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Official Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Headset for USB-C & Micro USB Reviews

Samsung and Oculus collaborate to create a brand new immersive dimension of mobile life with the first widely available mobile VR headset supporting USB-C and Micro USB optimised for the Galaxy Note 7, Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60571

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 5 stars from 4 customers

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Excellent quality
I baught this product off your website, easy and managable to use, fast delivery and the product its self is absoutley brillaint something for all the family to use and laugh at!
gear vr
fantastic peace of kit,it will change your life
A Worthy Upgrade to previous models / A must have accessory for Samsungs
If you have not heard of the GearVR before it is a Virtual Reality Headset that you slot your phone into, with it you can travel to other worlds and experience content like never before.

With this model the colour has improved IMO a nice sleek sexy dark navy/black, and so has the Field of View which helps create a more immersive experience.

Since it has its own dedicated sensors made with a collaboration between Oculus and Samsung, it gives you no dragging sensation but quick-real-time changes of your view vastly superior to all of the Google Cardboard offerings.

The Oculus store houses thousands of Apps and Games offering lots of different experiences from Star Fighting, Racing and Swimming with Sharks to sitting in the cinema watching Netflix or other ;) things.

Not to mention with Samsung Internet you can browse the entirety of the Internet in VR and be immersed in the World Wide Web.

A MUST HAVE gadget for any of the Samsung Flagship Owners.
A Fantastic addition to your Samsung Handset
Great product, costs a little more than others on the market but it's clearly superior and powered by Oculous. It has a Micro USB adaptor in the box for those without USB-C and can be charged whilst being used. A great buy and it will change the way you use your phone!

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