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Official Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand 15W - White Reviews

Charge your wireless compatible Samsung devices quickly with the official fast wireless charging stand 15w in white. Spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge with this official Samsung fast wireless charging stand.
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Charge your wireless compatible Samsung devices quickly with the official fast wireless charging stand 15w in white. Spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge with this official Samsung fast wireless charging stand.
 4.2 stars from 43 customers

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Great Product
Very pleased with the delivery and the product itself. Makes plugging chargers in to the phone look very antiquated!
Good but expensive phone charger
The phone charger is expensive but of a good quality. I would have liked the information about the EU plug socket to be highlighted on the main advertisement which would have made my choice of buying from Mobile Fun less likely considering the added expense of having to buy UK Samsung fast charger.
great product
does what it says and very well at that.
A gret product
Great product at a great price. Great seller. Fast delivery and setup is so easy
Good device no UK connection
Great device but arrived with a non UK plug configuration so ended up having to buy one separately.
Good product.
Fast easy to use charger although I was disappointed it came with a European adaptor and not a UK plug.
Good charging solution...
Good charging solution for wireless charging the Galaxy Fold 2. Did come with 2 pin mains plug but easy to swap witb original 3 pin Fold 2 charger.
Great charger but needs additional purchases to use it in the uk!
I have one of these chargers myself from Samsung store which has been amazing. I bought a second one from here for my Dad for xmas. Unfortunately when he opened it up it had a European plug on it. I wrongly assumed it was just a case of switching the plug with the uk one that came with the phone however the cable that comes with the plug is a ubc type c and NOT the standard USB port so I couldn't attach it to the plug I had. This means buying an entire new cable and plug for it or a UK plug that has the type c port to use with the cable in the box. This makes it very expensive. I regret buying it now. Should have bought from elsewhere.
Excellent accessory
Easy to set up, just plug in your existing type c and you have a charger that enables you to just drop your phone onto it and it also is at an angle that makes it easy to see.
An excellent product
The charger is very quick at refreshing the mobile phone battery and no more plugging in charging leads.
Wrong plug
It should be clearly stated that this item comes with a travel plug. I was disappointed. I spent £50 and can't use the devise.
Fab Product
Brilliant Samsung charger very efficient and charges my S20 nicely ????
just which samsung phones does it charge
Works Well with Galaxy Zed Fold 2
I already had a wireless charger but it wouldn't work with my new phone (with either my old or new charger. This one works perfectly, has a good status light and dissipates heat out the back.
Genuine product and it capable my galaxy note 20 ultra
Disappointed that it won't work with a leather back case on
This is a great product but in order to get it to charge at the fastest rate I have to take my phone out of it's leather back case.
Good Product but no UK Plug
Good charger easy to use. Main drawback is that the charger supplied had an EU plug and not a three pin UK plug.
Great product
great product
However, if ur planing on using in UK/Ireland, it does not come with the proper travel adapter - so you need to order one separate

However, keep in mind, that for the fast charging capability you will need a 25W travel adapter 3-5 V, otherwise it will only work as normal charging

All in all, work well, I am happy with it and I would recommend
Good ????
Really happy with the charger just a bit surprised it didn't come with a UK cable but fortunately I had a spare so not z real problem. Mobile fun delivered quickly
Not fit for purpose in the UK
The wireless charger comes with an EU plug, which is no good. The EU 2 pin plug does not fit into our EU plug adaptors either and when I tried to connect the charger to my Samsung branded, official, fast charging cable and plug, the charger wouldn't work and kept flashing an amber warning light.

It is not fit for purpose in the UK.
Official Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand 15W - Black
Was looking for a convenient method of charging my Samsung Galaxy S20. Settled on the 15W Samsung fast wireless charger stand. As to be expected the device is well constructed and reasonably sized not to take up too much room. The phone can be placed in the charger either vertically or horizontally, charging is indicated by a small led on the base of the charger, red for charging green for charging cycle completed. The LED is discrete, which is convenient when charging during the night if on the bedside table. Very satisfied with the performance of the charger, it charges the phone rapidly and is very easy to use even when the phone is in its leather wallet.
No UK Plug
Came with a Euro plug - should be a UK plug - not impressed
Good Product and reliable seller
Delivered within the projected schedule. The product is genuine. Wirelessly charged my S20+ much faster than the older model. Price is much lower than local retailer.
Good Product
Wrong N. American Electric Plug, they sent me European Plug
Good one
I bought fir my note 10+ and it good as simple to recharge but only use samsung plug with USB c either 25w or 45w plug that work as it dont work different plug like cheap plug.. so it good buy for easy to recharge in time.
Great product
Good charger, and a lot quicker than the previous disc shaped charger I had previously. Used on bedside table so handy for looking at time and setting alarm. It does mention an internal fan for cooling which might be noisey, but I've not heard it on during the day or night.
Very good charger
This is a very good charger,very fast and lets u know when fully charged,Yes some people say these are expensive,but u get what u pay for ,Good Quality, and Genuine charger, not your import brand..Thank you
Mobile Fun..????
Samsung wireless charger
The Samsung wireless charger is amazing but the only problem I have is that it comes with an EU plug and not a UK plug so I would have liked it if they let us know before I got the product.
Simply Brilliant
i havent actually plugged in my S20 + to a wired charger since ive had this, it has a solid structure, supports the phone in an upright position, and has what looks like a small cooling fan in the rear.

Highly recommended.
Save your money - most definitely overpriced with 2 pin plug
Well made but very pricy, found the my older cable based chargers were faster.
And the biggest gripe of all was that the wall plug is a 2-pin so you end up with a very messy attachments of a shaving adaptor plugged into the charger which protrudes from the wall rather noticeably.

Sorry Mobile fun I suggest any of your customers might be better to look at some of the cheaper options on the market that have a UK standard plug.

Shame as I liked the design
I bought this because the charging cable that came with my new phone is rubbish. This solves my problems. Really quick charging too. Love it.
Once you try fast wireless charging, you will never go back
If you rock the greatest and latest Samsung phone, it'll be a crime not to have this. Wireless charging can't compare to plug and charge but this find closer. And after being disappointed by generic non-name wireless chargers, after my s10+ had has a taste, it nothing to sneeze at. You really shouldn't be using anything other then Samsung for your Samsung phone cos unfortunately it's proprietary, still it's a great taste of the future of wireless. Don't miss it.
Excelent silence wireless charger that can charge your mobile phones in a very fast speed and if you have a note 10 plus it charges as fast as the cable. Awesome, i would recommend it to anyone.
Good charger shame it came with euro plug in uk
Would have liked 2 know didn't come with uk charger plug would have been 5 star otherwise
Perfect charger for my Samsung! Really fast and included a c type connector so now I have both types which is convenient. I like the stand up position, which means I can see notifications wherever I am around the room and of course the speedy charging is perfect when I am in a rush. May have been a little more pricey but for the wireless type of charger I feel this was the best value for money. The postage was really fast and securely packages and I am very satisfied with my order.
A goog one
very useful
Nice and neat
Works a treat and looks good
Too expensive
Bought this product without checking other websites. The day I got it, just to find out that I could have had £20 cheaper.

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