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Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Magic Disk - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Wirelessly charge your Qi compatible smartphone on the move or at home with the white slim and stylish Qi Magic Disk from Nillkin.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49656
$26.53 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 16 customers

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great item
excellent charges my galaxy s3
Great Charger
The Nillkin Qi Charging Mat is fantastic, i have a Nexus 4 and just need to drop the phone anywhere on the mat and it starts charging straight away. The circular shap means no allignment is necessary. Love it.
Not So Convenient?
If you put your phone on the charger overnight, it charges up in a couple of hours then the pad shuts off and shows a green light. The phone then sits there for the rest of the night gradually discharging, so when you get up in the morning it's about 70%. Then, when you remove the phone from the pad, unless you remove the phone slowly and wiggle it around a bit, the pad stays in this 'off' state until you unplug it then plug it in again.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Neil

Sorry to hear you are having issues charging your phone.

All the reviews so far haven't mentioned any charging problems as you describe, so please check your Qi charging features of your phone to ensure they are working correctly and conside
Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Magic Disk - Black
This product is not very good. I use it to charge an LG G3 but it barely works. The charger finishes charging and turns itself of. If you leave it overnight you will find it charges to 100% then turns off. By the time you wake, the charge will be at 95%. Also it is not powerful enough to charge my phone with the cover on so I have to disrobe the phone for the charger to work. Sort of defeats the purpose.
Excellent value, fast delivery, great product!
Great product for wireless charging at the fraction of am original Samsung wireless pad charger. Fast delivery and great service from Mobilefun.
PS Customers please be aware, you would need a seperate an adapter replacement rear cover to your Samsung mobile
Still works, but....
Wi-Fi charge pad works well, but the LED ring that indicates the phone is positioned correctly stopped illuminating after about 2 weeks. It still charges the phone though..
Great charger for seamless charging
I bought this charger for my Lg G3 and it works perfectly. Just connect the disc to original Lg's micro usb charger and put the smartphone on it. Charging begins in a second and the disc lightens with nice blue light (not annoying at all) to indicate that the phone is chrging. Charging time is almost as with direct connected cable, I didn't noticed any difference. When the phone is fully charged the disk will light with green color.
Comparing this product to my previous wireless charger, I can say it's very good. No heat coming from the induction area, it's so simple and natural to charge the phone by just placing the phone anywhere on it and charging time is as like you use standard cable charger.
Highly recommended!
simple, quick and less fuss
I love this product, before i got it i broke the charging port on my phone and hadent been able to charge my phone for months, i purchased the Qi wireless charger adapter and the nilkin charging pad and it worked perfectly so now rather then fiddiling around in the dark trying to fit my charger i can just place my phone on the pad and it starts charhing instantly, charges pretty fast aswell.
5 stars out of 5
it' great and handy
Due to have Samsung have placed a cover over tge charging port of the phone, it was always a fight plugging in the phone to charge every night. I was acutally this process would bend the pins in the charger or the phone it self.

With this wureless charge it is as easy as putting the device down and walking away, abd it has a cool blue light ring.
Superb and convenient charging device
The Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Magic Disk works great and is very well designed and looks great when a device is placed on it. I use it for my nexus 4. My sister keeps removing my phone to place her Nexus 5 on it. My kids tried their Nexus 7 on it and wanted to take it away into their room.

It is very convenient to have as it saves having to keep plugging and unplugging the phone to the cable and allows you to quickly answer the phone if it rings while charging.

I shall strongly consider more of these permanently placed in various rooms, and strongly recommend for anyone with the facility to wirelessly charge on their device.
Works a treat on my Nexus 5
Have had problems with wireless chargers in the past, but this one works perfectly with my Nexus 5 (even with a Ringke Slim case on the back). Charging is 5-10% slower than by the cable directly, but it's barely isn't noticeable whilst it's sat at my desk at work. The LEDs are a good indicator that it's charging - very bright though so not great next to your bed on a night ;)
A Great Purchase!
I wanted a wireless charger for my Samsung and after a bit of on line research, decided this was the best looking unit and the price was really good too. I placed my order and wasn't disappointed. Delivery was fast, well packaged, really easy to set up and use, and looks great! In fact I was so pleased I ordered a 2nd one straight away! My thanks to MobileFun for the 'all too easily forgotten these days' really excellent service.

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