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Nillkin 9H Tempered Glass Sony Xperia Z3 Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Nillkin Amazing H+ 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z3 has been specially made with scratch-resistant AGC glass material and HARVES nanotechnology with excellent defensive performance for your Z3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49842
$19.89 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 10 customers

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At last a protector that fits properly.
I have had different screen protectors for this phone, none of them fitted the screen properly leaving 1-1.5mm gap at the edges. The last protector did protect the screen from cracking when the phone was dropped, but the screen is chipped on the corner because the protector was too small. The Nillkin 9H fits nicely to the edge, but still allows the phone to fit in its wallet type case.
Good product when it's first adhered
Good product when it's first adhered to the screen. Unfortunately it peels off after just two weeks under very minimal wear and tear. I'll find another solution for protecting the screen other than repeatedly buying these protectors.
Easy to apply and looks great
After getting my smashed screen repaired I decided to try a tempered glass screen protector to save it from future clumsiness.

I've tried plastic ones in the past and quickly got annoyed with the tacky feel of them, this screen protector is great in comparison. Super easy to apply (check out any video on YouTube) and fits great on the phone. It barely feels like there is a protector on the screen. Highly recommend.
And again
My daughter who has OCD and is incredibly picky about screen protectors, said this is the best one ever....don't lose the details of where we got it! A recommendation indeed!
Broke in pocket
I was really excited to get this product as I had just purchased the new Sony Xperia Z3 and wanted something to protect the screen. However, the very next day after installing the glass screen protector it broke whilst in my pocket. I didn't drop it or hit it or anything so not sure why it broke so easily.
easy to use, great quality screen protector
Very happy with the quality of the protector, easy to apply after looking up youtube. Would recommend.
look nice
Poor quality instructions
I recently received this product from mobilefun and set about preparing to install it on my z3. The instructions were in Japanese with an English translation and the translation was poor. It left me guessing at stages and as a result I placed it on my screen in the incorrect way a number of times. By the time I had figured it out (thanks YouTube) the screen protectors electro static side was dirty and how ever much I tried to clean it, it wouldn't work. As a result, I owned this screen protector for less then an hour before it made its way into the bin.

My advice, buy a screen protector that comes with good instructions for your native language.
Nillkin = High Quality!!!
Jestem pozytywnie zaskoczony jakością produktu Nillkin Amazing H+ 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z3. NIe widać odcisków palców, łatwy w montażu (można zakładać i zdejmować wielokrotnie), brak pęcherzyków powietrza, idealnie przejrzysty, wysoka wytrzymałość, łatwy w czyszczeniu (co robi się rzadko). Jedyne ale, to czy niezbędny jest ten otwór przy czujniku zbliżeniowym/światła. Mimo tego Zdecydowanie polecam ten produkt i z pewnością skorzystam z ponownego zakupu w przyszłości.

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