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Official Samsung Adaptive Fast Car Charger - Black Reviews

A genuine Samsung adaptive fast car charger for your Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and Note 4. Incredibly stylish and fast, this charger is a must have, thanks to its sleek design and super fast charging rates.
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 4.8 stars from 32 customers

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50/50 Success with this for me
I wanted a car charger for my Samsung A3, this was among the list of "suitable items" but it turned out to be the wrong lead. The cigarette lighter adapter however works a treat, and doesn't get too hot either, even when charging more than one device at a time. So I am delighted with half of the item.
Works great, the cord is long and good quality.
Shipping took a while which is expected from the state's. The cord is good quality and reaches all the way to the back of my car which I find handy. It's a great quality cord and I'm really happy I invested in a charger that actually charges my old s6.
Samsung fast charger
Its a well made good quality FAST charger that fits my phone properly,unlike other chargers.
Seems to do the job
I have not used this charger much yet, but it seems to do the job, keeping the tablet charged while I am using it. Easy to use, durable, does what it says on the tin!
Great car charger
I have tried other chargers and none work. This one is awesome. Ordered one day and it arrived within the week. (Aus post dont deliver every day). I will shop here again. Well done guys.
Love it, Fastest car charger i have ever used
This is awesome, I am constantly on the go and getting a quick fast charge keeps my phone alive all day.
Alway buy from a trusted Supplier
One thing to remembee.. you can always buy cheaper but you do it at a cost. With Mobilefun you know you are getting the real McCoy not a cheap copy. So do you want the backing of a reputable company or buy from some company you have never heard of or worse a multinational who uses there warehouses to sell other peoples stuff that may,or may not, be ligitimate. Yes i paid a bit mote for a great item but i know i am getting what a paid for..a pukka Samsung product that wont fail early or damage my phone.
Great job guys
Great stuff. Got the goids fast and at a great price. Will shop again with these guys.
Over all very happy with the product
Excellent service and product ,well packaged and delivered on time, over all very happy with the product
It appears to work
I don't think I'll have much occasion to use the car charger, as I bought it mainly with possible emergencies (eg, a rural breakdown) in mind. I ran my fully-charged Galaxy S7 Edge phone down to 99 percent charged in order to check that the car charger works. My phone showed during my 30-second test that it was charging as expected from the car charger. That's all I can tell you.
Recharges super quick
This Adaptive Fast Charging car charger charges really quickly. Great value
The best Bit of Kit I have Bought
The best Bit of Kit I have Bought, Thanks to Mobile Fun Opperator.

Thank You
Working great
I bought this charger since the existing USB port in my car was not charging my Samsung phone fast enough. So far the fast charger has been working great.
Works perfectly. Charge the phone fast .excellent
I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 as a Sat Nav in my car..and until now have used a charger with the coiled cable. This is not ideal as it interferes with the gearstick and is so stretched that I have had to secure the charger in the phone with blu tac..The length of this cable is perfect for the job..charges quickly and no more Blu Tac!!!
Appears to be a genuine charger and does fast charge the note4
Its difficult to know these days if what you are buying is genuine, if you have a £500 phone why trust it to a £3 charger which may or may not charge it properly and could die in a few weeks and take your phone with it!
The genuine charger may cost more but it's more likely to live longer, less likely to kill your phone and this one does indeed fast charge the note4.
I bought this from Mobile fun as from some research they are a larger company who are less likely to sell fakes which is becoming an increasing issue these days. Samsung direct were out of stock hence looking elsewhere.
Definitely worth having a Samsung fast charge car charger. charges at the same rate or faster than my samsung charger that came with my S6
Works as advertised. Very long lead
Good quality fast charger
Worth paying the extra for a genuine Samsung product. The charger is well made and functions as it is meant to. Previous cheaper car chargers would still drain the phones battery when using the sat nav on the phone. This charges the phone whilst using navigation. It also has the adaptive fast charge function that works very well.
I'm really happy with it
I recently bought a Samsung s6 incar charger. I'm really happy with it,charges the phone very quickly. Definitely worth every penny. Very easy to order and the delivery was quick also. Would definitely buy from here again.
Fantastic bargain buy
Amazing fast charger for car worth every penny and all my friends agree! Best price on the net from mobile fun too!
All good
All good...
Amazing difference
I noticed that while using my Galaxy S6 Edge as a satnav in the car on a standard car charger that the phone was loosing 1% of power every ten minutes. I put into in "Power Saver" mode and still it was not charging but loosing power. I bought this charger in the belief that it might make a difference and indeed it does! I did a test before I went on a journey and whereas the original charger showed a "Estimated Charging Time" of 1h 40m. I switched in this new charger and the value showed as 39m. Impressive. On my next journey the phone charged up while I was using Google Maps to navigate and Google Music to play through the stereo. Great stuff!
Great car charger
Very happy with Samsung Mobile phone car charger, Works well and good value.
Good bit of kit
Works well and charges phone much quicker than standard charger. Would recommend
Excellent product
Excellent product. Excellent service. Quick service. Recommended this outlet to all.my friends. Thank you
Meet Expectations
Excellent original product with charging time similar to the adaptive fast charger. I highly recommend this item for the cars.
Fantastic deal , fast ,value for money
I have tried many online sites for accessories , but have now finally found my last - this is it Mobile fun .... Simple easy to remember and value for money , unexpected tracking info is part of the great service , I have got all I need in one place thanks Mobile fun , and the charger just like the original fast Samsung charger this is it ..... Now I can travel fully charged
Real Waste of Money
When I connect the device ''Galaxy Note 4'', it displayed 3 hours 25 min left to charge when it is having 48% of battery remaining.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jawad

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team and we will send you a replacement.
Really good
Product really good.
woohoo, quick charging in my car
lets face it the battery in the s6 / s6 edge isn't great so fast charging is a must for me and most s6 users.. now we have it in the car, love it!

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