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Official Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger - Micro USB - Retail Packed Reviews

A genuine retail boxed Samsung UK adaptive fast mains charger for your Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and Note 4. This is identical to the charger provided with these phones - EP-TA20UWE.
Price: £24.99
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A genuine retail boxed Samsung UK adaptive fast mains charger for your Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and Note 4. This is identical to the charger provided with these phones - EP-TA20UWE.
 4.9 stars from 193 customers

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Very good.
Perfect just what I wanted to rapid charge my phone thank you
Brand new, exactly as described.
The product was exactly as described and despatched very quickly and well packed. It's the right charger for my Samsung Galaxy S7.
Would Recommend
Good price. Quick Delivery. Would recommend
Spot on
Samsung travel charger. I wanted to ensure that this was an original Samsung charger as I had misplaced the one originally supplied with my mobile. Sure enough the item received was genuine. Service was fast and the price more than reasonable. Happy my Samsung devices are now charging at a faster speed than with non-Samsung appliances.
If you haven't heard from me by now then it was all perfect
Genuine Samsung product
Works great !
Needed to replace broken unit
Received the item I ordered in a timely fashion. Very pleased.
Samsung Mobile fast charger
Although there were cheaper imitation models on offer I had heard enough tales about fires being caused, mobiles wrecked etc that I really wanted the genuine product. The delivery was quick and well packaged. It was in a sealed box with a Samsung logo. It works well and I get peace of mind when I leave my phone unattended on charge.
I was a bit disappointed it took so long to arrive but the product is fine
Genuinebl charger !
Finally a genuine samsung charger. Not easy to find !
Honest opinion
I'm very OCD with all my stuff and spent ages researching the correct charger and seller to buy from.
I can honestly say you would not be disappointed so if this is the charger you need just buy it
The only replacement
I have not much to say apart from the fact that mobilefun was the only place on the internet that could supply me with this genuine adapter for my Samsung phone in timely manner.
Thank you
So far so good
I've only had the charger a short time, a month i think. There are no signs of breaking/ melting and doesn't get above a bit warm to the touch. It seems to be a legitimate Samsung product as titled in the description. And it does a "fast charge". Over all a good price for a great product.
Samsung Fast Charger
Very pleased with purchase. Has the same part number as my broken one. Have a Samsung A5 and had to use my original cable as my mobile does not have micro USB. Which was fine.
Quality Product
This is the second time I have purchased a Samsung fast charger from here.
Fast delivery, packaged well and product was exactly what I needed.
Thank you.
Works as promised
If any international travel adaptors were avsilable
Genuine fast charger
Original fast Samsung charger. Works as good as the one that came with my Note 4 many years ago.
Official product, works well
Very good charger, original manufacturer so works very well. Quick delivery too!
Just what I needed
Great charger
Genuine fast charger, but needs better options on micro or "C" cable
If you want the best, buy this.
Is the item genuine. Copies and such are everywhere and it can be a costly mistake.
I looked on the original Samsung site but had problems with the checkout. MOBILE FUN had exactly what I wanted - original Samsung products. No problem at all with ordering and they have a large choice of items. Prices are worth paying for peace of mind to protect my devices. Bought what I thought was genuine previously from eBay and found to my cost, they were a waste of money. RECOMMEND MOBILE FUN EVERY TIME. Thank you.
Good product
Genuine Samsung charger. Good quality product.
Works well so far, does what it says on the box
I've only had this product for a couple of weeks, so I can't comment on its longevity, but so far its holding up great. It gets a little warm when charging but the connection is secure and the long cord allows more movement when needed. A good buy.
Samsung Fast charger
I really wanted a charger as good as the one I got when I purchased the phone and thanks to mobile fun that is exactly what I got .
Spot on just what I needed
Actual fast charging!
Was sceptical about buying this as was unsure if it would actually charge my phone fast compared to my normal charger. Very pleased! Can't seem to buy these direct from Samsung but this seems to be genuine and would recommend.
Does what it says
Does what it says on the tin.
Great Product
Item is exactly what I was looking for. Fast delivery. Great value for money. Works perfect. Great charger with a nice long lead.
Seems the genuine deal.
The acid test was whether this charger would allow me to sync my phone and laptop (a previous charger from Amazon did not). This charger passed that test. Also charges phone very quickly and has a reassuringly solid feel when plugging into phone. Very happy so far with this charger.
Very pleased with the charger, top quakity. Quick delivery. Would highly recommend ????
Great seller. Highly recommend. Good quality.
exactly what i needed.
exactly what i needed to replace my old one. quick and easy to buy and quick delivery
Working as expected (with a periodic bump)
Apart from a few hours one day when it flickered with its output of power, the product has worked well and succeeded in providing a fast charge for my Samsung Galaxy S6.
High authenticity, pleased with outcome.
When i ordered these, i was sceptical as i didnt really think these would be authentic samsung chargers. I had previously looked on ther websites for the same charger but they all looked dodgy. But iam pleased with the build quality of this charger. I recommend this product and this website in general.
Great product and great service
Bought this to replace one i lost recently. Was hoping it might come by the end of the week as I was travelling. Super fast delivery meant I had it in time for my trip. Really fast charge and longer lead that I got with my phone. Thanks a million :-)
Genuine fast charger..... Genuine fast service!
Fast delivery, great service
Needed a new fast charger but wanted to get a real samsung 1. I didnt want 2 chance buying a fake 1 off any auction or similar sites so bought from here & really glad i did. The cable that connects 2 the plug & phone is alot longer than my 1 that came with the phone which is brilliant for using the phone while plugged in. Think i got my order the day after which was soo much faster than i was expecting. Would definitely order from here again
Best buy
I always buy my adapters from this site. Tired of being fobbed off with other places stating 'Genuine Samsung charger' and only lasting a few weeks before becoming loose and falling out of my tablets and phones. It fast charges for longer and as I travel a lot I don't like to get stuck with the cheaper charges you can buy online.
Very pleased i orderd from here, really fast delivery & quality item
This charger is exactly like the 1 that came with my phone. I needed another fast charger but wanted a proper samsung 1 which this is. The best thing about this 1 is, it has a longer cable than my original 1 which is brilliant because i can now use my phone plugged in more easily in bed or on the settee etc. Really glad i orderd from here, recieved this item a couple of days after ordering
Samsung Charger
Great fast charger. Longer lead than regular charge. Delighted with purchase.
I'm well satisfied
I lost my note 4 charger, needed a genuine replacement promptly and was able to find what I wanted. The charger arrived very quickly, seems to be just what it claims to be and does what it's required to do. I'm well satisfied..Thanks for the service your consistently reliable products and service.
Fake product
Adaptive fast charger stopped being "adaptive fast" charger after just over one year of use.
Essentially maximum current which used to be at 1600-1800mA has dropped to about 400-600mA. Now the charger works like a basic USB charger. LOL!
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. I can assure you our Official products are genuine and certainly not fake. It may just be faulty, so can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Really pleased that this item was indeed a genuine Samsung phone charger. I've recently purchased 2 chargers from other websites claiming to be 100% genuine but they were clearly not and were fire hazzards. They were immediately thrown away!! Buy with confidence folks and you'll be as pleased as I am!!
Fast Charger
Works well. In my case it charges up my S6 between half & two thirds of the time taken than the charger supplied with the phone - very pleased.
Samsung adaptive fast charger
I purchased this after having purchased one via a popular auction website . I value safety over saving a few quid hence purchasing here.The popular auction website equals fake central ! Pay the money get the real thing.
Popular auction website charger got dangerously hot and has been returned to the idiot claiming it was a genuine 1.
Original item
It's original staff. The charging cable is a bit longer than provided within Galaxy box. So it's nice but overpriced.
Works perfectly
Delivery was fast, reasonable price and the charger works perfectly !! It's so hard to find genuine Samsung chargers online and this is definitly the real deal!! Highly recommend this charger!!
Fast being the operative word:
Fast charger ordered,
Fast delivery achieved.
Well satisfied.
genuine samsung charger
Great to have found someone selling genuine Samsung products as opposed to the many imitation units that only last days available on many web sites. unit is as advertised, works as promised
Excellent service good value ..
Great service, excellent product I will return again...
Worth every penny
I was initially tempted by the fast chargers on another popular website (at half the price!), until I read the poor reviews. Decided to pay the extra for a charger from MOBILEFUN. Worth every penny, and 100% satisfied. Charger performs as well (if not better) than the one supplied with my phone
As Benjamin Franklin said: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten".
Want a fast charger that works? Buy from these guys.
Seems official, charges fast but has a shelf life!
This is the third time I've repurchased this little gem. The phone recognises it as a genuine charger, and full charge can be reached in two and a half hours from a low percentage. However, the charger does have a shelf life. It tends to last for about four or five months before the phone fails to recognise the cable, or you physically have to attach an elastic band/position the phone in a certain way for the charge to reach the phone from the adaptor. This isn't viable in the long-term, leading to a reorder of the charger. I don't know if this is unique to my phone, but I am careful with my charger. It remains in the socket constantly, with mains switched on or off depending on whether I'm charging or not. Nonetheless, this is well worth the purchase for charge speed and the fact that it will work with your phone, unlike a number of Samsung knock offs floating around other websites.
S6 fast charger
Fast delivery, item as described. Well worth the extra money. Second time to buy here, not disappointed.
So far so good....
Appears much better than the one supplied with the phone which lasted just a mere 12 months.
Pricey, but you get what you pay for
I had been through a couple of so called "original" Samsung fast chargers bought from various places on the web (Samsung don't seem to sell them direct off their own website) and it was pretty clear as soon as they arrived that they weren't authentic. They did the job, seemingly ok, for a bit - but sooner or later they just died. This SEEMS to be the real McCoy. It arrived next day in original, sealed, Samsumg packaging, beautifully presented. The cable that came with it was thicker than your average USB charger cable (like the original that came with the phone 2 years ago, but longer) and the whole thing just "feels right". It also seems to charge the phone more effectively than before - back to proper fast charging a lot of the time, whereas the old one (according to the phone) was just doing "normal" charging most of the time. Expensive, but I'm pleased I spent the money. After such a glowing review, I hope it doesn't break tomorrow! If it does, I'll submit a revised review.
Sturdy fast charger
The charger that came with my phone is slowly dying - the cable had become worn and it no longer fast charges. I got a new 'official' Samsung one on amazon, but when it arrived it was clear that it was a fake.
This charger seems legit, fast charges perfectly and the cable is thicker and a lot more sturdy.
For me the price is a little too high, but this is the cheapest legit Samsung fast charger I've seen
Genuine Samsung Charger
Genuine Samsung Charger. Does what it says. Will charge a phone in just over an hour. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Don't buy cheap copies buy this one.
Great charger
My Samsung s6 edge phone has a fast charge function which recently had been slowing down and the charger becoming really hot. I knew there was a problem with the charger and I couldn't just buy or use any other charger so I looked online for prices of original chargers. I was so pleased with reviews of this site and the reviews of this being an original charger. Glad I bought it. It arrived promptly and is the real thing! Phone back to charging fast doesn't get hot. Thank you. Will use this site again
Came bang on time exactly what I was looking for. Charges my phone very fast and gives me that extra boost on the go!
This is the real mccoy!!
So many fake fast adapting chargers available on the internet. This one is the official fast Samsung charger and cheaper than buying from the Samsung store. Great service by Mobile Fun. A trusted seller that I have used before and will continue to do so.
My main concern when buying this product was whether it would work as the intended person i brought this product for has a phone that is not an android. Brought it for him and would definately recommend this to others.
Speedy Dispatch of Genuine Samsung Product
Speedy dispatch, speedy delivery. Instantly Checked the serial numbers against my original charger and can confirm it is a genuine Samsung fast charger. Was weary with the amount of dodgy chargers out there and horror stories you hear, glad I bought from MobileFun and would recommend!
Good quality and quick delivery
If you have a premium phone, you shouldn't worry about the price for a good quality charger. It's worth the money to look after your device
Samsung fast charge
I have ordered genuine samsung chargers from mobile fun before and they were excellent. Ive been waiting for them to come back in stock for months, so was really happy to see they were now selling genuine samsung fast chargers.
This is a genuine Samsung fast charger. It arrived quickly (paid for next day delivery) otherwise you can expect it with in 3-5 working days.
Very happy to say this is exactly what it says it is. Charges just as fast as my original Samsung charger I got with my phone. I would happily order from here again. Only issue I have is they don't always have them in stock.
Thank you
I ordered my Samsung fast charger and I am really happy with this and good quality, please keep your quality high and will lover to order again if I need any thing for my mobile.
Very good product and genuine
Very good product and genuine
Excellent service and product
I ordered the product after confirming from Samsung that Mobile Fun are their official distributors. No hidden charges. Product was delivered in time with tracking number from courier services. It works fine as expected with Galaxy S6. USB cable is shorter than the original charger I had but I guess that might be how Samsung got it certified for best performance. Very happy and recommended :)
Charger does exactly what its meant to do, very fast delivery easy to order and all ways kept up to date with txts and emails about my order. The cable seem alot more better than the one i got with the phone and takes less than a hour to fully charge,
Genuine fast charger
Excellent item , fast charger worth the money. Don't buy cheap ones they are dangerous.
Genuine product
Genuine product would buy this item again.
Excellent charger, fast and efficient at a great price!
This charger is exactly the same as the one I received with my new phone from Samsung. It's excellent, charges super fast and the phone retains that charge well. The cable is a good length aswell not too short like previous Samsung ones have been! Very happy custome, would recommend.
Most Impressive
I didn't know what to expect from this charger. Having used a standard one for so long, I became accustomed to having to wait a long time for my phone to charge. Now, having experienced this one, I have to say that it feels like a miracle. It does exactly what it says on the tin: charge your phone fast! It's reliable and, whilst it won't give you a full battery in five minutes, you should expect to experience a very noticeable change to your charging time. It's so good, I'm getting another one!
great charger
received the item promptly, charges my phone 100% really fast and the cord is long enough for use. worth the price.
This is the best charger on the market it charges my phone very fast
Did what it said on the can
Did what it said on the can
The Samsung charger i got off here is excellent, charges my phone within a hour and the battery lasts all day. Excellent price and really fast delivery.
Genuine product correct as listed on the website
Genuine product correct as listed on the website
Good value for money
This was very easy and the delivery arrived and 3 days..Goodo service and attention
Genuine product
Got this charger to replace lost original one
Came next day genuine Samsung fast charger. Does exactly what I was looking for charges my s6 edge fast really fast good USB length to one of the best price to, would buy again from mobilefun with out a doubt good service and delivery thanks
I bought this around 3 months ago and now the cable quickly overheats. It overheats so much that at times I can't even touch it. Now, it overheats and makes a weird buzzing noise when I use it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Maria

Sorry to hear you have a problem with this charger. Certainly doesn't sound right, so please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
Good job guys in providing such a good replacement
Item was of excellent quality
I was looking for an official Samsung Fast Charger so I looked at other testimonials which convinced me that both your delivery service was quick and the item was of excellent quality. It was reassuring to know that other people had purchased this product and they were happy with it. Thank you.
great product, great money
product was exactly as advertised, received it very promptly and in a good condition and the price was very good - very happy with the service!
Genuine fast charger, quick delivery
I was happy to discover that this item is a genuine Samsung fast charger. I had been disappointed by other so called samsung fast chargers bought on other sites in the past which did not fast charge and broke quickly or did not fit properly. The item arrived quickly as was well packaged. I will be using mobile fun again.
Just what it said on the packaging. Few wks of looking for a fast charger when I was told about this site from someone at care phone warehouse. Item as promised. Fast delivery. Ideal price
Excellent product
Excellent quality. My original fast charger broke and I ordered this. Its worth paying the extra for the for the genuine product. Also very fast delivery. Extremely happy.
Finally the genuine article!
After roaming the virtual streets to find a genuine Samsung charger, previously buying what I thought was the genuine article only to find it coming apart within 24 hours of receipt , I finally received the real deal from Mobile Fun. Am going to stick with this site for all electronic accessories from now on and am not going to be purchasing from another well known site which shares the same name as a well known South American River.
It's exactly what I wanted and came in a nice sealed bag. It's is what it says and works great. If you are worried about it then don't worry. It's exactly the official Samsung charger stuff and would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
Genuine Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger
Genuine Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger. After the frustration of the this charger not being available in Samsung stores and online and being the victim of a fake adaptive charger from other "mobile retailers" I can say this particular one solves that issue and I can go back to charging my phone in a short period of time.
Really fantastic product. Lost my previous charger due to cat chewing the wire.
Replacement item works perfectly, no problems. Would highly recommend.
Excellent charger. Got one as spare for my new phone, love it.
The Real Deal
Thank you sooo much Mobile Fun my charger arrived prompt couldn't of asked for more. After buying a new S6 the charger in the box did not work and after being sent here there and everywhere I knew your company would provide me with one that's original and works.
This device was sent very quickly and is just what I wanted
This is my second one because the cable broke on my last one from being carried around squashed in too many bags in case I ever needed a quick charge. It is ideal and works perfectly on my S4 mini even though I saw reviews that said it wouldn't work on anything before an S5. It even came in a handy sealable bag that I can keep it in to save it being broken by getting tangled or bent. I would highly recommend this charger to anyone with a galaxy!
Does what it says it does
Nothing as it a fast charge. Does exactly what it supposed to do. Great fast postal service. As I was ordering from Ireland.
great one
fast charger and official item
Super fast charger very pleased thank you
Excellent.... super fast charger very pleased with this item
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