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Nite Ize Steelie Vent Mount Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit is the perfect phone holder for your car. It docks your phone to your dashboard in a snap, so it's visible, accessible, and right where you need it, everywhere you go.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55850
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 3 customers

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Well made and effective - if it's what you want.
Firstly this is a really neat little device. It's well-made, and the magnetic ball holds on firmly.
It comprises a steel ball on a short stem, with a clamp which clamps onto any flat tongue such as the slats on an air outlet. That bit is great.
There is then a tiny socket which you have to glue onto your phone. And that is the problem, as you then have to have that little 4mm-thick socket on your phone the whole time, making it difficult to slide it into a pouch or case. It does adhere really well, and can be removed pretty easily if you want it off, but you can't just put it on and take it off each time you use it.
In the end I mounted the socket on a clip-on phone case, which I then used as the mount, so that when I took the phone out of the case it was unencumbered by the socket. That worked quite well for me, but did mean that I had to carry a case for pocket use.
This device would have been much better for me if it had included a phone clamp which could be used for my phone instead of the stick-on socket. However if you don't mind your phone having a little socket glued to its back all the time it really does work well and is very neat. Thus it might be a fantastic mount for something always used in the car, like a SatNav or perhaps a speed camera detector, where you want to mount it on the dashboard and be able to remove it quickly.
Perfect for the task
This vent mount is the ideal solution for holding my CB radio handset safely. Because the location of the Steelie ball is not fixed, the position can be moved to suit driver or passenger use.
The handset is a little bulkier than a phone, and has a cord attached at the base so it tends to droop a little, but the hold is secure and the screen remains visible. I tested it on a phone and it was ideal.
Brilliant item
I put this in my car vent and it firmly stayed there the magnetic back is amazing and stays there even during a bumpy ride. My previous car holder kept falling off but really happy with this product

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