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Official BlackBerry Micro USB UK Wall Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Compact and convenient, this official Blackberry UK Wall Charger will keep your BlackBerry and other micro USB devices fully charged wherever you go.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56364

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 5 stars from 1 customers

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Why you should buy THIS charger...
...why? ..because it is the neatest, most compact high charging output phone that I could find! Most charging plugs are bulky or the charging wire has to come out of the side or bottom of the plug. This means that when it's plugged into a low down wall socket that the charging wire loses 3" of what are usually short cables. This is because they come out of the bottom of the plug and then have to loop back over the phone to reach a desk. This plug has the cable socket at the TOP of the plug meaning that no cable length is lost and any desk or cabinet can be pushed up against the plug - thus saving space. It also has a higher than usual output meaning that your flat phone battery can be charged in far less time than usual phone chargers. Be warned! ..not ALL plug chargers are the same! - I can strongly recommend this one.

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