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Nomad Wireless Qi Charging Base Station - Apple Watch Edition - Black Reviews

Designed for Apple Watch, iPhone & AirPod owners, enjoy the cable-free convenience of fast wireless charging. The Base Station Apple Watch integrates a sleek modern design with a functional wireless charging hub.
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 3.9 stars from 8 customers

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Received the product two days ago and only now managed to unboxed and set up the charging base station. The USB C and USB A ports are missing. I doubled checked the product description and it states there should be a USB C and USB A port on the base station (reason why I went and bought the product) . The pictures of the product does not match the product description. I sent an email to customer support and awaiting for a response - will update once they have replied.

The product I received works flawlessly but not what I wanted.
An Efficient Method of Charging
There are more expensive options for wireless charging but they don’t recharge Apple Watch, Apple AirPods and iPhone at the same time.

A major disappointment for this charging pad is that the wire is fixed to a plug! I was hoping that it would be the more flexible option of a usb so I can insert it into my double usb plug socket. I would like for the manufacturer to change this in the near future as I think we all could do with less plug sockets.
Perhaps a defective item!
I received the item in great anticipation, only to realise the charging pad does not work across the whole range. I have to move my AirPods Pro and iPhone 11 Pro many times around the pad, to find the "charging sweet spot". The watch charger works flawlessly. I may have drawn a short straw and received a defective item.

I am returning the item for a replacement and hope the new unit works well. I will report my findings after testing the new unit.
Flawless product from a super store!
Very Good
Flawless product from a super store! :-)
Thank you very much!
I have been waiting a long time for a wireless charger that would charge my AirPods, iPhone and watch together, this is perfect. Charges all 3 together or one at once easily, holds the watch upright while charging so night stand mode can still be used.
It’s good apart from the LEDs
This has been the closest thing to the perfect bedside charging companion. It charges my Xs, my Wireless AirPods case and watch all at the same time with the convenience of using up one wall socket. My only gripe is the LEDs. Even though there is a sensor and they dim at night they start off amber which is fine. When fully charged they turn white and they do illuminate a pitch black bedroom in the middle of the night. Would have been better if they had changed from amber to green so they wouldn’t have illuminated a white light. Still like the product but may tape over the LEDs.
Fantastic wireless charger
I bought this to charge. My iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch and 2nd generation Wireless charging AirPods. It charges all three perfectly. Good quality and charging led lights dim at night which are on the front of the charger.

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