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Nillkin Phantom Qi Wireless Charging Lamp Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Modern artistic form meets awesome function with the stylish Nillkin Phantom Qi Wireless Charging Lamp. Featuring adjustable LED lighting and Qi charging pad to charge your Qi compatible devices by the bedside, on your desk or anwyhere you wish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50692
$53.07 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 5 customers

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The Phantom Lamp enjoy my life !
The Lamp is a real beauty in all of thermes. (Sorry for my garbage english... I'm from Quebec city and we are bad with the words in french so you can imagine what it's look like in english ) -little joke

The Lamp are amazing cause you can say BYE BYE to all your phones cables ! And it's a real pleasure to put your phone on the lamp before sleep and at morning, your phone are fully charging.

I recommand the Phantom Lamp by Nilkin ! LOVE IT
Great Product
When looking at wireless charging, part of the challenge is where can I put it? When I saw the Phantom wireless charging lamp it resolved a problem by creating the space and improving the light quality. It arrived promptly and works flawlessly..
Ok for early design...but
Interesting idea, and the charger works fine. But the light is flimsy, with plastic seams that move too much. Also light brightness is very hard to regulate. Trying to set lowest intensity is near impossible as no discreet settings are available and you have to play with the one available switch until you more or less get it. Finally light switch view or access is blocked by telephone while charging.
Great Little LED reading Lamp but...
There are a number of things which this small reading lamp are not which are worth mentioning before going on to what it is. It is not rechargeable and needs a mains supply at all times to work. It has a tiny LED lamp and so is not suitable for use as a bedside reading lamp. Although it has a mobile phone charging pad it will not charge your phone unless you have first bought a compatible charging coil for your handset. But on the plus side; This is a light, elegant lamp which, if you rest it on your pillow, will certainly act as a reading lamp and, with the correct equipment installed, it will wirelessly charge your mobile phone while emitting a pleasing blue light to tell you your phone battery is charging.
Futuristic Wireless Charger
I've recently upgraded my phone from an LG G3 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I had the LG wireless charger (which I was very impressed with) so I decided I wanted a wireless charger for my Note 4, after searching online I finally found this I was instantly drawn to it by its Futuristic looks and the fact that it also had a light as well, I was a bit worried at first as there wasn't any reviews about it but decided to give it a try, and boy am I glad I did this charger is absolutely brilliant you can even dim the light down as well, when you place your phone on the charger a blue circular light aluminates around it letting you know that it's charging which looks really cool so if there's anyone wondering whether to buy this charger or not all I'd say is that you will not be disappointed guaranteed.
I hope this review helps other buyers make up their minds when viewing this charger, you will love it.

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