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Nonda iHere 3.0 Anti-Lost Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder Reviews

Meet the only rechargeable item locator in the world! The amazingly compact iHere 3.0 from Nonda allows you to conveniently track and locate your precious belongings with just one click. It even allows you to take perfect selfies.
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$40.09 inc. VAT
 4.1 stars from 15 customers

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Great if you lose your keys or phone
I have to say we waited a long time for this to come back into stock however one thing that Mobile Fun excels in is in keeping the customer informed and they do this with a weekly email to identify the arrival time of your goods. The key finder works very well and will find your phone even if the phone has been left on SILENT - a real plus point
Make sure that the keyfinder is properly charged first time around - it does take a lot of time charging in the beginning which was a mistake we made. However after the first charge it was just fine
Pretty Disappointed
I had hoped this would be a hassle free, "setup and sorted" item but it requires constant reconnecting and it is highly probable that when I lose my keys I will have also lost connection. When it works it is great but overall I'm pretty disappointed, a lot of money for a poor product.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Hugh

Please ensure you have the latest software updates for your phone and the app. Try repairing the accessory with your phone and check that no other Bluetooth connected devices are interfering.

If this doesn't work, please contact our Customer
Looks Good
Just arrived today, will be a gift for my daughter.
Will let you know the reception later.
Clever little device if not quite as clever as you think !
This little device does several neat things - it will beep when activated by your phone so that you can find whatever it's attached to, you can press the button on it to take a selfie remotely on your phone, and last but not least it can store a GPS location to help you find your parked car. The last one I haven't tried yet.
So - it's neat, and effective but not quite as smart as the pictures which seem to show your phone giving a direction to help you locate it. All in all quite amusing and potentially a life saver if you do lose something valuable in a crowded place, but not yet the final finished item I suspect.
Nonda iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder
Drained the battery of the phone. stopped working after a while.
Great little device
Already purchased Nonda Zus, but this device completes the set. No excuse to lose anything now -the car, the keys, the chance to take a steady-handed self.
Delivery was early too!
I hear what iHere says!
I purchased this product, although I had previously bought a Nonda Zus which finds my car for me, amongst other things. That product is excellent, but is bettered by the iHere, which is multi-functional.
It'll do what the Zus does, plus finding your keys from your phone, or vice-versa, as well as acting like a remote shutter release on your phone's camera, the last feature being very useful when, perhaps in low light, pressing the shutter button on your mobile might produce camera shake.
This is a brilliant, and reasonably priced product, and unlike others, is rechargeable, with a long battery life between charges.

Everything about the whole process of buying it from Mobile Fun went smoothly, from You Tube demonstration to easy ordering to exceptionally quick delivery (even at the cheapes postal option).

I am absolutely delighted with the product and the service from Mobile Fun.

Alec Hayter
This little gadget is great for keeping in touch with one's phone and keys
Exactly as described on the website, this little gadget is great for keeping in touch with one's phone and keys.
Very good overall
Bluetooth has a range of circa 10m. The Nonda maintains this most of the time, but occasionally a break in contact is registered less than this. Overall a good buy. Next version should be thinner!
Very Hit And Miss
I Have A Android Moto 3g And When It Connects To My Phone Its Great Unfortunately This Is Very Hit And Miss,Dont Know If It Works Better With a IPhone But Until The App/Software Is More Reliable Would Not Buy Another
Useful item with one or two small issues....
Purchased this as I often misplace my car keys or phone in and around my own office and at clients' premises and I have to say that it works extremely well. It's incredibly easy to setup and also charges very quickly too. In the two weeks I have had this key finder; I have used it three times so I'm very glad I purchased it!

The only issues I have is that the 'beep' from the key finder isn't very loud and in a busy office it can be a bit hard to hear. The other problem I have is that when the phone is out of range of the keyfinder, the keyfinder beeps to say it has lost contact with the bluetooth. This is probably a good idea in that you know when the item is out of range but it does mean that you have to keep both your keyfinder and the phone together on your bedside table whilst sleeping otherwise the beeping of the keyfinder can be a bit distracting..!

However, overall, this is a great product which does exactly what it says it does and I would definitely recommend it.
Does what it says
I was a little sceptical about the claims for this device, but having used it to locate my car (although on this occasion I did know where it was) it directed me to the correct spot. Also locates my iPhone in the house, although you could do that by just dialling the number; it also located my car keys in a pocket the wardrobe.
Extremely useful
Paid for itself already. Retrieved my phone which fell from my pocket whilst outdoors.
Very impressed iNdeed
item arrived on time as usual from MobileFun and packaged nice and securely.
Now this iHere is one clever little device and could save you a lot of money and time. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and the software that you install on your phone/ tablet is really user friendly and has a tutorial included. The iHere paired so easily I was very impressed, it was hassle free and as I said all set up in 2 minutes.
Now this is not massive and bulky so it will fit on your keyring easily and it is well built and looks very nice.
So what does it do? Well it can find your phone, it can find your keys and can even guide you to where you last parked your car.....Brilliant!!!
If you lose all three at the same time, car, keys and phone all at the same time there is seriously something wrong with you... lol
This has amazing BlueTooth range and has never disconnected since I have been using it.
Battery is rechargeable and come with a nifty little USB charging cable and is supposed to last a month before it needs charging again.The little LED light will notify you when you need to charge it and you can also check the battery level through the application as well.
If you consider how much it could cost you if you were to lose your keys and having new locks and keys replaced this device will have saved you a lot of money and the same can be said if you lose your phone this device would have paid for itself.
If you are not quite sure about this product just check it out on YouTube as there are some good non biased reviews.
I will be buying a few more of these closer to Christmas for my family as this could really save you a lot of time and money, so I highly recommend it and I am sure that if you bought one you would be equally impressed.
Thank for reading and I hope you found my review is helpful.

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