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Official BlackBerry KEYone Dual Layer Hard Shell Case - Black Reviews

The Official Blackberry KEYone Dual Layer Hard Shell Case in black provides tough and stylish protection for your Blackberry KEYone without sacrificing any functionality.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63755
$39.80 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 18 customers

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Product is well designed and did not take away from the functionality of my phone.
I searched several site and vendors and the dual layer hard shell case totally fit my need. I had my first BlackBerry Keyone for only three weeks before dropping it, and it separated into two parts. Since, I have ben without a new upgraded blackberry for seven years I could not chance dropping this one. I waited after receiving my replacement phone two week for this case. I am well convinced that it will protect the phone. Additionally, the price was under to the quality of the product. Thanks
fits perfect
Its an excellent OEM quality case.
Best Blackberry KEYone Cover - PERIOD
This is by far the most superior Blackberry KEYone cover. not bulky at all, makes the phone look even more executive than it already looks, i really like the Blackberry logo embossed in the back of the cover, grip is really good and it fits like it was made for it, really happy with this cover.
Happy customer!
Probably the most expensive of the shells on offer but I am totally satisfied. It oozes quality and the two part construction is neat. Happy customer
Fits like a glove
Best case around for the best protection of the Blackberry Keyone!!!
The cover is perfect. As advertised and we'll priced. Durable and sturdy.
Excellent Features
Made exclusively for the Blackberry Key One, Fits well and great protection. Only available in black
great fit
great fit and feels comfy in hands. my only complaint is when face down the case does not keep keyboard off surface
Excellent product
Perfect fit
Fits perfectly! Oem product! A++++
Great Product
Official BlackBerry KEYone Dual Layer Hard Shell Case - Black. Great Product. Thank you,
Standard case but only offers protection to the back and sides.
Nice to have the double layer of protection for sure but what this case is lacking is a screen cover of any kind. It offers no protection to the front of the phone, and barely over laps past the side bottoms in terms of a wrap around device protection. Better off with a pocket case
Fits Like a Glove
This case looks great and fits very well.
This case is the best I have seen so far. The only thing for me lacking is the ability to fully enclose and clip it on my belt. I would recommend the case.
The perfect case!
The official Blackberry/TCL case is the perfect one for this device. Nice tight fit, great protection, and good grip. Go for it!

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