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Official HTC 10 Ice View Case - Black Reviews

Keep your case closed and still receive notifications with official HTC 10 Ice View case in Black. Take photos, read messages and even view third party notifications, all without lifting the cover.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59224

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 4.7 stars from 100 customers

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Thin film on the front cover pealing off after 6 months
Feel that for the money the product should last over a year.
Satisfied with product
Just got the ice view case it is htc branded orignal cover.
Beautiful case!
Stylish case and great protection!!!
Too slippery to grip.
Doesn't feel like it will last.
Not robust but otherwise an awesome cover
This is the 2nd Ice view cover i have bought because it really is a great cover. Sadly the front flap tore off after about 5 months of use, which is disappointing as I don't heavily use my phone, most of the time it sits in my handbag.
Good Case
works perfectly with functions created by HTC. Protects the phone, plus allows quick answer, check message and camera access without opening the cover.
good stuff thanks
A cool cover for a cool phone
I am naturally biased towards HTC. Well made products doing their thing without fuss or drama. I had a 3rd party case from the time I got my 10. But it had to go. This HTC Ice cover really is excellent, as I knew it would be. Perfect fit with enhanced button control. It even looks like it is a part of the phone!
Love it
Big step forward from the older 'dot' case , very intuitive with lots of info and functions available on closed cover. Also, usefully, it offers good protection for the phone.
HTC Ice View Case
Case provides good protection but just under a year of use has seen the spine of the case start to split apart. Ice View Application is limited with one standard view and no customisation. Nice case for a year of use but I wouldn't buy again.
Convenient, durable, and easy to use. Delivery and customer service is awesome.
Good case
Solid protection from knocks and drops while still keeping a sleek profile. Not a huge fan of the hinge set up, a bit flimsy. Ice function works pretty well giving good options for quick peak into messages and phone calls.
Htc 10 ice flipcase
Very good quality and perfect service! Got the package with DHL shipping to Latvia within 5 days! Very fast! The case is original, very useful, fits perfectly! I am fully satisfied. Thank you!
Brilliant case for my new phone
Ordered the Ice View Case from Mobile Fun, made easy on their website as well laid out. Delivery was very prompt and informed all the way. Had Dot View on my previous phones but this is a vast improvement, love the feel and look of the phone case. Software allows great use of the phone with case on and in the car connected via Bluetooth is great as I can see who is calling and reject or ignore easily. Mail, messages are seen as received but never dealt with while moving, allows decision to wait or pull off to respond. Protects the phone completely, highly recommend this case to anyone with the HTC 10. Order via Mobile Fun service is excellent.
Great case
This vase works with the phone activating a couple of cool bonus widgets . I've never had or seen a case like it. Happy and pleasantly surprised.
Just what was needed
Researched this case & its reviews on the net.And then looked for a supplier who was competitively priced and able to supply rapidly being so close to Christmas.So here is where we ended up, and I can only say that all my expectations were pleasantly delivered.Thank you.
Worth it
This cover is much better than I expected. The ice view feature is really cool. Overall, a quality cover that looks good and protects phone.
The Icing on Top
If you own a HTC 10,this case turns a brilliant phone into something out of this world. Not only does it offer excellent protection against bumps, drops and scratches. It opens up a whole new world, you can see who's calling, answer or decline calls without even opening the case. The camera can be swiftly operated, texts and emails previewed all without unlocking the phone or even opening the case. I have never seen anything come close to how useful this case is, wonderful invention.
Great Case, Great service
I am very pleased with the case and the service provided.
Good quick customer service reply to my query
Case is nice but Customer Service is the best all over the net
Case is very comfortable. i had some problem but customer service soled it very very quickly. Customer Service is the best all over the net. Many thanks to mobilfun.co.uk and employees..
good quality
Good service, fast delivery, good quality.
Better fitment
The fitment of the ice view case exceeded my expectations. Coming from an M8 with the dot view case, I have noticed the side of the phone is well covered. Also the front cover hinges much better then before. I wish HTC would include more features for ice view like voice command and different displays . All in all great quality for a fair price.
Looks neat!
It differs from DotView - it is softer and don't flip back by itself. So I found it easier to fold it. I love the font! It looks so fine. Contact names looks good, messages looks good, numbers looks good! Colours and clock - everything just fits together. It completes HTC 10. Liked Dotview. Love Iceview.
Great product
A good case, tough, slim & the front flap folds flat against the back. I like the way it pops on & off with minimum fuss as I use it in a Brodit car holder which requires the case to be removed
Nice Ice
What a cracking case! Two taps and a view of messages or calls without opening case. Answer a call with a slide upwards. Take a quick picture with a downward swipe, all with case closed. Magic! Clever design, simple with great feel, robust and protective, a real winner. Best case I have ever used with a smart phone. Well done HTC.
HTC 10 Ice View Product 100% - Customer Service 110%
HTC 10 Ice View - Fantastic bit of kit, recommend this to anybody.
MobileFun- When I received the first delivery the item and package was damaged beyond use.Contacted Customer Services and a replacement was sent out straight away. What more can you ask for- Very professional.
Excellent company, fantastic product.
What a fabulous case
What a fabulous case, so clever, don't bother buying any other case, well worth the money
Excellent case!
Perfect protection, and great design! My recommendation for this case!
What a fantastic phone case
What a fantastic phone case the Ice for Htc10. Very intelligent. Don't bother buying any other case for your precious HTC10
front cover can open up if dropped
Great Case
Brilliant case with excellent features meaning the phone can be used without opening the case. Make calls, take photos, see who's text without having to open the case.
Great price from Mobile Fun too, under cutting HTC by around 50%
Best case period
Only OEM case for the HTC 10. Don't waste your money elsewhere. This is the next generation of phone accessory technology. Incredible case for a valuable price. Shipping was fair and fast, for Americans interested in purchasing.
Enjoying it so far!
Not sure how robust it is as I haven't dropped the phone yet - not as bulky as previous cases I've had which is great, but if it doesn't give a good level of impact protection that won't be a plus. Fantastic being able to answer phone without opening a case, and handy to see notifications as well. Looks very cool. Can't seem to find anywhere whether it's OK to use with a high impact screen protector, or whether the case will do that job for me. Works seamlessly, and hasn't given me any glitches after a couple of weeks of use. I love it.
Practical and attractive
Sturdy without being too bulky, IceView works great for checking notifications, taking calls, and using camera without having to open the cover. I didn't use a case on my HTC One but decided to get one for my new phone to avoid too many scratches.
Good product.
The case was delivered in good condition. I will recommend this site and service.
Expensive for what it is
Does what it is supposed to do but if you have had a HTC dot view case in the past you may be disappointed
Excellent AND GOOD
Excellent AND GOOD
Arrived promptly as described. Very Happy
Cover was promptly delivered as ordered!
Does what it says=)
Case is protective, easy to use phone with it in place. Would be better transparent as it would show the phone's colour. However rather it looks like boring black phone and is protected than pretty.
The real thing
Decided to purchase the genuine HTC10 cover as excellent value for money on this website. Punctual delivery, been using for a week now and love the case. Does exactly what it's supposed to do, Plus looks smart, slim and robust. Highly recommended
The case is good and looks nice and i'm satisfies. Delivery took little longer. Under the direct sunlight the notifications and calls are not visible over the cover.
Great product...i always try and use the manufacturer's product as its made to their specifics.
Which means you get what you wanted, not something that is"close" to what u want
Very dissapointed
Having upgraded from a HTC One M8 to a M10 I was very much looking forward to receiving the new Ice View case. I chose an HTC phone again because it came with the bespoke case.
The M8's Dot case was a brilliant design, looked great and a good quality product. It covered the phone in all the right places whilst allowing the metal design of the phone to show through.
Unfortunately the M10's Ice View case is none of these. It completely covers the phone turning the curvy design into a black blob. It look cheap and I doubt the hinge on the cover will last longer than a year of use.
In fact I have decided to ditch the Ice Case and have bought a Spigen case instead.
A waste of money - avoid.
excellent case still some more features can be incorporated as it was in dot view....
Looks great!
Perfect fit, the colours look amazing and great attention to detail. The seconds on the clock spin and the stage of each song works in the same way whilst in music mode. Great purchase, I'm happy to spend the extra for the official product and my friends are so jealous!
Great case
I had the Dot View case on the HTC M8 and it was really good. The Ice View and HTC 10 are far better - protects the phone, accessible, and usable. The phone goes everywhere and this case protects it no matter what. Whether in a bag, on the desk, in a pocket, in the car or on charge on table it's all good. It's better than the Dot View in that it doesn't have a sprung hinge so the flap stays open. That's more user-friendly, but the downside is that you have to make sure to close it. Not a big deal, but it does seem that is could fall open if the phone was dropped so the screen is at risk. The old case stayed closed so that was never a problem. If you have dropped your phone, I'd suggest not relying on the Ice View case. It does wrap around the phone edges though, and has about 1mm of raised edge over the screen... still, I'm not prepared to give it a try. Another thing is the price - it's not cheap, but the 10 (especially the 64GB model) isn't cheap so it's a comparatively small cost.
Perfect - love it
Does the job perfectly
Nice features
Product is nice, good looking....satisfied....
Fantastic case
The HTC ICE view case fits brilliantly to the phone. It doesn't make the phone bulky or anything. The really cool thing is that you can see notifications from the phone "through" the cover. All in all a very good buy. I highly recommend it.
Best case I've own
Great Functionality, feels secure, and has a nice grip to it. Proud owner. Delivery was in a reasonae time frame and this site has the case for the best price available. Trust me I've look
Great accessory from HTC
Very good quality. The cover fits the phone perfectly so it does not make the phone bulkier. It's also very light so if does not make the phone heavier. The only complaint I have is that the cost isn't see- through so the beauty of the phone Isel is kind of lost. A small price to pay for some protection guys.
Perfect match
If you haven't got this case already then get it!! Fits perfectly maintains the phones slim profile and the ice view just tops off this phones features. Don't waste your time with any other case you'll only wish you got this the first time like I did.
The Ice View Case for the HTC works very well the phone
The Ice View Case for the HTC works very well the phone. Mobile Fun shipped the item as soon as it was available. They informed of the wait and gave me a chance to cancel if I wanted to. Glad I didn't. They also contacted me when they actually shipped it out. I really like their customer service.
Works brilliantly, looks great
Nice product
Excellent case
I am really impressed with thr product would love to order more covers from mobilefun
Briliant case
Yes,It's a brilliant case for HTC 10,work perfect with handset and fit and protect the phone
Great service
Perfect. Quick delivery. My second purchase at mobile fun.ie. Good communication. Very happy overall.
Excellent features
Great product. Would recommend
Amazing phone case!
Amazing case enables me to access notifications at a glance and doesn't bulk up the phone compared to other phone cases
Fantastic case!
Really love this case. It's not chunky or heavy feeling but still remains sturdy and protective. Guys the phone perfectly and is great for interaction without a flappy part of the case getting in the way. The front cover folds behind the back easily and doesn't make the phone feel any bigger whilst in hand. Would highly recommend this case! My phone feels 100% protected and stays stylish at the same time
A really great piece of kit.
When I got my new HTC 10 I noticed an app I'd not seen before: Ice View. It appeared to have no purpose, until I got the case, inserted the phone, which immediately responded, asked for permissions, whereupon, once granted, the case and the phone became 'one'.
I particularly like the way opening and closing the cover turns the screen on and off, and the fact that even with the 'see through' cover closed you can make and receive calls. If you're a WhatsApp user, another great feature is the ability, once you begin playback, to listen to your messages with the case closed and not have that annoying experience of the message pausing every time you accidentally touch the screen.
The case , of course, is designed such that the phone fits perfectly, yet all its ports and apertures are accessible. Once in place it seems you never need to remove it.
If you're lucky enough to own an HTC 10 — look no further.
I like the case very much
I like the case very much and I like the very fast way you deliver the case the very next day
Fair price and shipping was relatively fast. the cover works great and looks nice.
As described
As described, delivery on time.
HTC Icewiev
It is very good just like I expected.
I placed an order for the Ice Smart case for my HTC M10 and got it lighting fast through mail now I have a case to protect my phone but In style I would definitely come back here and shop and would will highly recommend to my friends and family no hassle in placing order very self explanatory.
Great case
The case was really good. The screen works but it has be dark or less light outside. Doesn't work if it's sunny. But still good case. I enjoy it.
Very Clever
The cover offers excellent protection for everyday use. The clever feature of being able to see basic screen functions through the front cover is innovative.
Good case and does exactly what is says on the tin
good case and does exactly what is says on the tin, nicer interface than the dot view which I hated and screen saver is very pretty. Only down side is the hinge area of the flip which seems rather flimsy and I suspect will not last for the life of the phone but that remains to be seen! The main body of the case seems to be quite sturdy and had already protected my phone from a fall onto tiles.
ice view cover in the house and let me tell you its stunning,classy, elegant & excellent.. buy it and feel it, its worth every single penny and the feel is awesome :)
Best Buy
Fantastic product, great shopping experience with MobileFun and awesome delivery, product arrived on time and exactly what I expected.
Official Htc 10 Ice Wiew Case
Totaly perfect. With this case Htc 10 is HTC 10 +. Quality of product is the best. Transportation package is excelent. Many thx dear MobileFun.
Protection and style
Used to have the dot view case on my HTC One m8 and loved it.
This is a natural progression of that case and have to say I've fallen in love with it.
The clock screen looks great, being able to use the camera through it is also really handy as it was a real downfall of the previous version and pretty much all other flip cases due to folding it back over the viewfinder, and being able to see what notifications you've got without opening the case is a good feature.
Well worth the money.
Great product worth the high price
Wow. Just wow. Makes me love my phone even more. It's so sleek and makes it look so slim. Had another generic case beforehand whilst waiting for this to arrive. Night & day.
Worth the high price tag. Buy it and you won't be disappointed.

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