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Obliq Slim Meta Samsung Galaxy S6 Case - Titanium Space Grey Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 with this ultra slim case in titanium space grey which protects as well as providing a stunning full body protection in an attractive dual design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52501
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 3.8 stars from 18 customers

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Very good cases only downside for me unable to leave on while using my Samsung charges
My review is as above no need to repeat myself cases very good if you don't mind taking them off every time you charge your phone
Great purchase
Arrived very quickly. Golden/white finish gives the phone a really nice look. All my friends like it;) Makes camera not to poke out of the phone. Really good protection. Managed to drop my phone from the stairs and all good. All boxes ticked. Definitely recommend!
Great product
Great product, does not seem as sturdy as I thought it would be, however it looks great, fits my S6 perfectly and hopefully will give it reasonable protection when I inevitability drop it. The case does not have any protection on the screen, however I prefer this as it looks better, and lets you actually use the phone rather than struggle with a plastic barrier!

Overall a great product, you could probably find a cheaper alternative, but it wont look as good!
I didn't like it at all
I bought this based on the excellent reviews I found.
But when I got it, I was very disappointed.. To start with, it looks really bulky. It's funny that they called it 'Slim' model.
Then, it doesn't fit my phone as it should. It's like the case it's 2 millimeters too big and the phone it's not hold properly. It doesn't feel very secure to me.. In fact I don't think this can help protect the phone at all.
Also it left the physical buttons pretty unusable..
Will be trying to get a refund
Love it!
Have yet to drop my phone, so I can't comment on the protective capabilities. Looks sleek tho, really happy!
This is a very well manufactured product
This is a very well manufactured product which provides great hand grip and protection around your Galaxy S6. Every cent worth spending.
Not a bad case
Well what can I say the case looks great well made, the only draw back I can see is that the lip could be a little higher on the front for better protection if dropped face down, apart from that nice case
Good quality product.
Good quality product. Phone no longer slides off surfaces and has survived a few drops. Looks good and doesn't add much weight or bulk to the phone.

my only worry is that the case only forms a small lip over the screen. I hope it is enough to protect the glass.
Suits the s6, protects the camera bulge shall we call it. the colour is nice, haven't dropped it yet but i'm sure when i do it will protect the s6 very well

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