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Official Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Neon Flip Case - Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy A8 2018's back, sides and screen from harm with the official gold neon flip cover from Samsung. Featuring neon edge lighting to keep you informed of notifications, incoming calls and more.
Price: £14.99

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Protect your Samsung Galaxy A8 2018's back, sides and screen from harm with the official gold neon flip cover from Samsung. Featuring neon edge lighting to keep you informed of notifications, incoming calls and more.
 4.6 stars from 33 customers

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Amazing my back hurts
Fantastic I couldn't be happier. Thanks.
Quality product
After buying cases ‘that fit’ I decided to buy a Samsung product. It was worth it. A far better quality product. Good fit, feel more comfortable holding the phone whilst using it.
Very nice.
I ordered 1 in March but it never arrived so I emailed Mobile Zap and they kindly sent me anothet 1 which arrived this week very happy with it.
Durable and stylish case
One of the few outlets for this quality official case. Strong, has handled hard impacts. When a certain colour of this case was no-longer available, I was informed and offered a refund and other products. Highly recommended.
Sleek, strong case
Great quality and surprisingly rare product. Colour is more purple than grey, but this doesn't faze me, is a unique and rich colour. Durable and strong, has weathered multiple drops and impacts.

Well worth purchasing.
Sleek, strong case
Fine quality and surprisingly rare product. Colour is distinct and vivid, and case is strong.

Well worth purchasing.
Protects and looks smart
I prefer a case to cover the screen as this does, although it could potentially flip open when dropped although i haven’t experienced that.
I’ve used mine for a year without a screen protector but advised by my daughter I should, so now use one.
Can operate the phone without removing the case and protects the phone well. This purchase was for my husband who is perfectly happy too.

Good case/subtle gold
Good service
Brilliant cover
Delivered on time product very good quality.
Excellent product, great price
We researched comparable products by different manufacturers for quality and price and this was the best deal. Although we had to wait a couple of weeks for the product to be delivered by regular mail, the cost savings were worth it.
Excellent case
When upgrading my Samsung Galaxy phone I chose the A8 as Samsung made a flip case for it. I wanted a phone case that had a front protective cover. The flip case for the A8 is robust, slim and lightweight and provides good protection. Although the case does not have a magnetic closure this is only a minor issue. If you have a Samsung Galaxy A8 I would highly recommend purchasing this case.
Not as sturdy as I had hoped for the price, the case leaves a huge gap unprotected on the long outer edge.
Looks pretty tho and I like how it lights up. All the ports are assessible. Does not stay closed with magnet or any other way
Would recommend a high quality screen protector to go with this in case you drop the phone, as it will probably open when it falls.
Good look
The case is light weight and fits well. Happy with the look and function.
Great protective cover for a great Samsung phone
The cover is classy and performs impressively. It has a quality feel and is solid. It interacts with the phone so that the black intro screen is bypassed when the flip opens. A great buy at the price. Mobile Fun did a good job in supplying the cover. They use a less expensive postal option that might make it seem the cover won't arrive. Don't worry. It will!
Good overall!
Does what it says on the tin. It's a phone case. Only difference is it's smart. It allows you to tailor your lock screen settings to how you use the case. Ie. Dark screen and fade in/out act. The LED frame to the case is a brilliant idea and work well in attracting attention to notifications.
1 improvement would be, the bit that covers the screen is loose. It is essentially a flap. There is no way of fastening it shut with magnets or a small flap... Meaning it can open in your pocket and leave the screen vulnerable.
Exactly as I ordered
Wasn't aware it was coming from overseas so took longer than expected but happy with the product
Great fit,and looks amazing
How it would look and fit
Yeah - Good
I don't know. works OK, but with it had LED on the front of the cover like the S9 case does
Great protection and technology
Looks exactly as pictured, great gold colour. Lighting is good and switches to automatically vibrating reminder of notification when closed. Only let down is it is not as strongly held closed as a magnetized flip case but it is perfect to protect my phone.
Perfect case.
Great quality. Slim and appears sturdy. Like the way the case lights up with notifications making it easy t find in bottom of handbag. Very pricey but I would buy it again as it is so superior to all others I've seen.
It was fully described to enable me to make my decision
Great case with nice illumination notifications
This is a great case for the A8. It protects all parts of the phone quite well, yet still makes it easy to use. The side of the flip-top of the cover lights up via the screen to show notifications, and it's different for each type of notification, so you can easily tell what notification has arrived without even opening the case.

I like that there's an NFC chip in the case because that allows the phone to instantly know that the case is installed: the phone immediately knows to use the light-up effects that the case uses for notifications. The NFC chip also tells the phone when the case is opened or closed. To lock the phone, simply close the case; I barely used the lock button anymore.

I find that having the front cover of a case like this is important. I used to have a silicone case that only protected the back and sides. It was nice, but I was starting to get tiny scratches on the screen, despite always being extremely careful with it: the only time the screen touched anything other than my fingers was when I put it in a clean pocket with nothing else in it. I didn't want to install a screen protector because I like the feel of the bare screen: Gorilla Glass is so nice to the touch, whereas most screen protectors feel kinda cheap. So, I decided to go with this flip cover case.

The cover is raised from the screen with a perimeter of soft silicone, so even if you press on the cover when it's closed, the inside of the cover won't touch the screen and potentially scratch it if there is debris on it.

Overall this is probably one of the best covers available for the A8, and I highly recommend it.
Nice Case
Description was very detailed so not very much was surprising as you would expect from a premium case from the phone manufacturer
great product
just great on time
Phone Case
It is even better than what I was thinking. Thank you. And my phone is safe, because I can drop it.
Perfect for the job.
It is important to confirm which version is being sold. Earlier versions have an orange line around the case.
Nice Case.
Given it four stars as the only problem I have is the cover gets in the way when making or answering a call, otherwise its a good tight fit and the neon works well.
perfect for the A8
The case fits perfectly plus there is no need to try and take the back of your phone off to attach the case - it just slips over the back of the phone. The case is interactive for making phone calls i.e. it doesn't need to be opened to answer or hang up a call. The case flashes around the edges to notify you of calls, messages, etc.
The phone screen is suitably protected with just the case but I would recommend additional screen protection where you routinely throw the phone into a bag for carrying.
excwllent purchase!!!
this flip case is absolutely adorable, elegant and functional at the same time

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