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Official Motorola Moto G5 Touch Flip Cover - Smoke Black Reviews

This official flip case in smoke black for Motorola Moto G5 shields your device from knocks, scrapes and scratches while adding virtually no bulk.
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 4.4 stars from 23 customers

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Good service
The cover fits the phone very well, delivery to Switerland was fast
Fits perfectly
1 minute to fix, and offers good protection with no real bulk or weight added.
Great Product
When I opened it I was disappointed with the quality compared to the moto g3 case and was thinking about returning it.I'm so glad I didn't. It's a very good Flip Cover in all respects.
Good Quality Phone Cover
Holds the phone really securely, and has a nice feel. It doesn't add too much bulk tot he phone overall, and the flip cover offers a good level of protection for the screen.
One star knocked off because the flip cover doesn't lie flat straight-away. it takes a few days for it to mould itself to the correct position. I'm being picky!
However, a bonus star added because it comes with a free screen protector!
So all-in-all highly recommended.
A stylish and practical unisex cover
This is a strong, durable, slim line cover , which fits the G5 phone perfectly and protects the camera from scratches. The screen and fingerprint scanner can be accessed with the cover closed, making it safer to use when out and about, particularly in the rain! You can see the screen through the front cover, so it is easy to identify and respond to calls. An excellent purchase, well worth the money.
Covers the phone smoothly with no added bulk
It is sleek. Covers the phone smoothly with no added bulk. Like the way you can read the screen still with he cover closed. Many people mention the lack of a clasp to close the cover. But I do not fnd it is needed. High cost at nearly 10%of cost but I feel I have a quality product.
Just the right case for the Moto G5
I have other phone cases but they are clumsy and bulky in comparison with this one. It is sleek and does not make the phone at all bulky. It fits spot on and protects the screen very well. I like the fact that the cover is transparent enough to show messages and the feel of it is nice, too. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it without reservation.
Flimsy, poor quality.
I was disappointed with this product, the case is manufactured from flimsy materials and doesn't perform as I was expecting. You can still touch through the case and activate applications on your phone. My old flip case for my Motorola G 3rd generation was far superior.
An excellent cover that fits well and doesn't add to the size of the phone. The flip cover removes the need for a screen protector and it folds fully back so making using the phone easy. Highly recommended.
Fit for purpose
The case is fit for purpose and a neat design but it seems expensive for such a simple plastic moulding.
excellent flip cover for Moto G5
Very pleased with this product. It arrived the day after ordering and fits phone perfectly.
Reasonable quality.
The quality is reasonably good. BUT this cover is too smooth and slippery. It would be better if it were a little more meaty and more rubbery to prevent accidental drops and afford better protection against knocks. Would also be nice to have color choice. Bright colors don't look as smart but easier to find your phone if misplaced.
not the best
The cover itself is very strong. The problem is it doesn't shut tight. the cover keeps flopping open allowing the screen to be unprotected.
I'd recommend this to anyone
Bought this because it is a official Motorola G5 cover that fits perfectly on the phone and is well made. Only downside is the front flip part has no catch like a magnet maybe, but don't let this put you off as it's worth the money for looking after your brand new phone. I'd recommend this to anyone.
Flip case​.
Flip case fits G5 phone neatly - good protection without bulk. Front cover would be better with a clip or magnetic fastener.
Cannot fault it
The good reviews and the fact that it is the Official Moto item were enough for me to order it straight away without asking any questions and I am glad I did!
It's well finished and reassuringly sturdy to protect my new G5.
Can highly recommend it!
Hello Moto official phone case.
Looked at a lot of phone case/wallets before choosing the Moto g5 flip case. Love the fact that it doesn't make the phone bulky and the front flip is slightly transparent so you can see who is calling without opening. Also came with a screen protector which was a bonus. So far I'm pleased and would recommend.
Item arrived 2 days after ordering and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. It came with a screen protector (a shade too big for my G5 and probably for G5 plus) and a microfibre cleaning cloth.
The top flap is still a bit stiff but will certainly lie flat after a few days in my shirt pocket!
Very reassuring feel to have my new mobile protected.
Stylish and high quality
Looking for a high quality case for your Moto G5 that protects the screen without adding unnecessary bulk or compromising the style of your classy handset? Look no further. The official Touch Flip Cover is here. The plastic case comprises of two parts: a hard glossy back, and a soft matte front that is translucent. Provides excellent protection. Unlike the original Moto G flip cover, the screen cover is not magnetic so will not be completely flat when the phone is left down. Also included in the pack (and not mentioned in the description) is a plastic screen protector. I would 100% recommend this product, it is far superior to the 3rd party alternatives.

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