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Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Royal Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Personalise and protect your Motorola Moto G with this colourful official flip case in royal blue.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42285
$26.11 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 105 customers

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Good product, good customer service
Ordered the 2nd Gen Moto G cover in error. Really easy return/exchange process and MobileFun refunded me the £1 difference in price quickly and unprompted. Well-designed cover - screen switches on when you open the flap - and it never seems to get grubby, even in white!
I was extremely sceptical when l bought my first OFFICIAL MOTOROLA MOTO G2 5" FLIP CASE from 'MOBILE FUN' in a lovely shade of Violet/Pink. It was to replace my old Motorola Moto G 4.5" Phone Single Sim and the case on that one was a leather one that made the phone much heavier & too bulky to fit into the special pockets in all of my handbags ( ! )

When I first saw my new cover l was amazed at how light it was and then, once on, there was no noticeable difference in the weight or thickness meaning they could easily slip into the 'phone pocket' in a handbag.

Finally, having a non-slip back and front means that even with my deformed hands I've never dropped it and neither has it slipped off my lap as I'm confined to a wheelchair.

This is an AMAZING PRODUCT & l would recommend BUYING THE MOTOROLA MOTO G FLIP CASE COVER to everyone who has this phone.
Motorola Cover
Excellent product and service fits my phone perfectly it replaces the original cover and looks wonderful I have a white one which matches my phone just the job
Just what I wanted will buy from them again
Ideal protection
Ideal protection for this phone and keeps the slim look of the phone Easy to fit phone in case after removing phone back.
Excellent does exactly what I wanted
Excellent product, nice to get an original manufacturers product at a reasonable price although I didn't try to source elsewhere as I knew I could rely on excellent service from Mobilefun as a previous customer.
Flip Cover Moto G
Used this product & found excellent in performance, look & quality.
Great product at a fair price.
This is my second purchase of this product except the first was red and for wife's phone. It is the perfect match for the Moto G phone. It is specifically for this phone because it replaces the original back cover. It is protective and functional without being bulky or adding to the weight. Would highly recommend to anyone owning this phone.
Official Motorola Moto G flip cover
I read the reviews of this item and was a bit dubious of purchasing the product. Many complained about the magnet on the front of the cover. I have had no trouble with this and find it stays closed. As I am a woman and supposed to have limited intelligence with regard to any kind of machanics I actually managed to get the back of my phone and attach the new flipcover. Whoopee doo!!. Simple, easy and straight forward. The phone is ultra thin and lightweight and looks fantastic in the violet cover. My best buy for a long time. Along with the excellent service from Mobilefun it was altogether a good experience. I will be back for more!
Should help in locating phone
We have lost black phones On black surfaces so hope this cover will prevent that happening!
It looks good,it feels good and it is just right for the job. What is it?
The Motorola G Flip Cover enhances the beauty of the phone as well as giving protection from accidental damage but still allows easy access for receiving and sending information.It does 'what is says on tin'.
The Proper Job
Had big trouble finding a cover for my Moto G. Found this product on the MobileFun web-site, this is surely the best ever cover for this device.
Early Days but Great Case
I received my Moto G LTE 4G genuine cover case only a few days ago but it seems great value for money. I am impressed with the flip cover and the sturdiness of the case. It fits perfectly. It adds no extra bulk to the phone itself and I feel confident that the phone is protected. The phone goes to sleep when the cover is on saving battery and immediately awakes when lifted. My wife wants one and she has a Samsung smart phone!
Motorola Flipcase
I had purchased a cheaper flipcase but having used the Motorola flipcase I have found it much more robust and it feels great to hold plus it protects the phone and screen. It doesn't add much weight or size to the phone and puts the phone to sleep when closed. Great product in a range of colours.
Just what was needed
This cover provides excellent protection for the 'phone yet leaves all features easily accessible.
Moterola Flip Cover
I just received my flip cover and so far I think its one of the best phone cases I have had.
Exactly what I wanted.
After receiving my new Motorola mobile hone for my birthday I went out looking for a cover for it. I couldn't fine one. Searching online I came across the one I purchased. The description given and colour is exactly what I was foster. It fits the phone beautifully, feels good in my hand and is durable. Very, Very happy....
Fit for the purpose
The objective to my purchase was based on carrying my mobile in my handbag, I was looking for protection to the face and vibrancy in colour for ease of locating, the MM G Flip Cover has proved to be fit for the purpose and has resulted in the bonus factor of being admired by friends and even strangers giving complimentary comments.
phone cover
Cover clips on replaces phone back cover light weight genuine Motorola cover would recommend.
This is a very handsome beautifully made, but poorly designed item. It's typical A1 Motorola quality, but the magnet is a curse. My Moto G 4G had an adverse reaction to the constant exposure to the magnet build into the cover, as I now understand has been the case for other folk too. Had to do a full factory reset, lost my research, contacts, notes, accounts & bookmarks, now all but replaced thank goodness. Unless Motorola removes the magnet, buy this at your own peril!
This is a very handsome beautifully made, but poorly designed item. It's typical A1 Motorola quality, but the magnet is a curse. My Moto G 4G had an adverse reaction to the constant exposure to the magnet build into the cover, as I now understand has been the case for other folk too. Had to do a full factory reset, lost my research, contacts, notes, accounts & bookmarks, now all but replaced thank goodness. Unless Motorola removes the magnet, buy this at your own peril!
Perfect for purpose
Having brought my husband into the 21st century with a mobile phone contract, he was worried about damaging the glass face of the Moto G so I purchased the purpose made cover which we were delighted to find replaced the back of the phone which in turn meant that the phone isn't any bulkier than without a cover but the glass is protected. We would both highly recommend this product.
Flip cover
Exactly what I wanted, lovely colour, hard wearing case, the finishing touch for my phone. Excellent service with speedy delivery
First purchase and a good 'un!
Just recently bought a brand new shiny Moto G 4G - what an awesome phone! And of course with such an awesome phone I wanted to protect it and look after it and keep it shiny and new and looking puuurrttyy! :D

Little taken aback by the price at first as never previously having paid for a case like that and being so out of touch with these modern times (38 but very old fashioned and stuck in my ways - I don't even like "rap" music and quite frankly what they call R 'n' B nowadays is criminal but I digress!) but on finding out it was inline with others, I calmed down and the attack of the vapours soon passed! :D

Awesome and very prompt delivery, good packaging and attentive, thorough customer services - pretty cracking experience so far and won't hesitate to come back again when my favourite colour changes again in the next month or so! (I'm a woman, its our prerogative!) ;)

Although frankly it should be everyone's prerogative to be able to change their minds and their phone covers as often as they please - and I recommend it.
Thankfully, this lovely company provide for that very thing! Huzzah for choice and colour! Colours do affect your moods you know, tis true.

Anyway, great cover, hard wearing, love the hidden magnetic closing thing on the front cover that takes phone out of sleep mode when you open it and puts it back to sleep when closed - very clever! :)

Being a woman and an organiser (yes, the two do go together, honest lol) I tend to shove my phone in my bra when working and running events (handbags - pfft, ain't nobody got time for that!) and jeans pockets already bulging and having tried out the case - I can happily say it survived and lasted with no trauma or impact so very chuffed!

Only downside I would say to this case at all - is not being able to see the flashing light notification when phone is on silent. Bit of a mare having to keep checking my phone and looking quite anti-social and rude when with clients, traders and attendees but there you go!

If there was a teeny cut out in the front cover to allow visibility of the flashing light when phone was on silent, that would make it super-awesome, but as it is, the cover is awesome. :)

Very happy with it and predict a collection of the covers soon amassing, one to suit every mood - although, I may run out of covers first! ;)

Can highly recommend the cover, and love that its not bulky (needed when shoving it in bra!) and the back half of the cover replacing the actual phone's back cover is brilliant. Still a compact little set up and the front cover is fab.
Both the front and back are textured too which provides a good comfortable grip and stops it slipping about - very useful and something cheaper covers don't have so do bear that in mind.

Protected, cleaner, safer and funkier phone now thanks to this cover and a happier, more relaxed, less paranoid phone owner!

Well worth the money. :)

Cheers guys!
Ideal buy!
The flip cover is ideal for me as i love the fact that it switches the phone off and saves the battery.I really like the colour and texture too. A great buy!
Just the job.
Item is a perfect fit and will adequately protect the phone while leaving all controls immediately accessible.

Missus and I have identical phones and now have flip covers in different colours to avoid confusion.

Great piece of kit and great service from this firm.
Fits like a glove
Good quality product and absolutely suitable for the Moto G. Particularly like the way that opening and closing the case wakes up and sends to sleep the phone. Would like the lid to cling a little more firmly when closed - i suspect it might easily fly open if the phone was dropped. Also, once the case is clipped onto the back of the phone, it is extremely difficult to get off again if you need to.
if only i had seen it here first
after walking around every phone shop where i thought i would be able to buy what i wanted i soon found out that they didnot have what i wanted . wish i found your site first,found it straight away with all the colours.I ordered it and it did not take long to come, very very pleased
Moto G flip cover
Just what I was after. Nice colour, very robust.
just perfect
Itkeeps the phone looking and feeling slim as well as giving it good protection.thank you.service was also very good.
Moto G cover
Great cover fits my phone perfectly and protects it. Looks good too.
Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover
Transaction went smoothly and product received promptly. Am very happy to have dealt with MobileZap. Thanks.
Phone case
My Motorola case arrived on time, exactly what I ordered and as functional as described. Great product.
this flip cover is just what is needed for the phone.. Easy to fit and does exactly what is required
Totally perfect
The case fits perfectly. Love the colour and isn't too bulky. I would recommend to anyone with this phone.
Mobile Phone Cover
My son is thrilled with his cover. It was easy to install and has a terrific feel to it. He also feels more confident now that the cover is on and protecting the phone.
Perfect case for Moto G
Very pleased with this case. Lovely colour, very attractive and a perfect fit for the Moto G. Like the sleep/wake function as you open and close the front flap. Good protection for your screen too. Well made, sturdy little case. Couldn't ask for more.
Super in Quality and Design
Bought my wife a new smart phone for her birthday and needed a nice cover to protect my investment, the local phone shops although very helpful had a very limited choice and nothing that I liked. So I turned to the internet and MobileFun.co.uk. Hey Presto and there it was a nice Moto G Flip Cover in Vivid Red.

A very happy conclusion.

Thank you MobileFun
moto g case
Got the case cover for moto g, very light, bright and easy on the eye. Would recommend it for a date!
Great product!
The Motorola Moto G Flip Cover is an excellent product and looks great. Very quick easy to fit and does a great job of protecting the phone. I recommend this product to Moto G phone owners.
moto g flipcover
Very happy with the official moto g flip cover. Easy to fit. Looks good. Protects face. Good communication from supplier and tracking details provided.
moto g flip cover
Excellent product which was delivered promptly it also looks great
good looking but impossible to clean
It's looks good initially but gets dirty very easily and is impossible to clean.
Just love it
I brought this cover for my youngest daughter for her phone as i have one on my phone and i brought one for my oldest daughter phone as well and she thinks it is great as well so us girls all have the same phone covers but different colors they are really great thanks to MobileZap we are very happy with them
quality product
I use my phone all the time for work and personal stuff. This case fits perfectly and is constructed well. The texture of this flip case is grippy so the phone doesn't slip out of your hands. Having bought and installed the flip cover case for my Moto G makes me think that I can keep my phone in good condition for many years to come. The case color is also accurate as per the photo listed on the web. It was worth getting. Regards, Terry
Pleasantly suprised and delighted.
After recently returning to England after working abroad for five years on isolated Islands where mobile phones could not be used, I had been managing with a very simple and inexpensive phone. However, I decided to get my Motorola, as I wanted a mobile phone that was Sim Free, but had felt that a special cover was an unnecessary expense. However, I am so glad one of my sons, persuaded me, to the contrary, and got me order the Official Motorola Flip cover! I love it. It makes my mobile so easy to use. It fits neatly into my handbag, and because of the flip cover, I am not afraid of accidently damaging it. The colour is great too. Thanks, from an initially reluctant customer, who has ended up being very satisfied.
Moto G phone civer
The cover was more than I hoped for. Looks great, fits perfectly, great colour, turns the phone on when opened and provides excellent protection.
Recommended strongly!
Moto G flip cover
Found it to be be a great fit, not at all bulky and non slip
MotoG Flip shell
Great product for my phone. MobileZap were helpful with my enquiry, courteous in chat and the product was delivered as described at a great price.
very happy
I am very happy with my new violet flip cover for my phone it is bright and it makes my phone different and easy to tell that it is mine as my son has the same phone and the fact the when you close the flap it locks the phone i just love it the best phone cover i have ever brought.
Good looking cover
This was my first choice cover for my Moto G, but I had to get the white one temporarily until the violet came into stock.
It is great for protecting my phone, and the magnetic sleep/wake function for the screen is brilliant. It definitely does the job of protecting the phone and adding a bit of colour.
The only criticism I have of these covers is that it is slightly awkward to take photos as the flap can get in the way of the camera.
Excellent accessory for Motoroloa Mota G
The cover for the Motorola Moto G is designed for the smartphone. It fits perfectly providing alround protection for the phone, front and rear.
I had to wait for this particular cover, but Mobile Fun kept me up-to-date with their efforts to obtain one.
small and good
after waiting for my phone cover for a few weeks it has arrived and is excellent. I was kept informed weekly with the chance of cancelling or changing the order and I got the email weekly which I thought was excellent service. when it did arrive its quality is superb thank you very much I will use mobile fun again
ideal product
Dissappointed at length of time it took for product to be delivered however was kept informed od delays regularly and was given the option to cancel. Glad I didnt cancel as product is excellent and customer care was very good.
Motorola motor g flip cover
Flip cover was easy to attach and fits the mobile phone perfectly. Easy to open and turns the phone off when closed. Feels hood in the hand. I bought the colour red so that it would be easy to find my phone.
Perfect partner
Cool classy and colourful . These Moto G covers are so well designed and as they replace the back cover they look as though they came straight from the box with the phone. So sleek and slim and carry the official Motorola logo in the little recess. Beautiful. My wife bought the turquoise one.
Brilliant cover, I love the colour and have had comments on it. Worth the extra money to buy an original Motorola cover. Slim, attractively lightly textured for grip, locks phone on cover closure, perfect fit and function. Great product, super happy, may get another colour also.
Bright and lightweight protection for my new phone!
I wanted this bright colour in particular to make my phone easy to spot in my bag or home! It is the manufacturers case so fits perfectly and is lightweight. I like the way the phone turns on when I open the case. I wanted the screen cover as like to keep my phone pristine. The only thing I find is it is a little awkward to open it and answer it quickly as the screen cover is in the way unless I flip it right around the back. It might be interesting to have the option of a flip up or down front - rather than it flipping out to the side.
Good product !!
initially i was sceptical of white colour. but the white colour is good looking and the cover is premium and soft feel in touching.
Good quality flip case
I bought this to protect my Motorola Moto G phone & it works brilliantly.
The magnetic flip sleeps/wakes display & the notification light is still visible with the cover closed. The case is textured, for a good grip. The white (not my first choice colour-wise) has discoloured in the pocket of dark jeans but wipes clean well. The fact it replaces the back case makes it less bulky & feels secure.
i like the case
I like the phone case
Perfect product
The description of the product was exact and does exactly what it said on the box.

Shippment was swift and I am very happy with the service
Worth the wait!
Fantastic! As with most new phones it seems they don't come with the choice of decent cases, it takes the manufacturers a while to get their act together. I had to wait quite a while for this flip case and had to order it as I couldn't find it in store anywhere but it was worth the wait - its brilliant, does everything it says itshould and is a great colour. I love it!
fab case
I love the case it fits onto the back of the phone so it becomes part of the phone, its well made and not bulky in any way, i have in the violet colour and i love it, and my phone is now fully protected :)
Must have Moto G accessory!
Great cover to protect a great device, this is worth the extra money. It is must better built than the cheaply made eBay alternatives and features a "wake up" system which when you open the cover it turns on the screen of your device to allow you to check time, messages etc.
Moto G Magnetic wrap around screen cover
I convenient way to keep your Moto G phone protected in your pocket or bag.
I like the way it locks your phone when you close the magnetic cover.

The only downside is it makes taking pictures a little more tricky as the cover has to be held out of the way.
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