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Obliq Slim Meta iPhone SE Case - Titanium Silver Reviews

Protect your iPhone SE with this ultra slim case in titanium silver, which protects as well as providing a stunning full body protection in an attractive dual design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59104
$32.95 inc VAT
 4 stars from 5 customers

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Removal of case.
The Case is very good quality, quite robust and there in lies the problem
this case is difficult to remove from the phone. on one of several attempts
my glass screen protector was cracked
Solve the problem of easier removal and you have a top class product.
Great case
Great case not bulky adds to the look of the phone
Would have given this product 5 stars except for the problem / difficulty when removing cover.
This is a quality product, but it has a design fault regarding the cover removal which is not easy. When I tried to remove the cover it was so awkward that it damaged my glass screen cover.So not easy if you have the need to gain access to your sim card.
It is comfortable to hold, looks stylish and slick
I'm normally very tight with my money so spending ~£30 on a case is a lot more than I would normally spend, but I'm completely pleased that I did. It is comfortable to hold, looks stylish and slick, and most importantly it has made my phone basically indestructible. There is a slight ridge around the screen meaning that if I drop it on a flat surface it would be impossible to hit the screen, and this ridge being made out of rubber gives it that shock absorbency to protect it. It is difficult to get the phone in to the case in the first place and I am not looking forward to having to take it off to change SIM cards but on the plus side it will not pop out without a fight! I still easily feel the vibration through the case. Overall 10/10 and am recommending it to my friends with the same sized phones.

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