume can be adjusted when the case is closed and the phone comes out of standby as soon as the case is opened. Is it worth the price hike over other solutions? Yes, it is.
excellent fit for the phone
excellent fit for the phone
It is great and the card holder is excellent. The only thing that bugs me is that it doesn't stay completely closed due to such a tight fit. Left on a table/surface the flap stays slightly ajar.
Super little case!
Very compact case which can be slipped into any pocket easily. I didn't realise that the phone cover is replaced by the back of the case which really helps to reduce the size.
Perfect kit and perfect fit
I am very pleased with this case for my Samsung J5 mobile phone.
It was exactly as described in publicity and was despatched to me very quickly and was not damaged in any way.
I would certainly have no hesitation in buying from Mobilefun in the future.
Love this
Love this mobile phone wallet cover - very neat & good protection for my phone, with neat trick of phone switching on when cover is opened.
Can't fault this item so far as it does just what I wanted it to.
great result - eventually
I received the "Official Samsung Galaxy J5 Flip Wallet Cover - Black " and the title sounded good but then, oh dear, how does it fit? I tried everything but was quite unsuccessful. I wondered how I could be so stupid to purchase such a useless object - and was very disappointed. Then I got an idea from the small strange lugs on the wallet. I removed the existing back cover from the Samsung and "click, click" on it went - and it is perfect. protects the front, easy to slip in your pocket and am very happy with the result.
Cover to New needed
I just Bought a new telephone and I needed a cover that turns on and off the phone. Real good cover for the Price.
Not the cheapest Flip Cover on the market but well worth the money when you consider Quality, Looks and Fit for purpose. I am proud to show off my purchase which has influenced several of my friends to order this item.

A very satisfied customer, will certainly log this buyer for future reference.

Brilliant item
Fantastic item, original product. Super fast despatch
Definitely use again
Very good quality case. A little expensive but you get what you pay for.
Samsung galaxy case
Very nice case fits really well and protects phone, also like you need to remove back of phone so it clips into case this makes it the phone a bit more compact less bulk in pocket.
absolutrly delighted
After my husband saw my new cover for my new s6 fone he wanted one for his phone. He is absolutrly delighted and sais its the best cover he has ever had. Glad sometime as small can make someone happy.
J5 flip case
What a brilliant case, replaces the original phone back cover and the phone clips in easily to it and is really firm in there. Front cover gives great protection and its great that the screen goes straight to the lock screen on opening the case and goes into standby on closing. Pleasant to touch and makes holding the phone easier, A+ doesnt cover it.
Beautiful craftsmanship
Nothing really video and Product description said it all.
You get the quality you paid for, satisfied with product and service.
Details of Company filed for future requirements.
A useful protective device in a colour that makes unlikely I shall lose it easily. A tab awkward to use the 'phone without folding the cover back through 180 degrees so the hinge may wear out in due course.
An excellent product
Although made of plastic, the wallet has a quality feel. It fits snugly on to the phone in place of the existing back cover. It is slim and feels good in the hand and it automatically switches off the phone when the cover is closed. I am totally satisfied with this product.
Good Quality Case
It took a while to receive the case, because it was out of stock. However, I was kept informed throughout. Good quality, looks really good on the phone
good quality flip case
This case only lacks one thing. .. it could do with a magnet for keeping it shut. What the idiot's below are waffling about i dont know... SAYING MY PHONE FAĹLS OUT???? EH??? MONGS.... you clip your phone to it coz it has built in back for your phone! !! Der..... take the back off then try the flip case again.... wallys
top quality flip case beautiful best case ive ever had!!!!! Love it!!!
All in a flap.
This case shuts off and switches on the phone when the case is opened and closed. Slimline case of good quality. Would recommend to anyone with the J5.
A useless and expensive piece of plastic. No way of securing the phone to the wallet so it just slips out. Returned it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ian

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
This item is useless. It is simply a loose cover for the phone.
Nothing to secure the phone to it. A waste of money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi there,

It does sound like your item may have been faulty. If you contact out customer support team they will be happy to help you replace it.
I have been entirely satisfied with the phone case
There was a delay due to out-of-stock, but the supplier informed me of this and sent occasional reassurances that my order would soon be on its way. The item eventually came in secure packaging. I have been entirely satisfied with the phone case. It clips on in the place of the original back, so takes minimal space, is attractive, functional, protective. 100% satisfaction. Thanks.
Top Product Top Service
Delighted the new case for my phone makes it complete !!
Breath of fresh air.
The website, the service, the description, the delivery, the product. Take your pick they were all 5 star. Thanks.
Finishing Touch !!
My purchase of the leather flip case for my new phone completes this amazing phone by Samsung. I love the flip on-off idea that this gives you. The perfect finishing touch.
Happy with my purchase
Product was brought as a gift and firs like a glove. Sturdy and stylish. Always buy my mibile accessories from mobile products from mobile and arrived before the time stated despite it being a new item.
Wallet cover
Ideal for my new phone as I much prefer a case that opens like a book rather than flip top type. I just wish it came in a choice of colours.
Great Product
The Galaxy J5 wallet cover is excellent. It is flat as to fit the J5, just remove the back cover and clip the phone into the wallet as the wallet has a built in rear cover for the phone. I live in New Zealand so allow up to 30 days for it to arrive via post.
A great sturdy cover
Ordered from this website for the first time couldnt have been more satisfied with service and product. A great sturdy cover which will protect my new phone fits perfect exactly what I wanted.
Lovely slim cover
This is a Samsung branded product, and fits perfectly on the phone, replacing the original back. Very slim and light, exactly what I wanted!
Officially great product and officially great service!
"What covers have you got for my new Samsung Galaxy J5?" I asked the Carphone Warehouse salesman, after I had bought the phone. "We don’t have any for your phone but I would go on-line to
mobilefun. They're really good and they have EVERYTHING!" "Thanks" I said. "I will". He was right they are really good. Easy to order, product arrived on time in perfect order and well wrapped in a protective box. My new Official Samsung Galaxy J5 Flip Wallet Cover is really good and that's official!
Cann't fault product or service
Very quick service, from ordering to receiving was just a day.

I ordered a wallet for my new Samsung J5, when it arrived it was exactly what I wanted. Perfect, thank you.
Definitely worth having
Very slim and smart with Samsung and Galaxy J5 embossed discreetly on the case. Don't know how it works but once you remove the battery cover and fit the phone to the case, it turns itself on and off when you open and close the case. The J5 doesn't have Gorilla glass so a cover is a really worthwhile accessory and this one is perfect. Plus you get to play with opening and shutting the case like trying to catch the light in the fridge.
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