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Official HP Elite X3 Genuine Leather Wallet Folio Case - Black Reviews

This official real leather case protects your HP Elite X3's back, sides and screen from harm while keeping your most vital cards close to hand with the official flip wallet cover in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61783
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 9 customers

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Good Case Great Price
This is the same case as available on other sites for a much better price. Shipping to the US was as stated and expected (did take over a week).
Добрый день!
Получил сегодня мой заказ. Все хорошо, качественно, быстро! Единственно нет информации о движении товара, это немного не удобно. А так большое спасибо!
Жду вторую часть моего заказа!
Very good service
Very quick and good service
Great quality
The Wallet Folio Leather case is a great case for your Elite x3. Good quality, super handy features, feels good, and decent protection for your phone. This is the official HP case and works with the phone to turn off screen on close/turn on when opened which I love. This is not a rugged case but does have a hard shell back for a little better protection than a standard soft case. This does a good job of protecting the screen & phone in your pocket. There are two small slots for cards in the front and the case fold out to make a small stand for the phone. Over and all highly pleased with this case. Two things to keep in mind: 1. The Elite x3 had some bugs using this case that did not always turn off the screen when I first got the phone, but this seems to be fixed with a firmware update last week. 2. This is NOT a ruggedized case, it does a good job giving basic protection, but that is all. With that said, this is a great case!
better than anticipated
Great case. Beautiful, great feel, worth the price. Wonderful attention to detail, i.e. speaker openings. Great material. I read reviews, some great and others harsh. few seemed to be honest, unbiased, or well thought out so I wasn't quite sure what I'd be getting. I do prefer this site as most reviewers are intelligent, straight forward, and bright so at least I can count on them to give a good idea of a quality product. I am very happy with this purchase and thank each reviewer for their contribution in my discussion. I do highly suggest, if you have this phone/plan on getting, that you get this case. It is functional, appealing to the eye. After reading the reviews of lesser quality cases I felt this would be well worth the money and indeed it is. I have little to no luck with electronics/pieces of technology and I truly believe it is because of this case that I have yet to destroy my phone. It took 8 months to completely destroy my 950xl so the fact that my elite is just a few months old and still looks/functions as new says a ton for this case. Get it girl. =^..^=
Highly recommended
I highly recommend this case. It has a few key features which were not mentioned on the website.
- it is magnetic so closes really nicely and stays closed.
- the phone automatically goes to sleep when you close the case and automatically wakes when you open it. This is a fantastic feature and not only increases battery life but is super convenient.
- qi wireless charging still works as normal.
- feels really well made, is stylish and unlike cheaper cases, its actually really slim and hardly takes up any additional space.
- I am not sure why but when used with Elite X3 desk dock the phone becomes buggy and won't switch off. This requires a restart. Having the phone case in either the open or closed position doesn't make a difference.
- with a folio case it is harder to access the fingerprint reader with your left hand. This is simply because there the case opens from left to right.

Final thoughts. I really like this case. Its stylish, well made, light and thin and I love how the phone wakes/sleeps simply by opening the case.
High Quality Case
The HP Elite X3 Case was simply perfect and of very high quality. Price was unbelivably low and shipping cost was very competitive. Thw entire transaction was simple, quick and the follow up was highly professionnal.

This was my first but for sure not my last purchase from Mobile Fun.
Nice case, surprisingly durable
I like that the phone locks when the cover closes, I had seen that on ipads so it's cool the Windows 10 has the same feature. The only thing I wish HP added was a magnet when folded back and open.
Very Nice Case
Good solid case. Materials feel nice like a high end case.
Very pleased.

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