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Official HTC One M8 / M8s Double Dip Hard Shell - Pink and Yellow Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One M8 from bumps, scrapes and drops with this tough polycarbonate shell case in Pink and Yellow. As it's an official accessory, all cut-outs for accessing and using the device are perfectly placed. Also compatible with the M8s.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43668
$19.90 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 20 customers

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Good product
This hard shell does not make the phone excessively large for your hand. It is a sleek, smart she'll protecting the phone. The case does not make the phone too heavy either, and it still fits in mt jeans pocket.
Very pleased with this hard shell.
Great case
This case fits very well. It is not bulky, and does not make the phone too large for the hand or pocket.
very good service.
Htc 1 doble dip case
Great product, it's a fantastic case
Htc 1 doble dip case
Great product, it's a fantastic case
looks great although not much protection
This case comes in 3 parts do there are slight gaps between each part.
The material is also quite slippery which is not ideal and quite easily moves out of your hand.
The case looks great and I've had lots of compliments but only protects the back of the phone and as it's a hard case there is no bumper like the one provided with the phone.
perfect cover
I ordered this case after recently purchasing my new HTC phone. Its a perfect fit and the colours on the hard case shell are really eye catching. No complaints at all and was a great price! Would definstely recommend it for anyone looking for a cover for their HTC :-)
I was so happy when this case arrived in the mail, however disappointed when I put it on. The double dip pieces don't match up so there is a little gap between each colour. The case makes the phone so very slippery when you hold it, I have dropped it twice since having the case on!
I would say the best thing about this case is the colour! It's looks really nice and bright when on :D
Poor fixing
Having moved from Iphone to HTC and it being a big shiny device I wanted to add some proctection to the all shiny metal case, getting in/out of cars and carrying bags a dropped phone is always possible. So I thought by an offical product, not only does it have the correct cut outs but it should be a solid built product. Unfortunately a great idea with the changable top/bottom but this creates very lose connecting fixings and the hold case creaks and moves. Putting the power lead in/out while holding the case makes you push up/down and the case falls apart. If you have a tight car cradle again it pushes the device out the case.. not good and very dissapointed, my only choice is to buy a full one piece case.
I am completely bowled over by the Official Double Dip case for M8. Its sleek,light, and impossible it may seem, actually improves the looks of the phone. Its everything the last year's double dip case was not. It adds very minimal volume to the phone and almost no weight and it looks phenomenal especially with the choice of interchangeable colour plates. At the discounted price it is a steal and easily the best protective case. My only criticism is it doesn't improve the grip as much as I wanted it to but still, even if you drop it with this case not much damage is likely
Good but expected better
I bought the HTC ONE M8 double dip case with the thinking as it is produced by HTC is would fit perfectly! However I was wrong, don't get me wrong it fits well, but there is a small amount of movement that although slight is really noticeable. Other than that that design is funky and the ability to mix and match cover ends is awesome! Now that I have packed the slide of the case with a thin layer of silicon, it fit snugly and doesn't move a millimetre. Overall this case is brilliant apart from the small amount of movement, and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind doing a tiny bit of DIY to it.
Good looking cover but does not fit well
Unfortunately the case does not fit well... It is pretty loose especially on the sides... As a result the phone is not stable in your hand with shell installed...
I like it
Mixed reviews on this case but overall I really like it, it does hide away a gorgeous phone but at least for the first few months i'll have an undamaged phone
Wanted it to be perfect...just fell short
Loved the concept, and felt like it would be a neat bit of design for my new shiny HTC One M8. However when it arrived (very swiftly due to great customer service) I was disappointed to see that the case doesn't fit that well, with the phone ale to slip around ever so slightly within. This is because the ends don't click in place tight enough. A real shame and I have now gone back to the default rubber case (also doesn't fit that well but less irritating) whilst I wait for something better. Disappointing from HTC who obviously invested so much in the rest of the phone! Only got 2 stars as I like the concept - hopefully someone will improve the next version.

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