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Official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger - WCD-100 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger WCD-100 in white is an elegant and useful charging dock for your Qi compatible smartphone supporting both landscape and portrait modes for hands-free viewing.
  • Mobile Fun ID 46198
$41.23 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 10 customers

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A wireless charger that works
LG G3 wireless charger that not only works but enables convenient phone location within your home. Great product.
Does this work, the answer is yes. One of the best charger I Have brought for ease of use just place the phone on the cradle and the job is done, Don't have to connect cable to the bottom of phone which is important to me at the age of 73 years old with shaky hands.
Makes Charging a Pleasure
This Official LG Qi Wireless Charger is so easy to use. Take it out of the box and plug your charging cable into it and it's ready to go.
Nice to be able to just place your Mobile onto the stand, with no fiddly wires or having to make sure you have the wire the right way round.
It also enhances the LG G3, as its used as a stand whilst charging. So mines become a bedside clock and entertainment system, as usually charge phone at night.

Only disappointing thing for some, maybe that you are only purchasing the Qi Wireless Charger, not the micro usb cable as well so you will need to use your current one or pick up another one.

All In all, a great addition to any LG G3.
Good product
Excellent product and price
lg g3 charger
Excellent. Expensive but love the convience and ease of use
thumbs up to Mobilefun and LG
This wireless charger charges my LG G3 like a champ!I thought this charger will take forever to charge the device like the other chargers, but it didn't disappoint me at all it charges as if I connected the USB cable directly to the phone, it's as it described in the box, it is optimised and made for the G3. Inside the box is just the wireless charger and the manuals and warranty card with no cables and AC adapters, I find this as a plus and good thing and a good decision made by LG to utilize the USB cable and the AC adapter that came with the G3.
Did not work in landscape
I bought this charger because it was advertised as working with the phone in landscape as well as portrait. It worked fine in portrait but in landscape would work only if held half an inch up from the shelf. I returned it for a refund.
Worth the wait?
Received the product and was surprised it fitted through the door - opened up and only the unit itself, there is no power plug or usb cable, even though the manual tells you to use the one for the device, instead you need to use the plug and cable you got with the phone - also found no warranty card within the box.

After setting this up I sat my LG G3 on the unit and it started charging immediately, none of the fiddly placement of the phone on the device for it to start working.

Just put your phone on the device and of it goes, no messing with plugging/unplugging cables anymore in the phone.

Overall so far I am happy with the unit as it charged from around 54% to 100% without issues overnight.

The only let down is the price, for this I would have expected a plug and cable to come included with the unit, especially as LG state in the manual to use the one supplied with the WDC-100

Overall 4/5 based on price, bit cheaper and would have got 5/5
Works well, I already have a Qi pad but the design works really well with the LG G3 so why not?

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