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Official LG G5 Mesh Folio Quick Cover Case - Titan Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for answering calls and alarm settings without opening the case, the Official LG G5 Mesh Folio Quick Cover Case in titan black offers excellent protection and convenience in a sophisticated package.
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 4 stars from 51 customers

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Ordered the LG G5 Mesh Folio Quick Cover Case - Gold.
It was original and looked smart for the bit of time I had it (mobile has been snatched 2 days later ... anyway). It arrived 2 days after ordering. I was really pleased to have it and recommend it
LG G5 Mesh Folio Case Titan
Almost Perfect Cover for LG G5, Stylish & Very Smart and a Very Good finish. But one downfall you cannot take photos with Front cover folded back as it covers camera lens.
Great cover
Cover is great for the phone protects without adding bulk.
All good#
Got my cover after a little hiccup with the delivery address, was very grateful for the upgraded delivery after the mess up, (my mess up) and received my phone cover in good order.
I'll happily use MobileZap in the future.
Real LG product for LG phone
A great successor to the quick-cover case for the LG G4, it protects the phone while giving a window on the 'always-on' clock display and notifications. Only downside is that LG did not consider the rear camera which is obscured by the case when folded back.
Excellent product
Excellent product, great service from mobile fun
Good product
The case is nice. Durable so far, I have dropped it. The mesh screen works great when calls are received. I'd only say the case doesn't close all the way. A little opened unless I flip it face down and let it lay there for a bit.
Expected better from a genuine branded accessory
The window on the front of the folio case obscures the camera lens when folded back on itself. Awful design faux pas.
Very poor design!!
Very poor design!! Window on front blocks lens when folded back, so camera cannot be used with front folded back as window is wrong dimension. Also, volume button on side is hard to locate through case. Also, front cover stands slightly off phone glass. This allows debris to collect between case and glass. Aleady scratched at one day old.
Quick and secure
Was searching for a cover case for my new LG G5 and found by miracle Your website, mobile fun. After looking through i was dubious if it was possible to order from UK and ship to Switzerland. And indeed it works. A few days later i got my cover. GREAT. So today i was very satisfied i ordered the boom box to have my music by Bluetooth. Thanks.
MobileFun was awesome, I'm disappointed in LG's stupidity!
I was so pleased with my purchase of this phone case through MobileFun.com. They responded quickly and the description was spot on. However, LG's design for their "Official" case was absurd! I've had both the LG G2 and the LG G4 with their quick case. Exceptional! This one, however has a problem with the opening. When you try to take a picture with the case fully opened and folded back, the opening isn't large enough to accommodate where the viewer for the camera is! It blocks the camera lens! How stupid is THAT?! So, disappointed in LG but pleased with MobileFun!
So so case
I've had a quick cover case with all of my lg g series phones since my g2. This case has been the poorest quality so far. The case covers the volume buttons, although its soft on that area and you can press with the cover closed. Overall ok. Not impressed.
Great idea poor execution
Love the idea of a translucent case with access to some functions and auto screen off but unfortunately LG made no way for the flip cover to stay closed. So its really annoying to have the screen shut off when the cover is closed, only to turn back on as the cover slowly lifts off the screen. A magnetic latch like the otterbox cases would have been good. Otherwise the case feels high quality.
Nice case but not well thought out.
As with all LG products the case is well made and a perfect fit to the phone, as you'd expect. It has a metallic look to it and compliments the phone, and the mesh front allows you to answer calls without opening the case. Unfortunatly, unlike the round window on the G3 & G4, the rectangular window is not well thought out. With the case closed it shows the "always on" info, but when you open the case and fold back the cover, it doesn't allow access the fingerprint reader and blocks the camera. So you have to let the cover hang loose below the phone to take a picture, which gets in the way. It is also awkward to remove to change the battery, which is a big feature of the G5. Disappointed with functionality, but as protection for the phone and good looks it does the job.
Fits perfectly and looks very smart
Arrived promptly and in good order. Fits perfectly and looks very smart. The window allows easy viewing of info. Think I would prefer a transparent cover for the window to keep dust out. Overall a very good buy.
It doesn't stay closed
The cover itself should be great - switches the phone off but shows date/time etc. However, the front cover will not stay closed - it keeps popping open - so basically it does not work!
Perfect for the phone
A very light, branded flip case for the titan grey LG G5. Doesn't interfere with any screen protector like some cases, looks the biz and is a perfect colour match for my phone. Open the front and the phone unlocks too. It's a little bit expensive but it's money well spent, it's a quality product. The window in the front allows the G5s "always on" display to show the time and any notifications so you've no need to open it if you just wanna check the time etc.
Wife loves it. Will not hesitate to do business with you again.

Thank You!
It consists of a metal back plate that the phone slots into and a plastic front-piece with a cut-out window near the top for viewing the notifications panel
I bought this as it seemed to be the only available case for this new phone, It consists of a metal back plate that the phone slots into and a plastic front-piece with a cut-out window near the top for viewing the notifications panel. the remainder of the front-piece has pin-prick holes that permit partial viewing of the screen.

The front and back panels are joined by a fabric hinge. The hinge material is fairly springy so when I lay the phone down it simply springs open. It might stay shut in a jacket pocket (with the aid of an elastic band) but I wouldn't fancy its chances in a lady's handbag.

The other point to make is that if you dropped your phone it wouldn't give it much protection. In summary it does what it says but I think I'll go for a padded PDair type case.
Steer Clear
Don't use this without a screen protector which defeats the purpose of this product really. Scratched the hell out of the screen on the underside of the window. LG don't care and won't recognise this as a faulty product.
Exactly what I expected
This cover provides protection for key areas where damage might occur while still keeping the stylish looks and trim size that makes the phone attractive and useful. Glad I purchased this sight unseen.
Light plastic
The case is not as heavy duty as I would have hoped. The plastic is very weak and seems as though it will break at any moment. Small drops chip and dent the corners. The cover itself works well and is a nice material. This case is good for those who are gentle with their G5 but not a heavy duty or drop protecting case.
Love this case!
First of all, the case is wonderful! The only thing better would be an OtterBox (for heavy duty protection) with the Quick Cover function. Since that doesn't exist, I have actually placed the phone in this case, and this case actually fits perfectly inside a "military grade" case that I have. Secondly, MobileFun did a great job. When I ordered the case, I knew it was not in stock yet. They kept me well-informed of the shipping status, and I actually received it well before I expected. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
Overall, Very Nice!
I really liked this case, and have always liked cases that LG makes. However, this one is somewhat less functional than previous cases like for the G4, G3, and G Flex2. Having said this, there are other things that make this case unique as opposed to just a successor. The features it does have are great, and using KnockOn to see the notifications is still there if AlwaysOn Display is turned off. I really enjoy being able to see the caller and being able to answer the call without opening the case. It is a really nice idea to do it how LG did. LG really did a nice job at making this case unique, stylish, and well built. Please note that at first, the cover will have trouble staying closed, but after some use it will be fine.
Unlike the G3 case, the smart display opening doesn't line up with the camera. So you can just fold the case back and take pictures. Also the case doesn't protect the top or the bottom of the phone
This case is nearly useless.
I expected the case to protect the phone more and able to close the case properly instead if it flapping over ever now and then but other than that it seems good
Lightweight, Solid
The official case honestly seems the way to go if you don't have rugged needs. It's a little more expensive than some of the other cases, but the semi-transparent layer is really useful as a screen guard while still giving you access to your phone. The screen automatically locks/darkens when you close the case, and the case is really easy to put on and take off again, which is important for anyone using modules or doing battery swaps (which I do on a daily basis).

The only bad thing I have to say is that the case doesn't like to stay closed. The screen cover tends to flip open while just sitting out on it's own unless you put it screen down on the surface. This is negligible while in your pocket or while in use. Despite this, the case is the most interesting case I've ever owned for a phone, and would recommend it to any LG G5 owners.
Very nice and futuristic case
First impressions of the product very well made as what I would expect as a proprietary case from such a company as LG. At first glance was worried about gold being too flashy but its just enough to feel refined and a little luxurious. Love the fact that I can answer the phone through the device and not have to worry about the flap when I'm talking on the phone. The mesh works really well haven't had any problems using the features for it since I've had it. Overall very nice case and doesn't take away the design of the phone so 5 stars and one more thing mobile fun is the only site that was carrying this case and it shipped and got delivered very quickly so thank you mobile fun 5 stars for you.
Great Case - BUT....
First off - Mobile Fun was great to deal with. Great communication and fast shipping.
Now for the case review:
Good case if you like the LG smart case features. The "transparent" cover kind of works, but not very practical if your screen brightness is on auto. Sometimes you can't see thru the cover. Another potential issue is using the camera with the cover. You can't flip the cover to the back as you can do with the LG G3 cover because the new style covers the camera lens. You have to hold the phone by the edge if you want to take photos. This isn't a good feeling, barely holding the phone by the edges.
So, bottom line, if you don't take pictures or care about the transparent semi-functioning cover, the case fits well and looks good.
Looks great and works well
I've had many LG phones over the years and always go for their smart cases as they've always been very reliable and this case is no different. The build quality is superb, the design looks great and the functionality is awesome. Overall what's not to love!
Functionality leaves a lot to be desired
This case looks and clips on great. It was only after giving it some use that issues began to arise. As like most people with flip open cases, I fold the cover round the back of the phone during use. Here is what I have found:

1) The front cover will then not fold back flat in front of the screen.
2) You can't access the fingerprint reader with the case folded back (although there is a slot in the case, it doesn't match with the rear).
3) You can't use the back facing camera with the case folded as it covers the lens. To use this you either need to try and take with the case flapping about or take the case off (my main issue.

I had the official case for my LG Flex 2 and it was awesome so expected the same with this one. I wouldn't have paid so much for it had I known prior to buying about these issues.
Not very well designed.

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