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Nillkin Super Frosted Shield OnePlus 3T / 3 Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Specifically made for the OnePlus 3T / 3, this protective black hard shell case will shield your phone from everyday knocks and drops.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60094
$15.66 inc VAT
 5 stars from 4 customers

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Good Grip, Protection and Value
Pretty good case for the price. I wanted a case to make the phone easier to hold more than anything. The One Plus 3T is so thin and rounded/smooth on the edges its hard to pick up and maintain a hold of. This case is quite rigid, but with a plasticy, rubbery texture, that lets you grip your phone quite well. Not too plasticy and smooth, but also not too rubbery and grippy - a good balance. Also has a textured back - not scratchy, just textured. (Excuse my plain choice of words, but sometime it helps describe things better) Also note, this case is quite slim - does not bulk up the phone much at all.
Sturdy and aesthetic case
Very good case for the price. Looks good and feels good to hold. It is very hard to get the case off the phone which is good most of the time but is a pain when you decide to take it off.
Great Case
Great quality item, lovely sturdy feel. I have tried other phone cases which have disappointed for feeling cheap and ugly. This is a real pleasure to use - highly recommended
No problems
Cover fits and works great! Will be dealing here next time too.

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