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Obliq Dual Poly Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bumper Case - White, Pink, Mint Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with this precisely designed case which protects as well as providing interchangeable bumper colours. With white, pink and mint bumpers you can switch to suit your mood.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52531
$33.18 inc VAT
 5 stars from 3 customers

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Fits great, looks great and works with wireless.
Fits perfect, looks really slick and smart and more importantly (for myself) works instantly with wireless charging, after trying a few other cases. Glad to have stumbled across the case and mobile fun!
fantastic covers.
Superb case
I was looking for a nice case for my new Emerald green S6 Edge and I was struggling.

The Emerald green was a replacement for my Black S6 Edge that had an issue with the screen and I had previously purchased a Spigen Tough Armor case in Gunmetal for that and it fitted well and looked the bizz.
(I did not get the phone from MobileFun, just wanted to clarify that).
I have always bought my accessories from MobileFun and now having the Emerald Green version I wanted a case that would compliment the phone and I have too say I was struggling, so I called MobileFun and explained that I was struggling finding a case, although I had seen a few in Green on the site I knew that there had been some issues with those cases (No I am not going to name the manufacturer's).
So I called and spoke to one of the lovely sales team at MobileFun and presented them with my dilemma, they could not have been more helpful and whilst talking to them on the phone we searched through the cases together. I am so fussy but that being said the sales representative had a great sense of humour and really knew a lot about the cases. Finally we stumbled across this one and my initial thoughts were, well let's say I was not sold on it "Mint Green I do not like the sound of that and the picture doesn't make it look like a nice case I said". Now this was the bit that was so good, the sales person I was talking to had actually seen the case in person and said it was so close in colour to the Emerald green S6 and told me if it turned up and I did not like it then I could return it without question, so I put my trust in them and placed my order although I have to say it was an anxious wait until the case arrived.
Also I only wanted the Green part and not the White or Pink but it seemed that this was the only way to go.
Well I have to say that this is one awesome case, it fits like a glove and I am not getting any dust inside this one like I did with the Spigen, however I did love that case and have it safely in my draw.

Now the Green, oh the GREEN...this looks so nice and sexy it sleeps right next to me on my bedside table.....I am in love!!!! So many people have said how cool this looks, the phone and case combo is perfection. This case has been crafted with love and everything and I mean everything it just perfect, fit, placement of the buttons, charging port and headphone cut outs are all aligned perfectly.

The build quality is excellent!!!

Once again a great product recommended by MobileFun and superb customer service as always.

This is why I always shop with MObileFun

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