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Official HTC One M9 Clear Case - Clear / Onyx Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring a polycarbonate back combined rubberised frame for extra grip and protection, the HTC Clear case provides extreme comfort, style and protection for your HTC One M9.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51761
$17.24 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 14 customers

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Good value for money and discreet looking
This cover protects my phone without looking bulky. The soft grip around the edges is just right, it doesn't change the appearance of my phone which is what I wanted. The clear backing means the phone's original colour is visible.
My order arrived promptly. Also ordered the screen cleaner and cloth that was given as an offer for £4.99 when I placed the order.
Excellent case...questionable quality
I purchased this item as it is the official HTC case and I wanted the quality that should inherently come with that... Unfortunately that wasn't the case here.

This case looks the part with it's see-through design and thinness, there is no denying that. The rubberised edge also gives a great grip when holding your phone. However, I had to return this case after five months of using it as the rubberised grip separated itself from the shell of the case.

I have ordered a new one now and I'm hoping this will fair better. Just be warned that buying the official case doesn't necessarily guarantee you the quality with this item!
Top quality HTC One M9 case
This HTC original case is great. Fits my HTC One M9 phone, nice and snug.
I highly recommend to buy.
Brilliant - cannot do without it
I damaged the first one I had from day 1(my fault) after 6 months and couldn't live without an instant replacement. Clear case shows off the stunning body - great protection & soft edge grips protect against bumps etc, yet easy (easier) to use buttons. Easy access to charge/sync & phones ports. Back can feel a little smooth, but soft edges make it easy & secure to handle. If I mess this one up - I will be back for another immediately. Highly recommended.
Excellent case
I needed a case for my new phone and this is the one that appeared to best suit my needs so I purchased it. 2 days later my phone fell out of my car and a I drove over the phone with both a front and rear wheel on a tarmac road. Amazingly, there are some dents in the phone body where the tarmac was uneven BUT the silicon case if fine and, I am sure, prevented catastrophic damage to the phone. A great purcahse.
Totally protected
I bought the official HTC M9 case and it is all you will ever need. The phone isn't made any bigger with this case but is totally protected.
perfect Fit
Great good looking case. Makes it look part of the phone and not a separate obvious case. Buttons work perfectly on the side . Good choice..
This product is great
This product is great. I waited four days to get a case for my M9 before using it, this case fits perfectly and is discreet.

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