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Official Microsoft Lumia 640 Wallet Cover Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official black Microsoft Lumia Flip Shell Wallet Case protects your Lumia 640 while adding to the stylish design and the soft microfibre lining also cleans your screen.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52315
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 77 customers

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Just as Described
This cover fits the phone perfectly. As it replaces the back cover of the phone, it also include the side buttons/bars, and these also work perfectly. All controls are clear of the cover and there is no problem with fit. Cover is of good quality and looks just as described. Note it doesn't have a latch or catch to keep it closed, but I have no problem with this as the cover stays in place as it fits so well.
100% satisfied
I have purchased a few items from mobilezap. The service and company feedback is excellent.
Very cooperative and easy to deal with
Good quality cover case
Great cover case. Gives good screen protection and gives you a spare back cover as it replaces the existing back cover. This also makes the case quite slim.
Great look and fit
Very nice looking phone case. Fits very well and is durable. I am happy I bought this from Mobile Fun. This is the only place I could find this case. Purchase and shipping was easy and fast. This was shipped from the U.K. to the U.S. and I received the case in 6 business days. Very cool website.
Love it.
I got one earlier for myself and my wife asked me to get one for her. It's absolutely great, looks good and does a good job of protecting the phone. Checking out and paying is also very easy and I received not too long after I ordered. I have bought many items from Mobile Zap and their service and the quality of their products on offer is great. Thank you.
very expensive
Microsoft and Bill Gates should hang there head in shame for a bit of plastic someone must be short of money,NEXT dose it work well not really it fits very well but there is nothing to keep it closed no magnet stud or clip it comes open in your pocket bag or case mind you I now have a cure for that mine has an elastic band around it
Highly Recommend.
No order issues, everything went like clockwork, cases fitted our phones like a glove - perfect. Very happy!
So glad to see I could get ORANGE!!
I desperately needed a phone case for my Lumia. They are very hard to find but went on line and found this site. Even better they had it in Orange!! No more fossicking through my bag for my phone. Top Marks!
Very pleased
A high quality product.
The Official Microsoft Lumia 640 Wallet Cover Case is a product of very pleasing quality. There is no doubt that it is more expensive than other similar covers but it fits perfectly and does exactly what the product description says. I would be very pleased if all the items I purchased were as good as this.
Fitting the cover is slightly difficult only because it replaces the existing cover which is also slightly difficult to remove and replace. Once in place, the cover adds very little to the overall thickness of the handset unless you stuff the little slot inside the cover with credit cards or folded notes. I'll be leaving that little slot empty.
excellent fit, slim design.
excellent fitment to phone, slim design, cool colour.
I like it it is very nice and protect the phone screen.
The cover was as describe, it fit neatly on the phone seem to be fine and brand new. I'm quite happy with it.
Case for new Lumia 640
Does exactly what I was looking for, and as it replaces the existing back of the phone it hardly adds to the thickness and/or weight.
Well-fitted, convenient, quality product
Purchased the Microsoft flip case for Lumia640 in orange.
Good quality product, provides a protective and snug-fitting replacement for the default back panel (so ultimately does not make the phone overly bulky.)
Colour is appealing and as appears in photos.
Inner material is smooth and gentle on the screen, with convenient pocket for bank/travel card storage.
Would recommend this product to potential buyers.
A great slimline case, practical.
I liked the fact it is easy to hold, light and I can find it easy in my bag as I love the color (blue). It is easy to clean and it looks smart. Improvement on it: maybe a clip to keep the back and front together.
What didn't I like:- Its just what I want, good price also, I cannot really find any faults with it so far, but I have only had it for 4 weeks.
Nearly perfect!
Purchasing on-line was easy. However, I wasn't told that you have to take the back off the phone before fitting the cover - let alone how to take the back off. So - I ended up breaking the glass on my one day old phone! One design improvement please - it's very hard to fit anything into the slot eg credit card, which I found very handy with the cover case for my previous phone - the Nokia Lumia 925.
Very happy with my purchase. As described.
High quality but very simple.
I bought this to replace my $10 ebay case which had cracked and broken. This new case is very well made and feels great. Keep in mind, however, that this is not an over-the-phone case - the back of the phone is removed and replaced with this, so the difference is essentially the flap at the front. It won't do anything to protect the phone if you drop it. So yes, it looks and feels great, but you will need to ask yourself if you really need to spend $35 for the flap and card holder.
Good quality, sleek and a perfect fit
Excellent value for money good quality, sleek and a perfect fit.
Transformed my phone!
Recently got a new lumia 640 phone with a really girly blue cover. Was a bit embarrassing because all the women thought it was nice but men thought it a bit ugly! It was the only colour that eye could supply me from the shop. I ordered the official Microsoft hard case cover from Mobilefun.co.uk and it has transformed the phone to a much more acceptable item! Very pleased with the service I received.
Neat little cover.
This I a neat cover with a little bit of extra padding around the back and corners. It clips in place of the phones back cover so there is hardly any extra bulk. The only problem is there is nothing to hold the front cover in place so it could fly open after you've dropped it.
Stylish.. Practical.
Product: Clever design.. Perfect fit.. Stylish.. Practical.
Service: Excellent
Stylish & functional phone case
How can I wax lyrical about a mobile phone case? In a word, impossible, but this case has fulfilled all my expectations. It's smart, slim and since I chose the bright blue option, doesn't get lost in the gloomy depths of my handbag. All in all, an excellent product that protects my phone and looks good at the same time. End of.
Excellent product
My wife and I both recently up-dated our phones to Microsoft Lumia 640's and needed covers for them. The high street shops did not stock them so looking through ebay I came across MobileFun which appeared to have just what I was looking for. There were excellent reviews for the product and having received them I can only endorse the reviews. Because the covers actually replaces the back cover of the phone it is a perfect fit and much, much thinner than any other phone covers I've had before. There are a few comments in earlier reviews about having a magnetic tab but I really don't think that's necessary and would spoil the overall aesthetic look.
Good purchase
Although there was some delay in the supply of this item, i knew prior to despatch. It was more expensive than other phone cases,but was far better than alternatives.One reviewer stated that they were disappointed as it did not fit the phone, i suspect this was because you have to remove the back of the phone first,which is not mentioned.
Great cover for my MS Lumia 640 mobile phone, the only thing I would ask is that it comes with instructions for us not so savy with phones. What you have to do is take the back cover off your Lumia 640 mobile phone then insert it into the cover case and it will fit like a glove excellent!!!
The case fits perfectly on the phone
The case fits perfectly on the phone and has a nice professional look about it.

Pleased with the purchase.
Lumia 640 cover
Product is as advertised.. Good service. Very easy to deal with. Would recomemed this business to any person interested in a phone cover
Perfect case! Tidy custom size, slick.
This cover is pretty much the perfect cover for me. Fits like a glove - of course, it's custom made by the company. It's the least bulky you can get as you take off the phone's back and replace with this unit. It shuts but is easy to open and has nice soft surface inside cover to keep the screen clean and safe. I guess if it had a magnetic fastener of some kind then it would be just that bit better, as this might come open in my bag. But overall I'm very pleased.
It makes my new Windows phone look quite classy!
I love my new Microsoft Lumia 640 Wallet (Blue) Cover Case. It makes my new Windows phone look quite classy! In addition the colour also makes the phone certainly stand out.
Good quality product at reasonable price
Good quality product in a striking orange colour. Bought as a present and recipient was very happy.

Delivery was super quick which made the buying experience even better.
Lumia 640: Microsoft original wallet
It's a genuine Microsoft wallet so it fits well and feels to be of reasonable quality (only time will tell). But it could do with a cut-out in the front of the wallet to allow photos to be taken with the cover open (folded back)
Very pleased
Delighted with the cover.
Just the answer
I carry my Lumia 640 in my trouser side pocket, and found a bulky leather covered case a huge annoyance. The ultra thin Microsoft flip case proved the perfect answer. I bought one for the wife also in blue (easy to locate in a crowded handbag) and she is delighted. Very protective, slim and worth every penny.
Not the cheapest by far but good quality
Prompt delivery and does the job as well as looking good. Not the cheapest by far but good quality
Excellent original Microsoft product
Excellent product, phone looks original and classy.
Great product great service
Great mobile phone cover its fit was perfect and the inside cover is soft and won't scratch the screen of the phone
great fitting cover
Cover fits perfectly on this Lumia model. Blue is a nice shade.
The cover is excellent
Took some time to get the phone cover, however was frequently kept up to date as to it's progress. The cover is excellent and so is the phone. Why would you buy another manufacturer's product for 8 to 10 times the price of the Lumia 640.
fits perfectly
Fabulous fit
Excellent product, arrived very quickly, photo true to actual item, impressive
Better than most cases I've used before. No regrets buying it.
Just what it claims to be
Well described. A good value for money cover.
Great Cover
The cover is just what I wanted,does the job of keeping my phone clean and also makes it look smart.Impressed with the delivery time as when I ordered the cover I was told that there wouldn't be one available for a week and I received it a couple of days later.Can't fault product or service.
Very Satisfied
Good Communication
Product Arrived as Described
Wrong phone case.
My order took nearly 2 months to arrive then it was the wrong case. I ordered a phone case for a Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE and received a case for a Microsoft Lumia 635. Very disappointed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Spoony

We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can correct any errors.
Official Lumia 640 Wallet Cover has you covered in style.
The Official Microsoft Lumia 640 wallet cover case provides perfect fit, quality & stylish protection for your Lumia 640. Durable replacement backing for your phone that can handle everyday wear & tear & look doing it. Highly recommended.
This cover fits good, does it job well. The only issue is it doesn't have a clip to keep the cover shut. It flips open at times.
Great case for my Lumia 640
Great case for my Lumia 640 - fits the phone perfectly and is lightweight but sturdy- protects my phone against bumps and knocks. Quick and easy access to the phone screen and buttons.
I've been using this case on my phone for nearly 2 months and like it very much
Great Phone case - worth the money
A little more expensive than other cases but worth it. The case actually replaces the back cover of your phone so your phone stays nice and slim. I've had it for about a month now and it's showing no signs of wear and tear. The orange colour is quite bright, almost luminous even, but I was looking for a bright phone anyway. Very pleased with my purchase.
Very pleased excellent
I recently purchased my new phone and tried to get a cover in the shop but O2 did not sell any and the local accessory shops for cases etc only had a limited choice and not very nice. I therefore thought I would Google it instead and came across Mobile fun and found this original cover which is just what I wanted. I read previous reviews and purchased the black one to match my phone case and I am very pleased with it. Can't fault the quality and well worth paying extra than buying a cheap one! Cant fault the service or delivery both excellent and very quick! Would definitely recommend it! Have fun!
Excellent product
The case is neat and fits perfectly. It was offered at a good price and was delivered promptly
Excellent cover
Excellent cover. Fits the Lumia 640 perfectly. Nice matt finish in cyan. Well worth he money
Good quailty, makes the phone feel more chuncky...

Microsoft would have killed it if they made the front cover more thicker to allow 3 card slots and a money slot and a flip button to lock the flip case into place...

now when u put one plastic card in the card slot it does make the cover bulge out...

other than that 10/10 quality
Good Service
No problems with delivery to New Zealand. Cover looks well made.
cover for lumia640
having read the other reviews on this product I decided to order and I was not disappointed I ordered 2 one for me and one for my husband it is an excellent product easy to fit it looks smart. every one has been asking my husband where he got his from would highly recommend this product
Almost Perfect!
This case is very good, the backing is a touch bit chunkyier then factory case, it feels just right. No issues with fitment

Slighty rougher back case MATT texture, how ever it does still show oil stains and finger prints on the black cover...i think blue will hide it better..

However this case WOULD have been perfect if there was a magnetic strap or even a button to LOCK the flip cover like most flip covers have and if the flip cover was a bit thicker so that when you put a credit card it doesnt make the face of the cover BOULDGE out over time...

other then that its really a good case
Perfect phone protector
At first I felt cheated that this was a complete replacement for the original glossy case of my new phone. The item description did not make this clear. However, I have grown to appreciate it's simple, practical application.
Very Neat Phone Cover
This is a very high quality cover that replaces the existing back shell of the phone with an identical body with a hinged cover attached to protect the screen. The outer appearance of the phone is unchanged so all the buttons and connectors are accessible exactly as before. The extra weight of the cover is undetectable in the pocket. I bought this to keep the screen clean and in good condition and after two weeks in my fluffy pocket it is as clean as a whistle. Being slightly picky now, the cover lies so flat that it sometimes needs a deft fingernail to flick it open.
Having bought the blue Nokia Lumia 640, it was great to find a case that was in the same blue and enabled my son to still enjoy the colour. We ordered the case and it came super quick. We unpacked it and it looked perfect. We had quite a bit of trouble trying to fit the phone in the case, until we realized that the back of the phone needed to be taken off before putting the case on! Once we discovered this, all was perfect again, if I had to be really picky, I would have a little tab and popper so you could keep the case shut securely. Highly recommended product and will definitely be ordering from mobile fun again
Nice cover, but matt not gloss
This is a good cover for the Lumia 640 - it fits well and should keep the screen clean and protected. The only thing which wasn't clear about this item was that it is matt blue and not the same shiny blue as the original back of the phone. It does look nice, but I would have preferred a glossy back.
great product
Brilliant quality
This fits perfectly and is definitely worth getting
This fits perfectly and is definitely worth getting. If you are like me wondering whether the additional expense is warranted, believe me it is. It is a real classy transformation of your phone and you can use it as an opportunity to change your phone colour. The finish is very neat. It is a good enhancement and worth the additional expense.
Lumia 640 case
This case is very good!
Thanks the quick shipment.
It is good case!
It is good case!

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