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Protect your Huawei Mate 20 Pro's screen and keep up to date with the time, weather, call notifications and more thanks to the intuitively designed smart view window on the black Huawei flip case. Crafted from the finest materials.
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I purchased this after having used a few after market cases for my Mate 20 Pro. This official one is by far and away the best option and was surprising cheaper than the after market ones. Only improvements I would make are a bit more impact protection. Otherwise works great.
An excellent cover that adds very little to the size of the phone. The corners are protected, but an official drop rating would have been useful.
Nice case
i ordered this case and it is lovely, fits perfectly, awkward on a call with the case open and it is bugger for marking.
Exactly what I wanted.
I had bought other covers for my Huawei Mate 20 Pro but none were quite right. This cover is minimalistic in size and weight but provides good protection to the entire phone, not just the back and edges. It interacts well with the device, displaying information through the caver window, putting it to standby and waking it up.
I would thoroughly recommend it.
They have fantastic and latest cases and covers which are not available in high street. Delivery was quick. Would like to use this website again and recommend others
Exactly as ordered
Fits perfectly
Great product
This is fantastic for people like me who cant stop dropping their phone and breaking the screen.
Does what it's suppose to do
Although I like this flip case because it feels good and is a quality product and I like the way it wakes and puts the phone to sleep as you open and close it which helps to save the battery power. The only thing I would have liked would have been to have the time and date etc staying on the flip case front a bit longer or even permanent. Also it's awkward to hold in one hand but I still would buy another
Perfect and beautiful
Beautifully crafted case for a beautiful phone. Does not add any bulk to it. Case came as new as described and in a very reasonable time frame. I always order my cases from as they are very competitive on prices especially on OEM cases. Thank you!
What you would expect
Excellent quality..
It fits very well and looks cool
Phone case
It does not close quite but it still provides what I wanted and skin fit
Just great!
the only thing that buyers should know is that this case wont work with glass protector over display, as it wont close fully with it.
other than that, amazing product! 10/10 would recomend to anyone looking for classy and usefull case for mate 20 pro
Excellent service.
Excellent service, arrived within a couple of days.good quality does what it says on the tin .
Very goog case
Nice, slim and perfect for this phon
With this case I feel the phone is more protected than the Otterbox as it leaves the glass more exposed.
Good product
product received as expected. delivery a bit slow but excellent support and response from seller which assure the product was sent and apparently it arrived. thank you
First time and very happy thanks.
At first I didn't recognise the site and never heard of it before, I took a chance because this site was the only place I could find variety and what I was looking for. I've searched months with no luck until I came across MobileFun.
Bought this case for my mate 20 pro its sturdy and very nice looking.
High Quality Materials And Design
Fits the phone perfectly, making almost no difference in size to the profile of the phone. When flipped closed, the window shows the time, date, number of steps today and battery percentage while charging. Can be awkward to hold with one hand because of the folding door.
Excellent phone cover
Product does exactly what I wanted it to do . Works efficiently when covered and so far has provided the protection needed. It is a good weight. My only wish would have been for a brighter colour.
Phone case
Wife loves it very good case excellent service
Just wow
I am really happy with my purchase. fast shipping and good packaging. The case is perfect for my phone, just like i tought it will be.
Je suis vraiment contente de mon achat. Livraison rapide et paquet bien fait. J'adore l'étui.
Great Case
Great cover. Very slim and smart yet robust enough to protect both rear and front of phone. Love the viewing panel.
Brilliant, Quick Service
Came very quick was surprised at the quility of this case and I am very pleased with this purchase
Perfect fit!
As you would expect, this official Huawei product is a perfect fit for the Mate 20 Pro.

Love the fact that when the cover is closed, the time , date and local weather is displayed for about 8 seconds before the phone goes into sleep mode. All in all, very pleased with this purchase.
Great Product, great service.
I am happy with my purchase it is a terrific case for my Huawei phone.
Worth the money
For the price this is a very stylish and attractive case, the smart function is limited but it serves its purpose.
I usually prefer a normal case and good screen protector but as this phone has no good one's available (due to the curved screen) this is a very good second choice.
Great case!
Smart case.
This purchase is great
Great buy
This case/cover fits my Huawei phone perfectly, that’s why I purposely bought from mobile fun as I rely on their products and it’s great that they stock original items especially made for my phone, the case looks smart with great features I have received so many comments regarding the flip case and I have recommended several people to buy from mobile fun.
Great looking prorective cover
Great product
High quality case, slim & stylish
I had some trouble with the shipment, but customer service handled it very well & fast, and re-ship it to me. It arrived very fast.

The case is made by very high quality material. It is very slim & stylish. The material feels very good. Most importantly, it is slip proof material feels like leather.
Great case
Case looks and feels good
Fantastic flip case
Would recommend this flip case. Good value for money and very smart I bought the dark blue. I've had loads of comments about it saying how good it looks. Reviews said about time not stopping on when case it closed. Why would you want it to as its using battery.. Best case I've bought.
Excellent Phone Case
Brilliant case. Fits the phone very well and adds no extra bulk to it. After a few days use the front cover still closes when not in use which I am pleased about as I'd heard other similar cases kept opening. The only thing wrong is that despite setting the phone up correctly, I can't get the permanent display to stay on. I have to open the case to see if there are any notifications and the time display disappears from the window after a while. Excellent customer service from Mobile Fun.
Fantastic quality case
If you are looking for a premium, purpose-built case, this is the one. It's hard to beat an OEM product, especially this one. Huawei has done a wonderful job of maintaining a quality feel of your device, with a case on.
Very happy Purchase
Happy with what I bought and fits perfectly for my phone
My wife loves it. I am jealous, I want one too
My wife loves it. I am jealous, I want one too
Possibly not the most protective of cases, but certainly the best looking and functional.
Keeps the phones thin profile, slips into pocket easily & still provides good grip.
Notifications are visible & screen is protected.
Can fold flat behind screen to use single handedly.
Very dark Blue.
Good everyday case for the Mate 20 Pro
Very practical, with the smart flip cover, and reasonable level of protection from small bumps and scrapes
100% great and really works with phone, I have had 2 from mobile fun great postage well happy????
Great works with phone 100% and great price, I have two and will buy more from mobilefun great phone cover
Great product and Excellent service!!
Works extremely well for my Mate 20 pro, would have been a lot better if the Always on Display with Smart Flip cover closed, stays ON the whole time.
Very good
It's perfect. Thank you
Excellent case for Mate 20 Pro
If you have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and you haven't bought a case yet, this is the one to get.
It's well built, looks great, and does not add much bulk to the phone.
The phone recognizes when you close the cover.
It changes the display to show the time in the transparent case window.
This feature is built-in to the phone; no need to change any settings.
There is a settings option in the phone to leave the time visible on the screen when the display is dark.
But I couldn't get this to work.
The display still turns dark after a few seconds, and the clock disappears.
But to see the time, just open and close the case cover; the time will appear immediately in the window.
My daily step count (from fitness app) is also displayed.
I think Huawei should have packaged this case along with the phone.
But you can get one on-line from MobileFun for a very reasonable price.
And I found their custom service to be excellent as well.
It's a very good case. Good price and quick delivery. No complaints whatsoever
Brilliant case. Made by hauwei so it's great quality. Good value for money and delivery was okay.
Five star service
Great product, excellent customer service too.
Great cover fits perfect. Would recommend
Yes it's great thanks
It's great thanks
Looks good, useful transparent window
A slim, tight "skin" for the phone, minimal additional weight, almost no extra bulk. Fairly easy to get the phone in and out of. Just what you want for a beautiful smart phone. Good design and innovation.
The translucent see through window is a great idea, allows you to see time and a few other bits of info without having to unlock. If you want time and date or weather, open the flap, close the flap and there it is for a few seconds before power saving turns the display off again.
Great case just as described
Good case very handy to have
Excellent case, works perfectly
Great price for an original cover. Handy having the window to display time and basic notifications.
Brilliant cover
All discussion details 100 %
Classy Cover
This is a fantastic cover. Well made, offers great all round protection for your phone and looks really good. Well worth purchasing.
Great item,
I love it, look great with my phone and cool,
case fits with or without glass screen protector
Case fits nicely with the screen protector and the lens protector. I fitted the Sim card and the nano memory with the case fitted.
Excellent cover
That it fits the phone
I'm very happy and satisfied with the item.
It's just perfect I love it.
Good case does the job.
Cover the glass and show notifications in small window on the front.
Winning Present
My brother-n-law wanted this case for his new phone and absolutely loves it. He is completely stoked with the case and couldn’t be happier.
Very smart case
Made by Huawei, so quality materials. All the openings line up perfectly and the edges of the lid are curved so, when closed, it has a very slim profile not much thicker than the phone. The cover has a useful 'smart' function (see the video on the Mobile Fun website. Protection is reasonable. The best part of the right hand edge and the bottom edge of the phone are exposed, although the corners are well protected. All in all, my favourite case.
Fits perfectly, looks smart and well made. Only had it 2 weeks so how long it will last remains to be seen, however, initial thoughts are excellent.
Great service!!
Shipping only took a few days, mobile fun offers phone accessories that don't exist in Canada. Love my Mate20Pro Flip Case!!!
Good product once the phone display made to stay on
That the always on screen turned off when the case closed.
Nice Case
This case fits the phone perfectly and affords good protection, with the window operating well to allow some functionality when the case is closed.
The window aperture for the camera is also spot on correct for the phone.
Lacks practicality but looks and feels good.
The flip case doesn't act like a rest to prop up the phone. It's tough to type or use the volume buttons without flipping the cover back completely.
Great design. Very slim
Excellent product
Recently I purchased HUAWEI Mate 20 pro smart view flip cover , this cover compete Samsung s view cover .I think Huawei will become First mobile manufacturer in the world very soon.
So far so good
Amazing case and great service!
I much prefer the flip phone case because of the protection they offer especially as I am prone to throwing phones on the floor! This case is great quality and feels so nice. Love the little window too looks so cool. No negatives here.
Excellent item
Product is perfect and is exactly as described
Another happy customer
Very good quality
Phone case
An excellent purchase, the case is of good quality and looks very swish.
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case
The case is good and practical. I like that you don’t have to open the case to answer the phone.
Fantastic Case
This case is perfect and keeps the Mate 20 Pro looking smart and sleek. I love it.
Good product
Fit the mobile well. Fast delivery, very satisfy.
Very good quality case. Best I have ever owned. Delivery was fast. Thank you!
Great fit, looks great and protects the phone.
Eccellente e funzionale
Non so quanto proteggerà il cellulare, spero che lo faccia visto che è molto ben fatto
resta chiuso perfettamente
Best serves ever!!
Great product, great service and great communication.
Thank you for this.
Huawei mate p20 pro
This is a very well made case and adds very little to phone size. Window is great to use but would have liked more options with it. Overall very happy with purchase great value for it money
Good looking and functional
This product rocks, fits perfectly, protects well, touch screen works through view window (when closed) and product looks great.
Awesome quality
Brilliant case didn't expect it to be such good quality
Great case superb fit.
Really good case and as you would expect for an official Huawei product a superb fit. The view through the case is an excellent idea and the sleep/wake feature when the case is opened/closed is also useful. I would certainly recommend this.
Love the design
Really like the look of the cover and the material feel good and without adding any size to the phone
All pro's no con's!
It's a great case for the price
does what i was expecting
after a few weeks of use i can say it does for me what i wanted , saftey for the phone and slim design so still able to walk around in youre pocket .
This case is designed specifically for my phone and works brillianty. It's fascinating how the time in the window works. I would recommend this case to anyone with this phone.
Great product, fast delivery
Wow! What a case!
This case is amazing and even better than I thought it would be. It turns off my phone when I flip it closed. It moves the clock location to behind the screen so I can see it. When I lift the flap it turns on my phone. It looks great. The case front flips all the way around the back if you want it out of the way. etc. etc.
Good but could be better
Great case but one side of the phone is left uncovered which probably doesn't matter for a lot of people but in my job as a bricklayer all the dust gets in and scratches it
Awesome phone cover!
Cover fits perfect, feels and looks top quality, being able to see incoming calls and messages plus being able to dismiss calls read texts etc without having to even open the cover is a big bonus. Well worth the money. I bought this for my wife for her new phone and she loves it, I only wish they had one the same for my Sony xz2 when I recently upgraded.
My review
Perfect flip smart case for Huawei mate 20 pro.
good quality
Smart, sleek, good quality. Good price
Beutiful case
After ordering multiple cases for my phone without sucess I finally found this one. It does what is says and it's of good quality. Worth the money and the wait.
Perfect fit as expeced from Huawei case
The only good case in my opinion. Just to note for buyers there is a sticker on inside of glass window that is frosted and can be removed to make the glass clear.
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Smart View Flip Case
Offers all that was promised to very happy with the case and worth the money spent
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Smart View Flip Case
Offers all that was promised to very happy with the case and worth the money spent
Very knowledgeable
Reviews were positive
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