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Noreve Tradition Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Brown Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 well protected from damage with this high quality, beautifully crafted genuine brown leather case from Noreve.
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 4.7 stars from 16 customers

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This is the best samsung S4 case i have ever purchased
this is the best samsung S4 case i have ever purchased anywhere since shopping online 6 years ago. It is Quality leather, Quality build, Quality feel. Hey you pay a lot more for this case but your getting the best. I am very very pleased with this case and would definetly buy again Should the need arise,
Happy with my purchase
This product was what i was looking for. It's leather, studying and fits perfectly. Whilst it was not in the sale the price did not put me off buying it as it was still worth the investment.
Stylish case that does what it says it does
So far so good with this stylish black leather case for the S4 Activa. Fits like a glove, is easy and simple to open and close and looks good. If it's still behaving in six months then its an absolute winner.
High quality cover
This is a very well made cover. Perfect fit, good quality leather.
lovely case
Loved the case. Bit expensive but you get what you pay for. Great smell of leather and feels sturdy but not too heavy. Would recommend
I had a Noreve case for my S3 and it was a very well manufactured high quality case. I dropped it a few time and it protect my phone perfectly. No damage to the phone at all. So, I decide to stick with what i knew from the S3 case and get a Noreve case for my new S4. And yet again I am in no way disappointing. Yet another very well manufactured high quality case from Noreve. Very highly recommended.
Expensive but I expect 2 years of protection from this case.
I had a galaxy s2 for which I brought a Nor eve case. Two years later the case is looking battered but my phone is relatively undamaged.
I now have a s4.
I didn't want to spend so much money but I couldn't find a case which covered so much of the phones edging or came up the sides as far.
As with my previous case i wish there was more protection along the top edge.
Not sure how this could be done but it's a slight issue which allows damage to occur when the case is open and the phone dropped.
Love the case.
Love the smell.
I have used the red cloth bag the case came in to carry my phone in for extra protection.
I would like the bag to be something as durable as the case as I intend to continue using it.
Perhaps dispense with the flash box and spend the extra on the above?
Would recommend the case,,
After all two years is a long time.
Noreve Galaxy S4 Case Review
I have used Piel Frama Smartphone cases in the past. However, recently I saw Noreve products on the web and found them to be of high quality, at half the price of Piel Frama's cases. It arrived in a beautiful box and pouch. The tan color Galaxy S4 case fits like a glove around the phone and confident it will last for a long time. To keep the case looking like new, I recommend using a leather cleaner once a month. A very satisfied Noreve customer.
Superb product
I have had mobile phones since they were bricks!Since there have been covers I have used them and thus over the years I have had very many! I can say, unequivocally,that this case is by far the best I have ever had! It is sheer quality!The front is slightly padded for protection and it clips up securely. As an added bonus it feels good too!And was delivered on time. Thoroughly recommended!
Excellent product
Stylish and very well made item. The phone is a good snug fit in this case which does not impact on the use of the phone. Weight 67gm. Looks as though it will protect against knocks and drops with padding on flip screen cover (not putting it to the test yet though)
The best you can get
It is a really beautiful case that enhances the grip, and gives the phone a premium feel that the naked product lacks. You don't have to flip when someone call you. It has 100% quality genuine leather. I highly reccomend this case to anyone who doesn't have purchased a case yet.
The case is reasonably well made. It is bulky but the protection is good and the phone fits tightly in the case (perhaps a little too tight as it was difficult to get it out again). My biggest issue was the weight. This case is heavy and felt almost as heavy as the phone. Hence I have sent it back. Comes in nice presentation box with cloth case, although I feel this is a bit of a waste of money as you inevitably end up putting them in the bin.

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