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Nonda Zus 2 Port 4.8A Smart Car Charger & Car Locator Reviews

Introducing the Zus Smart Car Charger and Car Locator! This must have car charging accessory will charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously. Not only will it charge your devices but it will also save your car's location automatically!
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 4.6 stars from 79 customers

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Good little device
Not bad for the price
Without doubt the best car charger I have ever used.
I bought this unit partly because of the lights in the USB Sockets. Plugging into this charger is so easy even in the dark, the plug goes in either way around and the lights are good and bright. I was amazed at the speed it charged my smartphone and the information that you can get through the app is extremely helpful, it even tells you the charge rate of the car battery.
I have already recommended this unit to a number of friends and family. Well worth every penny.
Just had it for 2 weeks- so far it has been great, notifies me where I parked etc- everything I hoped it would be
As I said, it is great everything it promised
Does not work with my mobilephone
Not able to check the Nonda Zus 2 Port 4.8A Smart Car Charger & Car Locator. It is not visible with bluetuth on my Huawai mobile.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Arne

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate this for you.
This is a great product that has so many sides to it not just a charger and locator but battery and mileage documenter.
and more besides. Highly recommended
Product can be difficult to set up
Product can be difficult to set up. Cache on phone needs to be cleared regularly. GPS reception very unreliable
Very good
Very goog item,I will recomended
Good charger but not ideal with my phone..
The charger works well but will not trigger the fast charge in my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge) not even if I use the original Samsung fast charger cable. However it is powerful enough to maintain and slightly increase the phone's charge even with the GPS display on. Using other chargers the phone has slowly lost charge while using GPS guidance. This was the main reason for buying it, so I am happy but it was disappointing not to get fast charging.
It is also disappointing that it will not connect to the phone by Bluetooth while the car ìtself and my watch are connected to the phone, which means I cannot use it as a car finder. Presumably the phone will only allow the watch and one other Bluetooth connection at once and I don't want to disconnect either of these while driving, so I cannot is the CarFinder function. Other phones may allow more than 2 connections so at be OK.
Really good with quite a few extra surprises
Has quite a lot of features that comes with it besides charger and finder , things like battery indecator, milage etc. Compass not that accurate but using map with it is good.
Worth buying.
So simple to use
Great product works a treat very satisfied
Just but it!
This is a really Ronseal item . I.e. It does what it says on the can. Easy to use and it just works .
A worthwhile product
The device arrived within the scheduled time frame, is well made and works well. However, the first time I tested it was at the Palm Beach car park, and had I followed the (suggested) direction I would have needed to swim out to sea to find my vehicle. Thankfully, that was not required as I could see the vehicle. Ever since, the direction advised has proved accurate. Phew!
Looks good and well
To be honest, I purchased the item for a friend, I think it will do well
works well
This zus item is a good quality piece of equiptment it dose as it says on the tin...when i ordered the item I expected the very fast an efficent service I have come to respect from mobile fun, but due to the item being out of stock and their supplies failing to meet several delivery dates I did wait rather a long time for this item almost 2 months in fact...but I was kept up to date and I was offered an alternative by mobile fun so as usual a very high standard of service...I can recomend the product espcially if you have a habbit of loosing your car in the car park...its also a very quick charge time
A good charger with a something little extra that works fine.
Great product!
Great product, charges fast. Not used locator yet.
The product is really good. Though it would be nice, if the site would provide information, weather the product is available right away or not. So there would be no unsuspected delays.
Love it
I love this charger. It looks great, has gps park location tracking, and 2 ports with high output. It's one of the only car chargers that will put my Pixel XL into rapid charge mode.
Fantastic product.
Thank you for a great service. This is my second order and very happy with the product and your website. Sure to buy more from you guys.
Keep up the good work.
great product
This is a marvellous product I can only recommend!
Good charger, and handy locator.
I bought this because I needed a faster charger, but also needed a locator.
The charger is very good, and will give a useful charge to my phone during a relatively short drive.
The locator is usually good, but occasionally doesn't seem to register the last parking spot, and still thinks the car is in the previous location (it's currently telling me my car is 111 Kilometres away (+/- 25 metres), and not one minutes walk from my house, which is where I'm sure I left it).
When it works, which is most of the time, it is accurate, so I think I just need to check every time I leave the car to make sure it's registered the correct location.
As always from Mobile Fun, the goods were delivered promptly, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
High quality build with excellent companion App
Immediately one can see this is of an excellent build quality. The App is good too - once installed and set up you can forget it - no need to run it up - the Zus automatically records your car location, and its notification asks if you want to set a timer (maybe you're on a meter). Every now and then it gives an analysis of your car battery performance. One thing to point out: although it does deliver the same charge as a fast charger the Note 4 does not recognise it (or any other of my high power chargers) as a fast charger and so does not go into fast charge mode. However, I bought this because my existing normal charger could not keep up with the phone's discharge rate when being used with the screen on for satnav, and this one not only keeps up but achieves full charge status. Great product, I'd recommend it.
Received it really quick.
Received in a week the product is as good as described.
I would recommend everyone to buy one.
Specially Uber drivers.
Excellent product
Does whatever it says perfectly. Very handy for people who often Park car in big parking spots. Charging is quick on iPhone. I would have been extremely happy if they had qualcomm quick charge support. Anyway overall a great product.
Awesome little unit. Highly recommend.
Great product, does exactly what was stated and more
Great product, does exactly what was stated and more and is much better construction quality than I was expecting. Love it!
Quality product
This is a simple but effective device which does what it says it will. I have yet to become fully proficient in managing it on my mobile so that I am not unwittingly walking away from my car at journey's end to have the device continuing to monitor distance to car and wasting android resources. This is more likely to be a function of my learning to use android than a product design issue. Recommended
Well built and works even better than I expected
Well built and works even better than I expected.
Great product
Good product well made will buy more
It is a great little gadget
Bearing in mind how many times I've parked my car, either at concerts or airport car parks, and then being unable to remember exactly where it was, I think this a great idea, I did however having a small problem setting it up, because it would not recognise
a GPS signal, once that was resolved it is a great little gadget.
great bit of kit
this is a great price of kit charges two items at the same time and it is very quick and the locator to find your car is very accurate it also is very good looking piece.
Car is safe
This devise help: find your car, track your car ,charging fast and has 2 ports. For the price you get a best value recommend to buy
while this product is good for vehicles parked in open air, they don't work while parked in shopping centers
The Customer service was excellent. The product I ordered and received was correct delivered in time. The reason I bought this product was to help me with parking at the shopping centers to find my vehicles, while this product is good for vehicles parked in open air, they don't work while parked in shopping centers.
Saves Taxi fees
Amazing product for someone like me who searches for her car with a taxi (eventually each time!!!) in the huge car parks.
Great product
The Nonda Zus Smart Charger and Car Locator is a great product. The USB plugs are easy to locate due to the LED lights.
Yes it does assist is locating your car via the smartphone app, however this has its limitations in some multi-level car parks where signal can be compromised.
All up I rate the Zus as a quality product well worth purchasing and I use it regularly.
Must have bit of kit
Fantastic bit of kit never for get your car location again ! And it charges your phone at a very good speed when driving ! Brilliant!!
It is a great product
It is a great product - fast and reliable, and it helps to locate your car by registering the last location of the your mobile phone connected to the Zus, but it does not work when GPS signal is not available when you park. But it is smart and powerful all the same.
A Great Practical Idea
This is an Ingenious device, it works like a dream. Park your car in a strange town, shopping mall car park, cart boot sale field etc. Use this device, not only does it guide you directly to your vehicle with the Phone App, you can enter a time if your in a parking space with time limits so you don't get caught out. Invaluable if you travel a lot and have to park up and pay .
Useful n simple
Amazing delivery speed, awesome packaging n technology of product.
Very good
Park your car push the white button connecter and never loose where you parked your car
I wouldn't change this device ever. It is so simple to use. Park your car push the white button connecter and never loose where you parked your car. use your Mobile to find it.
The 4 USB charger with car adapter for your ciggy car lighter is good for charging your mobile, iPad and TomTom map roots. Go get both. You will not regret it. Use in doors as well.ĺ
very good
I got this item not only because it's got the two charging ports it also gives you I parking timer which I find very useful plus it stores where you parked your car which I find very useful when on holiday with the use of the app i can get back to our car
It does everything it says in the description. If you want a full blown car tracker then you will have to pay a lot more money than this. I have tested it out on several occasion and seems to be very accurate. Very easy to setup.
Zus - the god of chargers!
I bought this product because of its extra features (car locator and parking time set). There are many many dual USB two socket chargers out there, but as far as I am aware, no others with those features.Now, I'll never get a warden's ticket on my windscreen due to a late return to the car, and I'll never be late because I'll now be able to find the car sooner!

Super product, great value!
Amazing gadget for the confused.
Unbelievable. Last year I accompanied a friend to a house in Bruges complete with lock up garage in a yard of many identical ones. Guess what - Yes he actually managed to lock it in the wrong garage and when he went to collect it, there it was GONE. With the benefit of being able to charge my car/cam and sat/nav as well, I t5hough 'Got to have one'. and it really works well. Fantastic.
Very good
Is working
A useful tool to track your car on a crowded parking, keep in mind that while using the application Bluetooth and Location should always be ON so it might take off little percentage of your battery (not sure), so to avoid this issue it is better to open the application and use your device a minute before leaving your car. Regarding the charger it was fast but too early to give a clear review about it as it was used 2 or 3 times only.
This is a car charger only and I didn't need one of those. It's not possible to get the Android app (won't recognise my e-mail address) so as a car locator it is a complete waste of time. I feel like I've been conned (again).
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this accessory. It seems you are having problems using the app, so it would be best to contact Zonda's own Customer Support to resolve the issue. We have tested this device ourselves and found it works absolu
Fit and Forget
If like me you have a sense of direction worse than a confused earthworm, or regularly leave your car in airport parks the size of a small country, this is for you. Stick it in your socket, download the app, and forget you ever bought it - until that day when you lose your car, and the park charges £2.00 per millisecond because you're at the airport, or it's on a meter in London and outstaying your time is ranked alongside defrauding a baby panda bear sanctuary in terms of cost and disdain from the council. Open the app and it will show you the way to your wheels, saving you time and money. Oh, and you can plug two USBs into it. And it charges iPhones. Perfect.
Perfect for finding your car
I bought this as last summer I was leaving dc10 in ibiza and couldn't find my hire car in the car park for nearly an hour! All white fiats look the same! Saw this on fb and thought let's give this a try. Tested it over the weekend in london and yes it works to within about 50/60 feet. Would be great if it pinged or was slightly more accurate but it does the job!
Very unobtrusive in your car and coordinates well with your phone to guide you to your car
Exactly what it says on the tin. Very unobtrusive in your car and coordinates well with your phone to guide you to your car. Would recommend to others.
Very useful
I haven't lost my car since I bought it, parking timer function is handy and being able to charge two devices at the same time is great for a phone and sat nav`that have languished in my briefcase overnight and lost their charge
Very pleased.
Very pleased with this item. Find it a creative product to help locating the vehicles as well as a charger. Smart design too.
good for my car
It the best car item I have
Dual charger
Great tool for a dual charger but useless for location finding for city use as most car parks are indoor and multi level where is this unit does not work.

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