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Official HTC One M8 / M8s Flip Case - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One M8 from bumps, scrapes and drops with this quality flip case in white. As it's an official accessory, all cut-outs for accessing and using the device are perfectly placed. Also compatible with the M8s.
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 4.5 stars from 35 customers

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Ideal Case
Great case. Perfect for my phone. Compact and sturdy
Good Case
This is a good case it is made well with great materials and colour, it fits into the corners well holds tight the only problem I have with it is the flip front it closes ok but doesn't hold shut if you turn it even a little bit it flaps open so for this I can only give it four stars.
The cover is a fantastic colour and opens and automatically closes the phone when you open/close the case
The cover is a fantastic colour and opens and automatically closes the phone when you open/close the case. The case also feels very smooth to the touch and is great to have in your hands.
Good case, exactly what I was looking for.
Great cover
Love the case. Fits perfectly. Beautiful colour.
Classic case
I wanted a case to cover the front of my phone but nothing too bulky,this was a perfect choice. It's sleek and well fitted. What with it being a genuine HTC case the wake up functions is a nice feature to have and its a reasonable price for a genuine item. Would buy again either in the same colour or different.
M8 HTC flip cover
I really love the HTC M8 flip cover. It really protects the phone well. It fits the M8 like a glove. This flip cover protects my phone from my perspiration as I am able to attend to my calls closing the flip cover. Very good product.
Excellent Item
Fits perfectly, very comfortable to hold and looks excellent, a very high quality case.
Feels very cheap to the touch and the cover doesn't close all the way over the front screen leaving it looking "unhinged". Quite underwhelming really, especially for a HTC product.
Fantastic HTC Cover
I was so happy with the first case that I have bought one for a colleague plus an emergency case for me. I have not found these cases in Australia and am astounded at the quick delivery time all the way from the UK. I love the sleek design, the way the cover turns the phone on and off and that is grips the surface. It is just perfect :)
case is beautiful
Efficient and quick delivery.
The case is beautiful - really complements the phone. Like it a lot.
Highly recommended.
Great little case
Excellent service.
The fits perfectly! The only downside is the front cover, it is kind of made from a fabric so I think it will get dirty quickly. I think I will buy the same in black and use this on as a one off/going out case.
excellent service
Fast service, product exactly how described.... Will shop again
Excellent Product
Love this product! Fast shipping too!
Smart looking cover
This cover compliments the gold M8 making it more 'lady-like' and very stylish. It's more of an off-white and barely adds any bulk to the phone while protecting it perfectly. On opening it wakes the phone, so one less button to click. The only slight draw-back with this is that it disables the quick access to the camera i.e.picking up and holding the phone horizontally and pressing the volume button normally brings up the camera without unlocking the phone, which is handy if you want to take a photo in a hurry, but that only works from 'sleep'.
Happy customer
I really love my new HTC pink case. The case is light weight and smooth plus The cover has magnetic feature that turns the phone off when you close the cover and vice versa. I like it because I dont have to use the power button more often.
When Stylish and Practical Met
I wanted a premium case for my premium mobile. I desired something stylish but practical and specifically tailored for the HTC One M8.

There are some premium priced cases out there that just don't seem to be able to justify their high price tags. This official HTC case more than justifies it's reasonable price.

Fit - perfect. It was easy to attach and holds together well with no ill fitting gaps.

Style - this is one of the coolest cases I have owned for any mobile. It is incredibly slim and does not bulk up the phone. It also allows the phones naturally attractive premium case to be enjoyed by not overly covering it up.

Protection - All the key areas are protected. The back actually looks like it is part of the phone rather than a case. Very sleek with the HTC logo quality carved/moulded and the holes for the camera and flash neat and practical.

Screen protection - very slim from cover does not build the phone up but is strong enough to give excellent protection to the HTC One's stunning screen

Functionality - this is a smart case for a smart phone. When you open the case cover, the phone switches on. Close it, the phone switches off. Simple, smart and effective.

Colour - the colour is is stated as white but it is actually a more classy looking ivory which complements the gold aluminium of the HTC One M8 beautifully. Together they look stunning.

I am delighted in every way with this excellent product.
Best cover
This is great for protection of my phone. I don't need a film cover. There are no fiddly buttons or tags. It is open and go. Brilliant idea.
Just what I needed
The web site was very easy to follow .
Found exactly what I wanted, the description was accurate , and the price was good value.delivery was pretty quick too .well done mobile fun wouldn't hesitate to shop with you again.
Flip case for HTC ONE M8
I bought this case for my HTC ONE M8 and it's one of the best cases I've ever had.
It's ivory colour and although I worried it may get dirty, I'm pleased to say I was wrong. The back case is very sturdy & fits around the phone perfectly. Top quality, the phone turns on/off by simply opening/closing the front cover.
I'd would definitely recommend this case.
Bought this as I need a case that will cover the screen of my M8 and it was on sale for £12.99
It clips to the phone on the corners and doesn't really feel all too secure. Although it does take quite a bit of effort to shake the phone out of the case.
I would have preferred to have more of the sides covered with cutouts for the ports, as the phone still feels vulnerable.
The front flap and hinge are reminiscent of Samsung's Galaxy S3 flip cover. So we'll see how long it lasts before it starts to fray. Also having a microfibre lining on the inside of the flap would have been nice. It also doesn't have a closing/locking mechanism and relies on the weak wake/sleep magnet and the light weight of the cover to stay closed.
Obviously the rear camera(s) can't be used with the flap covering the rear.

... But the wake/sleep functionality is nice.

All in all don't buy at full price as there are better, cheaper options.
Perfect fit
Having just purchased an HTC1 M8 I e
realised I needed a case to protect it - enter mobiles.fun with an HTC flip case. It arrived promptly and efficitently - the colour was far better than described - it was supposed to be white which was a slight concern but i wanted an HTC genuine article so choice was limited - the actual case is more like champagne/mushroom colour and far more classy. the quality is top class and the fit is perfect. I would recommend this item without any hesitation
HTC One (M8) Flip Case
Two thumbs up!
great for the price
This is a really good case. I bought it as a stop gap until a better third-party dot view case comes out (I have heard less than stellar reviews of the official dot view case esp. relating to one-handed operation). The screen wake/lock function is a bonus.
Good, but with a major flaw
Its a pretty good proctive case, but its not able to be fully "closed" or more exactly, locked. It's like a flip-able lid, but it never closes, its just lying on top of the phone. For me that feels insecure.
amazing case,protect the back and front of the phone.very slim and stylish.high quality product.must have for m8

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