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Official Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Pad - Black Reviews

Charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone quickly with the official fast wireless charging pad in black. Spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge and more time doing what you want to do with this official fast wireless charging pad.

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 4.7 stars from 34 customers

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It's ok but takes ages to charge
That it isn't a fast charger like the wire and plug. It is easy to use.
Tidy Desk
It sits neatly next to my computer and makes it easy to check messages and keep my mobile charged.
Quickly delivered

Works well good price good information about product
Perfect for my needs
Perfect for S8 too. Keep phone charged, and at a great angle as an alarm clock or baby monitor:-)
Works as said it would.
Works great for my Samsung S9, vertical or horizontal. I have a leather cover and even charger through it. Take about 1 1/2 hours until fully charged. Looks stylish. Love it.
Excellent - and works through the hard cover
I wanted a wireless charger for my S9 plus when I bought the phone but I wasn't sure that it would work through the Samsung "Clear View Standing Cover", so I rang their tech support to find out.
They said "no, you have to take the phone out of the cover to charge it". Well, anyone who has bought one of these covers will know that the hard back is not easy to remove, certainly not the sort of thing that you would want to do often. So I just resigned myself to having to use the USB charging cable instead.
Over time, the USB port on the phone wore and the flaky connection started to get a bit annoying, so I just took a punt and bought the wireless charging pad and just hoped.
I've never had any wireless charging pad before so I can't compare it's performance with anything but to me it works with the usual cover on my phone still on just fine - just rest it on the pad, either way up (I prefer to use landscape mode) and it reacts and gives you charging details straight away.
I just should has bought it much earlier.
Genuine Samsung item.
Samsung out of stock of these so I checked with Mobile fun and they had it at a slightly cheaper price I think. Delivered quickly. As usual no fuss or problem.
Excellent product
This wireless charger is so good. I'm so happy for it. Light weight not too big. Just love it.
Best Buy
Charges my fone fast .very nice charger . Very happy customer
Great Charger
Looks nice and charges my S9+ just over 3hrs to 100% on normal wireless charging (Haven't tested fast wireless charging).
My wireless chargers finishing on the pad edging was a little poor hence 1 less star.
Excellent service & item does whst it should.
No complaints here
Very pleased
Very happy with the charger it charges my phone very fast
Not what I thought
I thought it folded down.
The best
This fast wireless charge pad this amazing, charges my Samsung S9 Plus very fast, i recommend this one if you looking for one.
Great peace of equipment
Nothing everything was fully explained
Ease of use
Just place your galaxy s9 plus on the charger and it will charge your phone. It will still charge the phone with a Samsung flip case on as well. The charger isn’t so big so it doesn’t take much room up wherever you want to set it up. You still have to connect the Samsung adapter that came with the phone. But once you’ve done that it’s easy. Red light shows while charging, which goes green for a full charge.
exellent piece of kit
excellent charger, looks good works good a ++++++
Love it!
Smart looking and has only a small indicator light which is fantastic so it does not disturb you sleep.
Great product.
Charges my galaxy s8+ really fast, bought this to charge my phone whilst using the usb-c port with with a HDMI converter works well no problems. Great service from mobile fun.
Excellent Product
Works really well, looks smart and is very handy being able to see the phone held at an angle whilst charging, rather than other wireless chargers that are flat.
Genuine Samsung product
Very good. Happy with the product.
Pleased with the charger. Charges S9+ with leather case and strong magnets, no problem. Only small issue is when it gets to nearly full it emits a sound like a tap running in the background, not sure if this is normal. But love not having to mess with
reassurance that it would work with my case or be able to get a refund. No problem because it does, and I don't.
Charges very fast and good. Happy with this product
If the USB charger type C would fit this
Easier than 1,2,3.....
Just plug the power adapter to the pad and the wall once - from then on switch the power on, place the phone on the pad and take it off when the green light goes on.
No more fiddling with cables.
Probably the only time i am going to attach a cable again to the phone for power will be in an emergency for a quick recharge from a battery power bank.
Too clunky
Size and features
Excellent charger for the desk.
Works as required. Fast charges as expected when coupled with a fast charger which is not included. The fan in the base works well when on the desk.

Other than having to use a fast charger to power a fast wireless charger then the cost is for aesthetics since it only takes a second to plug the phone into the fast charger. Having a wireless charger is easy if use and shaved off a few secs at most to plug/unplug.
This charger is ok but no cable has been provided comparable with the other original charger from Samsung
Sleek, Beautiful and Fast Wireless Charger
Official Fast Wireless Charger is One Stop Solution for Wireless Fast Charging.

Its the Best available in Market. Far Better than other compatible wireless chargers.

Highly Recommend this authentic solution for Galaxy Devices.
Excellent item, works perfectly, easy to use and looks good
excellent piece of kit
Charges the S9 very quickly, about 40% to 100% in 1hr 30mins.
Looks really cool and so far we just leave on the charger all the time with no problems
With new galaxy 9, see no point in not having quality charger. Looks v stylish as well as charging quickly

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