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Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4S - White Nappa Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 4S / 4 in style with this genuine nappa leather luxury case in white.
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 4.3 stars from 54 customers

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Great case ! get what you pay for.
Great case for iPhone 4 & 4s
If you need a case that combines protection style and feels quality , this is the one feels great leather and sturdy enough if you dropped the phone for a bit of protection and are available in black there range of products by this male are wide for iPads etc , but would recommend , the service of this company was fast got before I left for my hols thanks guys
Good quality
Had this for a few weeks now. Quality looks to be very good. It will arrive with a belt clip that you can attach if you wish and in a very nice looking box, which is great if this is a gift for someone.

Take a look at both colours as the pictures of the white one will not show you much, the photos of the black one will show you more detail.

I phoned to ask a question on the camera hole (which I could have got from the photo of the black one) and ordered over the phone. The item was dispatched the same day, I paid the extra for 1st class post and it arrived the next day.

Not cheap but I think in the long run I will not be buying a new case every 6-8 months so worth the extra. You do need to pay for a better product and better service.
Love the Luxury leather.
I wanted a white case for my new iPhone 4S; and everywhere I looked, I only found cheap plastic covers. I was lucky enough to find that MobileFun had quite a few classy choices that was befitting of my new expensive phone.
I am so thrilled with the leather, it is a good quality with that lovely leather smell !! Also my phone fits really snugly into the case with no risk of falling out...
Love it, love it. 😄
Quality case, works well, good price
Being made of glass front and back, iPhone4's are very susceptible to dropping on hard surfaces.
There are lots of cases available for protection but this Noreve is very stylish, and functional, whilst being robust at the same time. If you use your iPhone a lot, this is the case for you, as it opens easily, to answer the phone when it rings, the leather (white or black) is great quality, and the case really does protect the phone. All at a great price. Whats not to like?
Great accessory
This is a very well finished and high quality case which works very well. It is the second one I have owned - the first one lasted 3 years and was still ok, but a little tatty.
Very high quality product.
This product is worth buying for the packaging alone. It comes in a stiff cardboard box with the case itself in a cloth protective bag.
As soon as you get the case out of the bag you can smell the leather- no cheap materials here. I don't use the clip so i can't comment on how useful it is or isn't.

The phone fits perfectly into the case and none of the buttons or ports are covered, the camera lens is also left free.

A very high quality product with no bad points. It looks the part and protects the phone.
This is my second one
Functional, smart, looks good and hardly increases the dimensions of your phone. When I upgraded to iPhone 4S from the 4, whilst same case fitted, I just bought a new one. Gives full access to phone and no dangly bits of velcro to block camera.
Exactly what i wanted
I was looking for genuine leather case for my iphone 4s for few weeks then i came across this what can i say its just perfect. Phone fits perfect and its real leather a bit pricey but worth it.
Almost perfect
Great case, almost perfect except for one major flaw - no corner protection around camera. As the corners are the most vulnerable I was disappointed that the corneris exposed. The pdair leathervflip case is almost indentical and cheaper and it has corner alround corner protection. The only reason I didn't go for the pdair was it doesn't have belt clip, combine the both and you have the best case for iphone 4s.
NOREVE iphone4 leather case
one of the best items i have purcahsed comes with a beltclip as standard to use or not to use is th question i use.I liked it so much i am purchasing one for my motorola Atrix. you cant go wrong with this protecter. Slighty more expensive than some, quality makes up for it and you wouldnt want to buy anything else.
An Excellent case, but......
Good looking, strong and well made. The case protects most of the phone when closed, and apart from one corner, where this version was modified for the camera lens and flash, offers good protection.
However... I have had two replacements because the leather covered plastic tab which holds the flap closed, keeps breaking. The fact that the case is a tight fit on the phone doesn't help, and each time the flap is closed strain is put on this weak point
Noreve need to address this point.
Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4 - Bla
I recently brought myself a iphone 4 and wanted a leather case to which would fit securely and protect my iphone.

I brought the Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4 - Black from Mobilefun.co.uk

It fits perfectly and am very pleased that I brought this leather case from Mobilefun.

I would recommend this case to any one who has the iphone 4
Does what it says on the tin, good quality leather and good fast service.
Better than A Vaja case
I bought this as a cheap replacement for my knackered Vaja case which fell apart after 6 months whilst i'm waiting for a replacement from Vaja i'm pretty certain ill keep this case and sell the vaja when it comes back as this is much better quality at a 3rd of the price
Noreve tradition A leather Flipcase for iphone 4
Excellent case, with an optional use of a belt clip.
Slim and stylish. The only criticism I have is that the corner of the case does not protect the corner adjacent to the camera lens.
Really stylish and you can see the whole face of t
I'm very pleased with the quality and appearance of the Noreve iPhone case. I looked at a number of different types but I'm satisfied with the choice that I settled with.
A very good case
I have had several Noreve cases for iPhones and iPad,the quality of the construction and leather is very good, this case fits the iPhone 4 very well, gives great protection but keeps the face very clear, I like the flip over design .It also looks very stylish.
Great case! Beautiful slim fit and a very elegant way to protect your iPhone. Only thing that restricts this from getting 5 stars is that it arrived with a tiny scuff on back which makes me wonder if has been used before. Thing is, I'm a massive fan of mobilefun and wouldn't want to end up in a debate about something so minor. Only case I've seen that makes the iPhone look even better.
Disappointingly Very Poor Quality Now
Unfortunatley unlike my previous Noreve Products this is now a very very cheap construction.

I've had 2 major issues with the case.

The little plastic tab which holds the case close has loosened so now it doesn't hold the case close anymore! Then it snapped completely & hangs just by the leather.

The mounting for the belt clip now rotates freely so now I can't position it to the right angle to get it out of the belt clip!

Overall a waste of money, as my wife's £10 case is surviving much better!
Noreve leather iphone casd
A very good product which arrived the very next day after ordering. It's a bit expensive and I thought about it long and hard before I purchased it but am very pleased that I did. Mobile Fun's support throughout the buying process was truly commendable and I would not hesitate to buy further products from them in the near future. Truly excellent customer support - just what I like!!
Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4 - Bla
My friend bought this case for her iPhone and likes it a lot. On the strength of this I bought one for my daughter, who is also pleased with it. It must be good, as she is very fussy! It is a neat case, fitting snugly, and the catch which holds the cover closed works well. It allows easy use of all the features of the iPhone, while drawing attention away from the fact that you are using one, if, for security reasons, you want that. It also provides good protection for the phone. It is an expensive case, but is made of good quality leather and so probably worth it. It is a pity that it only appears to come in black.
This is the best leather case for the iPhone 4... I didn't use the free belt clip, but kept fiddling with the screw in cap, which eventually fell and I lost it. But I don't mind it, in fact prefer it without as it now sits flat. It' a nice tidy case, not bulky but robust enough to protect the phone. Go buy it, full marks!
Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4 - Bla
This is the fourth one that I have purchased which says it all really.
Probably the best case on the market.
Catch is not as good as others from Noreve.
The friction clasp is not as effective as magnetic and press stud clasps on cases for other phones from this manufacturer and sometimes it just falls open when on the belt clasp but otherwise the quality is satisfying.
As far as I'm concerned this is the perfect protective case for an iphone! It is snug and slim enough to still fit inside of a pocket. There are notches cut into the casing so that all of the buttons and ports are still available. Lastly when it is flipped up it provides protection to the screen which I find useful as I often have other objects in my pockets with sharp edges.
Iphone 4 Case
As with all Noreve products, the quality is excellent. I would have preferred the top cover to "flip" the other way, as my previous Noreve cases did, but I'll get used to it. Tends to catch on screen protector.
not good
This product is poorly designed and breaks easily . the catch breaks very quickly indeed and for £30 very dissapointing . I have only had mine about 1.5 months and am not at all happy with it
Pricey but good
Looked for ages trying to find a case that would protect both sides of the phone, allow access to buttons & sockets. This one does all. This new model comes with the whole corner removed where the camera lense is. I believe the old model had a whole which could sometimes obscure the picture - not a problem now. It does leave this corner unprotected but providing owners of a £500 handset exercise an ounce of care it should be fine. I have read reviews on this case where people have made a big deal about the front emblem striking or scratching the camera lense when the case is open and folded back on itself. Yes the badge does align with the lense but there is not physical way it can touch it. Due to the hinge point being flexible material, all you need to do to take a pic or vid with the case open and folded back on itself is slightly rotate the cover out the way of the lense. Not an issue.
The phone is a snug fit and the flexible leather catch hooks over the top of the phone nicely to secure the front cover. It is a sleak, minimalist design that provides good protection whilst still allowing the styling of the phone to be seen.
Purely for pricing I rate this case as 4*. For everything else it gets a 5*
Perfect partner for iPhone 4
An excellent well-made case that enhances the phone and, unlike many cheaper less well-designed cases, does not impede use of the touchscreen. Highly recommended.
Noreve leather case for i phone
Case just what I wanted,when flap is open can get to all the keys especially usefull when texting or emailing. Phone is secure & the case feels good quality.
Noreve Leather Case for iPhone 4
Snug fit. Offers great protection and is a smart way to preserve you treasured bit of kit.
Not bad
Bought this a couple of weeks ago to replace the iPhone 3GS Case i was using with my iPhone 4.

I chose this case as it wrapped round the edge of my iPhone protecting it from falls, it had a decent camera apeture and the falp covered the screen. these were requirement due to my job.

After using it for about a month now i only have one complaint. The little flap which streches over the top of the iPhone to hold the screen protector in place broke off completely, upon inspection i saw that the case is actually plastic covered in leather.

I was always suspicious of the longevity lil flap on the top would give and now my suspicions have been confirmed.

Due to useability, meeting my requirements but because of the poor quality of the flap i will mark thsi as a 3.
Leather Case
A perfect case for the iphone 4.
It looks good and offers a good amount of protection.
The phone fits into the case snuggly and there is access to all functions so no need to remove it.
AI am delighted with it.
Noreve iphone4 tradition A leather case.
Excellent product. So good to have a leather case which fits the product so well,literally like a glove. There is no chance of the phone coming loose and falling on the floor,which gives you peace of mind. I've had cases before where every time you go to answer the phone you'd do it really slowly and warily as you'd feel it was insecure. An other major plus is the fact that as it is such thin,good quality leather it ensures the phone actually retains it's iPhone look. When you have an iPhone which do look a sexy bit of kit you don't want it smothered in some bulky case which hides the phones identity and make it look like any old phone could be inside. It also leaves all slots clear for easy access to volume control and headphones. All in all a good product which will stand the test of time. It may be more expensive than some but you do get what you pay for I'm confident this case will last longer than 2 cheaper ones!
Noreve Leather Case iPhone 4: mid-Nov delivery
Due to the poor review regarding the case aperture for the camera (slight cloud effect on photo edge when flash is used), Noreve has altered the back design in the latest delivery. Now the back has a complete corner cut-out (1.5cm x 2cm) where the camera aperture is. While this solves the flash problem, your iPhone has no protection on the camera corner should you drop it. If you are happy to spend another £16+ on a good full body protector, then this is still a very stylish & beautifully fitted case to house your iPhone.
Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4
Very slim and rigid, good quality leather case which provides good protection while only adding a few milimetres to the overall thickness of the phone. Fits tightly and gives access to all ports and functions.
Contrary to other revues I found there to be no issues with the logo stud on the front of the case hitting the camera lens when folded back, the lens socket is definitely deep enough to provide clearance; nor is there any clouding around photo's when using flash, the lens aperture in the case is of ample size.
I'm extremely pleased with this case, the price is about right considering the thought that's gone into the overall design. It's a classy item - highly recommended!
Noreve Leather Case
Initially when the product came I wondered was it really as good as described. After a few days of use I am delighted with this great case. It fits the phone exceptionally well and offers really good protection
Leather Case for iphone4
The case fits the iphone 4 like a glove. No complaints.
iphone4 leasther case
Great product and well worth the money to protect a £500 handset.
Yes, a good purchase, if a bit pricey
This is a good product, it holds the iPhone 4 firmly and closes firmly over it to protect it. It’s understated, not at all ‘bling’, and does not detract too much from the ‘thin-ness’ of the ‘phone. Contrary to some reviews I read, the raised logo on the front will not scratch the camera lens on the back, when the flap is folded all the way back, because the socket for the lens is deep enough to protect it. I chose not to use the optional belt clip, as I like the ‘phone to be flat enough to slip into a pocket. But I did add my own little loop of thin black cord, from a previous ‘phone or camera, to the fitting where the belt clip would go, so that the ‘phone can hang from a hook.
So the decision is really just whether you want to spend £30 on a ‘phone case. I did, just.
Delivery was speedy and problem-free.
Noreve Leather Case for iPhone 4
The case firs snugly and seems to be well made. It is quite light and slim so doesn't add much bulk to the device. I agree with other reviewers who noted the metal "button" on the front case unfortunately hits the camera lens when folded back which is an unnecessary flaw. Product was delivered quickly.
Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for iPhone 4 - Bla
Pure Noreve quality.
Nice and slim doesn't add any bulk to the phone and having looked at plenty of options I would consider this to be the best case available for the iphone.
2 friends have already bought them after seeing my case enough said?
Best iphone4 case
I've oredereda coupe of different flip cases for the iPhone 4 and been disappointed with the look and design of them (no camera hole, phone falls out of case etc). This one is best case I have seen. It keeeps you phone secure and has all the appropriate spaces for the ports and camera. It even lets your phone stiil LOOK like an iphone 4!! With lots of the others you coild have any of the iphones in them!
Well Crafted Case.
A quality looking case with a lovely smooth leather feel. The phone fits beautifully and leaves access to all the buttons/ports when closed. The option to fit the supplied belt clip is a nice touch, and a tool for this purpose is also supplied in the box. All in all, this is a very well priced case for a high end finish and is excellent value for money.
Very good but.....
Its a very nice case, you wont be disappointed. It fits like a glove, it looks and feels quality and people always comment on this. However, a couple of issues. First is the logo as mentioned in the previous review. If, like me, you tend to fold the lid under the phone when charging (to avoid something catching it and knocking it off the table) then beware because the protuding 3d logo falls perfectly into the hole for the camera/flash - not great considering it is made of metal. Second thing is also to do with the hole for the camera/flash - it doesnt line up properly so everytime you take a photo with flash you get a cloud appear along the edge (about 10% of the total picture) so you have to either remove the case or zoom and re-snap the shot. Annoying as I really love the case.....
Best of breed
this is my fourth attempt to find a good leather case for the iphone 4. this is the best one yet. It is the slimmest. It is made of the nicest leather. and if you're a belt clip person (i'm not), its got a good design for that. the stretched leather locking mechanism (rather than a snap button or magnet) gives this case the smallest footprint, hopefully its a mechanism that stands the test of time. one criticism: the metallic logo on the front face...be better with a flush one rather than a 3d protruding one. but finally this one should be a keeper.

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