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Official Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Headset with Motion Controller Reviews

Samsung and Oculus present the leading Gear VR headset, revamped for 2017. Comes complete with an intuitive motion controller for added immersion. Compatible with a wide range of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices including S8, S8 Plus, S7 and many more.
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 5 stars from 4 customers

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Awesome Immersive Fun
I'm an early adopter gadgetaholic! and over the years I've had the Oculus developer kit for PC, the Gear VR1, 2 and this latest version, GearVR with Controller, is hands down so much better.

Using it with a Galaxy S7 Edge It's comfortable, light weight and easy on the head. The suede cushioning makes so much difference to the overall experience. Previous models leaked more light into the headset and could get hot and steam up slightly. This suffers none of those issues.

The focus is almost 100% good now (based on previous models) I think the focus issues that some may encounter are more due to the content being viewed as opposed to the actual hardware.

Incidentally, my wife wears glasses and the headset had no problems accommodating them. She also reports it's one of the most comfortable VR experiences I've subjected her to!

The addition of a dedicated controller is a game changer (pun intended!) We recently played Affected: The Manor, a survival walk around horror VR experience from the Oculus store. Wow, you're really there and the controller works as a torch whilst on your journey with the trigger being the walk button. Very creepy, very effective use of the hardware.

It's so much better than having your hand to the side of your head to navigate menus etc. The controller makes the whole experience more intuitive. I particularly like the fact that you can "see" the controller whilst in the VR environment. It's a nice touch and brings some of the real world into the VR world. The addition of a volume control conveniently placed is a also a big plus.

The updated Samsung VR app is greatly improved on the previous ways of viewing VR & standard content. The way it manages your own library to provide you with an immersive experience of your old 2D photos without it being overwhelmingly big. They've got the sizing just right.

Images and videos taken with the Gear 360 Camera (see my other review) plunge you further into the memories you've created and recorded, putting you back there to that moment in time.

In a word... Awesome
Samsung Galaxy Gear VR 2017 a great bit of kit
My review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR 2017 with Motion Controller after getting to grips with it. It’s a well-built great bit of kit to view your 360 photographs or videos, shot using the Gear 360, spherical and non-spherical footage. There is also a lot more content available from Samsung, Oculus and other recommended web sites which includes games, videos and even gambling! In the box, you get the head set which clamps your phone and the motion controller which acts like an in-view laser pointer/mouse. The headset uses your phone as the display screen and comes with a spare connector in order that you can connect the S8, S7 or older phones (I presume not just Samsung’s).
I am using my Samsung S7 edge as the display devise and found it simple to sway over the connector which initially comes set up for the S8 in order to connect my S7 edge through the base USB jack. The headset is then ready to go and using the supplied elastic/Velcro straps the headset can be adjusted to comfortably fit on any head, even a child’s although there are age warnings for +12 as I presume the weight which is fine for an adult could hurt the neck of a child, let’s not find out….
Next, you’ll need to set up the motion controller which is a Bluetooth pointer/mouse for use within your virtual world. I am sure you can probably do it from the side button on the headset but after wearing the headset for 5minutes you forget it’s there so having top keep touching it would personally ruin the experience. Insert the 2 x AAA batteries and then pair with your phone. I have a Gear S3 watch that I found interfered with the pairing and it keep dropping out so I switched my watch off as I didn’t really want to look at the time and it never dropped again! However, this is not great and I need to put a report into Samsung….
One your headsets on and the pointer is working there is 5-10 minutes’ worth of set up to create an account with Oculus and get yourself online, there are a myriad of content to explore from the paid apps and games to your own video/photo library (on the phone), I have a Gear 360 (2017) so watching this content in the Galaxy Gear VR is amazing. We have the big brother of the Oculus rift at work and I have to say for £100 it does an amazing job at fraction of the price…..

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