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Official Samsung 45W Fast Wall Charger & 1m USB-C to C Cable - Black Reviews

A genuine Samsung UK adaptive fast mains charger in Black for your Samsung devices. You can charge any compatible device at super fast speeds.
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A genuine Samsung UK adaptive fast mains charger in Black for your Samsung devices. You can charge any compatible device at super fast speeds.
 4.5 stars from 20 customers

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Very good item
Charges my note 20 ultra from flat in an hour so its really fast charging buy one!!!
Exceptional quality
The charger I purchased was excellent, top quality, and speedily sent to me, I definitely recommend anyone to use mobile fun, many thanks.
Genuine Samsung charger
This is the same charger that comes with the Samsung s20+ it is USB c to USB c super fast charging! Perfect quality brand new.
Excellent and original Samsung charger
Very good customer service, the charger is a must for any Samsung phone owner in particular Note 10 and S10 models and onwards
Product perfect wait time not.
Shouldn't really be selling items with a wait time over a month without stressing just how long the wait is. Fortunately it was just ordered for a spare charger for work so didn't matter to much and when it arrived it was as I wanted, solid charger, better quality than the one which came with the phone and very heavy (for a phone charger) to me that says its built well. Do all in all good product , but pretty awful wait time.
Excellent service. Item as ordered
exactly as ordered. My S20 plus charger packed up after 1 use. Had a fast wireless charger sent as replacement, but really wanted the super fast charger for those times you need a really quick charge. 25% to full in 59 mins isn't bad.
Great product.
Samsung charger
Arrived in good time and in good order
Fast charging
Fast charging and a reasonable price dose the job faster the the brick in the bix
Official Samsung 45w Fast Charger
The charge speed is much the same as the 25w charger that comes with the phone after it has charged upto 80%.The charge cable is of much higher quality as is the construction of the charger.
Original Samsung 45 super fast charger. UK version. Very quick delivery. Very fast charger
Does the job.
A super powerful and multi-standard wall charger with a good quality, heavy gauge USB-C to USB-C cable.
Super delayed delivery for the superfast charger. No marked improvement over standard Note10+ charger
The unit arrived 2 long months after ordered, despite the misleading website product availability status of "Ships in 3-5 days", which sometimes changes to "Ships tomorrow." Docking 2 Stars for this.
Unit itself is of the expected Samsung high quality built, but the charging speed is perhaps at most 10 minutes faster than the supplied charger in the Note 10+ box. Definitely not worth the 400% price difference.
This does not have the ability to take a USB cable.... C to C only and therefore not as versatile as I thought. Very disappointing.
just stick to the charger that comes with the phone
how much charging time is saved compared to the charger that comes in the box? very little! about 5 minutes, not worth it.
Great official Charger
Took a while for the stock to become available but thats on Samsung and i was kept in the loop the whole way. Very professional.
All chargers should be this quick!
The charger is very similar to the standard charger but is slightly longer. Charges zero to hero in under 30 minutes!
Don't expect fireworks but still a great product!
I was misled (from reviews back when Note 10 was announced) into thinking this charger would take your phone from 0 to 100 in 30 minutes but this wasn't the case.

Having said that it's still very very very quick!!! Its a lot quicker than your standard charger and if you are on around 30% then expect it to be 90+ in no time!

My reason to purchase this product was so I don't charge my phone overnight (which is very bad for your device) and charge as soon as I wake so battery is100% by the time I leave for work. After a few weeks doesn't get to 100 but close enough so on that basis I'm happy.

My issue therefore is with the price. Not worth the money though a great product.
Excellent service
As usual delivered on time and in full working order my thanks to mobile fun the only site I use for all my mobile phone and laptop needs!

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