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Official DT-904 Microsoft Wireless Charging Plate - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your handset fully charged easily with this stylish and convenient white Qi wireless charging plate from Microsoft, which also features NFC.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56772
$85.47 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 7 customers

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Looks good, but NFC can be fustrating
The DT-902 is feature packed; it a illuminates when charging, has NFC, & connects to the Gadget app on Windows 10 mobile.
However, I've never quite got the NFC to connect properly. My mobile chimes to let me know there's an NFC device it wants to connect but then keeps chiming. This was particularly annoying as I had the wireless charger next to my bed.
I've since learnt that if I place my mobile onto the wireless plate so the top is at the cable end, the NFC isn't triggered & the mobile charges as it should.
I suspect the problem is to do with the Gadget app on Windows 10 mobile rather than the DT-902.
In any case, it's annoying that I can't take advantage of all the features.
The gadget app was recently updated. So far, this seems to have improved things.
In summary, it looks great. Love the illumination, but the NFC connection is frustrating.
By the way, the DT-902 also works for Samsung Edge 7.
excellent product, beautifull and operational, works fine in a blink of an eye, very happy with the product
very good and beautiful product, works fine with my lumia
Everything was perfect! Very fast! Good price! I highly recommend!
Love it!
I like the fact that I can just drop my phone onto the pad and it charges, ready for next day. No fiddling with plugs. My first experience with Qi charging and I love it!
Not worth the money
This is a triumph of form over substance. Looks good but is a bit flaky. Promises all sorts of benefits by interacting with your phone but it is all a bit pointless. Next time, another universal brand would suffice.
Works perfectly
First one that arrived was faulty, however the returns service offered by Mobilefun is superb and within a few days a replacement arrived which works perfectly.

Thank you Mobilefun your service is great.
It works
More importantly, it stops charging when full where others did not.
Excellent service and love the charger
I recently bought a Microsoft DT-904 wireless charger for my Lumia 950. It is a Qi charger and does an excellent job. My phone is in a plastic case and the the charger works with the case with no problems at all. I just place my phone with the case on to the top of the charger and it charges reasonably quickly. I just like the ease of a wireless charger better than having to plug it in. The phone will communicate with the charger through Bluetooth and it is possible via an App to control various functions associated with the charger.

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