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Official HTC One M8 / M8s Dot View Case - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your case closed and still receive notifications with official HTC One M8 Dot View case in grey. Featuring full front and rear protection. Also compatible with the HTC One M8s.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43670
$48.65 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 150 customers

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Exactly as described
Great price for genuine HTC covers. Postage to Hong Kong takes about 10 work days which is exactly as advertised. Very pleased.
The best for M8
Looks great.To see notifications without opening the case is a good feature. Well worth the money. Especially now.
The lower sides broke off when trying to get the phone out from my waiste bag.
great cover
exactly what I wanted a secure hard cover for my phone plus quick delivery
I bought an HTC dot case, cleaning fluid 2 clean my HTC one M8 phone and other accessories like a new charger it was prompt and did all it said it would I would recommend it 2 anyone.
This is the original cover. Others sites are full of cheap imitations. MOBILE fun has got covers. Only grouse is that shipping to India is a tad on higher side. Great site
I can say that this product is 100 genuine HTC as it is identical to the original one I had
The reason I looked for this was when I first got my HTC One M8 2 years ago.
I purchased a genuine dot view case costing £40 but it got damaged and I had to replace it. I then ordered what appeared to be an HTC original case from elsewhere but it turned out to be a cheap fake. The difference is in the quality of the plastic moulding and the rubber coating looking at the HTC logo it was poorly finished, the cover would not even close properly. I can say that this product is 100 genuine HTC as it is identical to the original one I had.
I have no problem recommending this as it is a good case for this phone.
As a supplier I had no problem with order regarding Mobilefun delivery was prompt
Product availability
Thank you for your updated responce to me receiving my order today. i would recommend your company to my clients who are after your services and I will be using your services again in the not to distant future. Thanks again
Brilliant phone case. It makes the use of HTC One 8 so much more flexible. I strongly recommend this product for all users with the some HTC phone.
Please see my short review
Great Innovation - Dot View Case
Fun case using a dot view app which allows access to basic phone activity from the front of the closed case. Before buying, I would liked to have seen a simulation of its uses and the product quality, which feels a bit low grade. Still like the case though
The case does not fit M8s properly
This case was designed and made for HTCone M8 and not M8s. Its abit too small for M8s. Considering the price, it's not a good buy for me as I needed it for my M8s. But in all its a great product.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Clement

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team and send us photos of the problem and we will make any corrections if needed.
very happy with my putchase
Very satisfied with my product
Exactly like picture that was shown
Would recommend this product
Item is perfect, arrived on time.
Item is perfect, arrived on time.
Great place to shop
Great price, quick delivery. Would recommend!
Very happy
Very happy with the service and the product arrived on time and new in the box.
HTC phone cover
Very good delivery time, product packaged well, recommend both seller and product
Great item, works perfectly
It is really a great phone case. Lightweight yet solid.
Love it!
Smart piece of technology. My husband is jealous he can get one for his iPhone!
Great case for HTC One M8.
The Dot View feature is simpel, useful and works well. The case is perfect - it allows to use the phone when it's closed. The cover fits perfectly, delivered quickly. Good price also!
Good but expensive for what it is
The Dot View case is a great idea and works well in practice too. Easy to fit to the phone and straightforward in operation. Just enable the Dot View app on the phone and everything just works.

I give it 4 stars because the hinge plastic will wear and I don't know how long a service life it will have. If it was cheaper then I'd have bought a spare. ;)
Good and bad
I've recently become a postman and wanted a case to protect my screen whilst running around the neighbourhood. For this it's perfect.

It also works well with music players enabling me to pause and skip tracks with gestures and not uncovering the screen.

When using the phone normally the case flips back and is handy for watching YouTube as the case acts as a stand of sorts.

The major downside is trying to take pictures. With this case taking pictures becomes a two handed task. Especially frustrating while taking videos.
The cover fits perfectly, delivered quickly.
It does exactly as described,good quality,fair price,excellent delivery time.
Great cover
Read a few reviews saying it can be awkward but disagree. Dot view is great and novelty hasn't worn off. Front cover wraps behind fine when using it and spring hinge closes it back with ease when finished with it. Probably wouldn't pay 50 Euro for it but good value now!
Great case for htc one M8.
I have had my new case for a week now and I love it. The HTC case fits my mobile perfect is light in weight and protects my mobile from damage. Mobilefun is a great site offering the HTC one case for a great price compared to other sellers including HTC themselves. I choose standard delivery to keep the total cost down so did not mind waiting for a few days and I was satisfied with my purchase which arrived well packed and enclosed in original wrapping...well done Mobilefun.
Very pleased with my product
Brilliant service from ordering to delivery of my phone case,would recommend Mobilefun to everybody very pleased with my product,
The case is perfect
The case is perfect it allows you to use the phone when it's closed,the display is spot on aslong you have it set to 15sec,its strong have dropped the phone once oops , (no damage). So would recommend but only get the HTC version not a copy
The dot covers are a must have for the M8 and M9 series
The dot covers are a must have for the M8 and M9 series, I had one previouslly which had been put through its paces not just in everyday action but also as a chew toy for a 1 year old.

Survived well but eventually came out on the losing end of a tug of war.

These products are the true HTC covers, its as if I have a new phone again.

Delivery was the next morning, excellent service, couldn't be happier with the order outcome.
Fits the phone perfectly, very slim and adds very little bulk to the phone.
The Dot View feature is fun, useful and works well. Unfortunately the case itself is flimsy and doesn't adequately protect the phone from a drop. We all drop our phones from time to time and expect a case both to protect the phone from damage and to be itself reasonably robust. I dropped this once onto the floor from a height of no more than 3 feet, and the plastic protruberances that hold the phone in place shattered, rendering the case useless. Thrown away within 4 weeks of purchase. Suggest avoid.
Great case
It's a great case/cover for the HTC m8, the light up screen is really good
This is the coolest case ever! I love the vibrant orange color! I would highly reccommend.
The Dot View case came quickly, a present for my wife that she had been looking forward to, it fulfilled expectations being bright orange (so seen easily at the bottom of her bag). How does it work ? Not a clue but work it does, others have reviewed saying the hinge is weak, time will tell but as long as you don't bend it double/back on itself it should be alright. All in all happy with the case and Mobilefun.co.uk in fact I think I shall order one for my HTC 9.
HTC dot cover
Product brilliant, very efficient service, would recommend your company to family & friends.
Great case
Love the case. Works really well when closed when using the players or making phone. Really slim profile. My only gripe is that the case doesn't stay open. But overall very happy
Great cover
Quick and easy to fit/works great, no folding the cover back, works closed with excellent reception. Very ergonomic. Super quick delivery too and cheapest price on the web.
This protective case is so practical! It makes the HTC ONE M8 even more delightful to use. The vibrant Orange colour is very positive & the Dot view function is a great modern innovative idea! I would recommend this to everyone who has a HTC ONE M8 who wants to protect their phone while still maintaining optimal functionality. Love it!
HTC One M8 Dot View Case - Grey
Although my first impressions of the case struck me as being a bit on the flimsy side, it was quickly dispelled once I had my mobile phone secured snugly in it. The "dot matrix" readouts through its semi-transparent indentations works a treat and the novelty of this feature should improve further once the voice activation function can recognise my speech commands. The overall form factor of the product makes for a secure and compact case. Happy with my choice so far...
Practical & Useful
The HTC One M8 is a great phone but I realised that the finish is just too slippery when I put on my suit jacket and the phone flew out of an inner pocket. The Dot View cover if nothing else prevents this from happening. The special screens for holidays is amusing and the notifications reasonably effective although don't bother with call notifications. The double tap for a summary of weather is actually quite informative. Finally, it is clear that the phone is being properly protected but get a screen protector as well.
Bought it as a gift now i WANT one
I seriously love this case! I cant fault it!
I bought it for my partner as a gift and now I NEED ONE!!!
Htc one m8 Dot case
very good case very well made and fits well.delivery service as always is excellent.
Dot view case cover
Very impressive case with the dot view cover showing all notifications including Battery,missed calls,time etc .Easy to use and protects the phone very well due to the hard case back cover.I would reccomend this case cover to anybody who owns a HTC one 8 mobile.
Official HTC One M8 Dot View Case - Grey
My son recently upgraded his mobile to the HTC One M8 but couldn't find a case he liked, I surprised him by buying him the above as a Christmas present and he is over the moon with it - best surprise present I have ever managed to get someone.
What a great idea! The functionality is Awesome! The touch sensitive case allows me to make and receive calls, alerts me when a message arrives, shows battery levels, weather, etc. without opening the cover!

And it looks Damn good too.

Thanks, HTC.
HTC One M8 dot view case. Works brilliantly and adds virtually nothing in terms of size to the phone. Very eye catching operation. Even more amazing arrived within one day of ordering two days before Christmas. One nil to Mobile Fun!
HTC Clever design team
I have read some negative reports on this product but decided if HTC felt it worthy I would take a look at this cover. The phone fits easily into the pouch, seems flimsily held and it is, BUT it doesn't shake out, when the front cover is closed the dots line up perfectly, the screen is easy to read between the dots, impressing all that see it in use. At the price it's a steal. Delivery was prompt,I will use this company again. As they say it does exactly what it says on the tin!
excellent cover
This phone cover is fantastic for the HTC one (m8). Fits and works perfectly. Would highly recommend.
M8 dot cover
Item as advertised and fast delivery, recommended
Htc one m8 case
This is a great phone case it's durable, well made, looks great and catches people's eyes , it's a very unique product however it does loose its novelty after the first couple of weeks.
No complaints
Good cover , great service and good delivery , would order again from this site
Dotted phone cover htc one m8
It's an excellent product. It does everything it says on the box. Very fast delivery. I would buy off this company again
Love it
The case fits perfectly and allows me to use the buttons. It isn't bulky at all. Being able to use the screen through the case is great but it has limitations (have to open the case to read messages or to use the keypad while on a call - for example, multi option phone calls 'press 1 for sales').

Overall I'm happy with my purchase.
Wery good itim and I'm so so happy with the itim.
htc m8 dot view cover
A great sturdy cover. It's the only cover I've had that actually enhances the look and feel of the phone. A great buy, recommended highly.
Great case
Love this new case, the m8 looks fab in it and it feels secure. Dot view is fun but really only that. I do love the way that I can take calls without opening up the front cover. Great case.
Absolutely fabulous
My son was so delighted with his new cover. Very cool.
simple but brilliant
I love this case. Functional, innovative and it looks so cool. Lots of ways to personalize through the HTC dot view app. Only hard decision you have to make is what colour to choose!
Worthy purchase
I am very happy with the purchase
Very good case.
All the information was available on your website.
first purchase
Great product, great communication and prompt delivery. Thanks will definitely use you guy's again. Ron
The case is really well built and looks great on the phone. The problem is that it can get in the way and doesn't fold all the way back. I am happy with the product, but there could be improvements.
This phone case for the HTC one m8 is the best case I've had.
Make calls with the case closed shows who's calling and let's you know what's coming through . Txts emails calls and even go to ok Google just by tapping the case .
dot case - time will tell first impressions, a great case
Had the genuine HTC case almost a week now, delivered in 2 days. It's a really nice snug fit around the phone, the front is a very tactile rubber and the back a very smooth hard resin.Easy access to all slots and the matrix is really cool. Build quality is great first impressions excellent cover! Would recommend mobilefun for no nonsense price and service.
dot case - time will tell first impressions, a great case
Had the genuine HTC case almost a week now, delivered in 2 days. It's a really nice snug fit around the phone, the front is a very tactile rubber and the back a very smooth hard resin.Easy access to all slots and the matrix is really cool. Build quality is great first impressions excellent cover! Would recommend mobilefun for no nonsense price and service.
Fantastically functional, a couple of minor faults...
In general,this case is very well made (by htc) and fits the phone perfectly like a snug plastic glove. The cameras are well protected and the front has a pleasing rubbery feel while the back a more Matt plastic effect.

The dot matrix effect is very effective and unique especially when receiving calls. Making calls is as simple as swiping up thr closed case and saying a name. The voice recognition is accurate.

The only two minor points are thus: the front cover dot matrix is made of actual digits in the rubber. While looking great, they also tend to collect dust which is difficult to remove. The second point is the front cover is slightly annoying to hold open while using the phone. It is mildly spring loaded which allows it to satisfyingly slap back into place once your grasp is released. Holding it open while trying to write reviews, neutralizes this satisfaction.

Having said this, on the whole the cover is a unique conversation piece. If you can get past the minor ergonomic downfalls, you will be a happy customer.
Exactly what I wanted
Great Cover
Excellent cover and very quick delivery. Well done Mobile Fun
Phone cover
Really great idea! It's nice and thin, light and very tactile. Protects the phone while being able to access info and calls thru the screen protector.
Keeps my phone protected. Magic. Quick delivery
Overall is a good case
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this case as i had read a few different reviews but overall i think it does the job well. The back is made a hard shell like plastic and the front dot matrix style is more of a rubber. It protects both sides of the phone well but i also fitted an additional screen protector just in case. The screen automatically comes on when the front cover is opened (not sure how it know this!)and goes off when you close it. I thought there would be an app to dl to control this but i didnt have to do anything else other than click the case on the back. Notifications appear thru the cover along with the callers name (although it is sometimes difficult to make out what it says) and you can appect or reject calls by swiping the cover, but i have found this function a bit hit and miss and often end up opening the flap to answer the call. The only downside i have found is that the cover always wants to fold back over on to the screen which can sometimes get in the way when trying to type a message or take a photo but it seems to be getting less 'springy' the more i use it. If writting a long message or using the internet for a long period the case can be easily removed to aid things, but i have not had to do this yet. Overall maybe a little 'gimmicky' but works well as a basic case and cover so why not have the extra dot matrix function!
This works really well!
Do not have to open to answer phone, quite cool!!
Looks fab, modern, protects.
Highly recommend.
Really clever use of tech
Great case, protects and is of really good quality but also works seamlessly with the phone. Just open to unlock and close to lock, saves time. Ability to dial a call and close the case while on call is great, improves both comfort and sound quality. Don't bother with cheap immitations.
Really funky looking cover
The dot view cover for my HTC m8. It's also excellent and provides my phone with some protection but if your clumpsy and prone to dropping your phone, then this case is definitely not for you.

The case looks awesome as well. Especially when it's lit up at night although during the day the display is difficult to see.
fab product and fab service
I was sceptical about the htc dot view case. It looked gimicky. Still i coukdnt find anything any better so thought lets go for it. Case dispatched and delivered v quickly. Out the box and onto the phone. Works as designed and v impressed. Thanks to mobilefun for their selection of products and excellant service.
excellent mobile online one stop shop
All mobile accessories which are not available elsewhere with fair price and fast delivery excellent keep it up mobile fun.
HTC phone cover
Very happy with the product.
Any one that has this phone SHOULD get this case. It has everything that anyone would want. The only thing I can say about this case is wrap in one word , AWESOME !!!
The Best Case Ever!!
Absolutely stunning n definate wow case.. Able to swipe to answer and reject calls and stay connected on call with case closed.. Registers touch to wake the phone up and shows time and weather icon and changes icon if call missed or msg etc received (can be disabled on dot view app) ..Way better than the pictures actually even show, better in use especially with an update now on the dot view which now has themes so it's not just plain with the time and weather it also has patterns which makes it look even cooler leaving people looking in awe! Also options to show some call history if wanted and disable the option to show mail, etc icons... Overall very pleased customer considering buying more colours to suit the different colour themes. It is definately the best case I've ever had for any phone to be honest. Only bad thing I'd say is that the case doesn't stay open when typing or watching a movie etc, it has to be held open as it has a magnet closing it, still a plus aswell though because I know my screen is always protected and it does wrap around abit which doesn't make it that difficult to hold in use open... I was very pleased and it arrived way quicker than I'd expected, I thought I'd be left waiting but no not at all.. Will definately order from mobilefun again!
Very Handy Device
The dot matrix htc m8 cover is versatile durable and strong,
not only give you extra protection for your phone but lets you answer calls and make calls without even opening the cover up? Its all voice oppratived!? You dnt even have to plug anything extra in just fit case to phone and bobs yer uncle yer done,?
just tap the front twice you have time weather in a dot matrix look good fun and a praticle device a must have for the thc m8 also come in diffrent colours as well but grey looks great.
you also get great service from mobilefun.co.uk quick and efficent you wont be dissapointed in the product or the company they also do a great app for all the gagets one would need and more dont be shy give them a try u wont regret it I havent and happy as a pig in mud :-)
Perfect phone cover
The Official HTC One M8 Dot View case is absolutely great for the job. Not only is it an attractive and robust protective cover for my phone but the interaction between phone and cover makes the phone even easier to use. I actually purchased two - one for me and one for my husband. The range of cover colours means we have two products that look sligtly different. This allows us to easily tell our phones apart.
HTC One M8 data dot case
The case does as reviewed. The only downside is accessing the speaker when on a car cradle. There should also be a cover for the charging and earphone ports. Otherwise, it's unique from any other smartphones.
Excellent poduct and service
Dot view case procured from mobile fun is good and there service is excellent
Good case but takes a bit of getting used to
I received my case yesterday and it seems very sturdy and very well made and I trust it to protect my phone in an accident...but I do have a few niggles with it.

One that everyone seems to experience, the case is very springy and eager to shut when its open making it quite awkward to use when using one hand or both hands for texting.

Another niggle is that my case doesn't seem to sit flush against the case - it seems a lot better than yesterday with use, maybe the hinge is too stiff to start with and with use it loosens a bit to help - I'm not sure!

Overall a good case and has a very nice feel and effect allowing you to do a lot without opening your phone, not the cheapest but worth the money too!
just what i needed
It's cool device!!!
excelente service !!!
Htc one M8 dot case
The case got delivered in 8 days , that was great as wasn't expecting it so early. As far as the case in concerned it a charm and works effortesly with the M8 . Anybody owing the m8 should definitely buy it specially in India coz these case is not easily available in India and wherever it is available id little expensive.
So a must buy if you are using the phone.
HTC One M8 Dot View Case
The HTC One M8 Dot View Case is a really cool case that converts the display to give you time, weather and notification information. The front display cover of the case has hundreds of tiny holes, but only those in front of the speakers are uncovered to make sure sound can penetrate without distortion, but the rest have a clear covering to protect the screen as you'd expect a full case to do.
With the cover closed, double tap to wake the device, making it easy to check the time and see the weather.
If you get a message, the icon below changes to a version of HTC's message notification, and the same happens if you swipe down from the top of the cover to automatically enable voice dialing.
Again with the cover closed if you get a call coming in you can swipe up to take it or down to reject, with the latter motion still used when you're on a call.
The case is well put together and it protects the new HTC One.
lasted 3 months
The dot matrix is self is very cool how ever after 3 months the corners of the case is cracking and as a result the phone will not stay in the case. As a case it has done its Job protecting my phone but not for very long and it has never been dropped, an other case I had on my last phone gave me 2 years for less than half the price. This is the sort of life I was expecting out of a HTC product. HTC Ned to take this product back to the drawing board and make it more robust
Excellent case
Works smoothly with the m8, back is smooth and front is more rubberized. The phone is still slim, love being able to answer without opening. Have not dropped it yet bit feels very sturdy.
What a great little case. A bit on the expensive side but well worth the money and also well worth the weeks of waiting due to a possible backlog.
Perfect for my gadget
Htc one M8 Dot View Case-Imperial Blue
very good dervice
I order my goods and the good was dispatched to me within couple of hrs. The goods was received by me in good order. Love it
The best service..!!
The product was delivered to me within 10 days of time. Although the product was a little bent when it reached to me, but overall I'd say I'm satisfied with this site. Thank you very much.
Good Package
It was a nice experience to shop with Mobile fun. Timely delivery as per committed dates.
Lovely bit of kit...
OK, so got my new phone and had seen these in an online as. Already, it's saved my phone (I have arthritis and drop stuff) and the dot front case does what it says on the tin, so to speak. I bought the Grey one and can confirm it is sleek, hugs the phone and am impressed with it.

Delivery was efficient and very quick as usual as well!
HTC one M8 Dot View Case - Very useful product.
I purchased the HTC One M8 Dot View Case from Mobile Fun and it is a really good and useful product. More than the protective features of the case, I found that it enhances your HTC One M8 useability. I found the price the lowest with Mobile Fun.
Very good.
abt product
Its is execllant product thank you
Excellent Protector Case
I recently purchased the dot matrix case for HTC one M8. I am very pleased with the purchase, it looks and fits great and I like the retro style interfacing and notifications. Only downside is when you take photos, it is a bit awkward to keep the flap open but it is not a major issue for me. It provides a fair amount of protection, obviously not as much as a solid case.
very good
iam impressed
very impressed
Finally glad to have this cover, works just as described and fits like a glove. I would recommend this cover.

Dealing with supplier was also a good experience, I have just placed another order for more accessories.
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