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NewKinetix Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into a Universal Remote Control.
  • Mobile Fun ID 26285
$75.62 inc. VAT
 3.5 stars from 2 customers

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Not for retina display
Ad says this device works for ipad. However, it only works for ipad 2 and before. That's last year's model. Description should have been clearer.
Excellent IR remote control
My frield bought one for his iPad to replace his aging Pronto remote control. I have an iTouch so I bought one to replace the use of 10 remoter controls. It is very easy to configure and it can learn any remote control buttons if needed - just as well as the default deos not have cover my Krell amplifier RC and my Sony AV model. It is easier to use (sensitive) than my Humax RC as pressing a button on the iTouch gives an instant response whereas my Humax RC does not seem to be as responsive and very often I have to press it a few times on the Humax RC. The "favourites" is a very good feature as I can configure all the buttons required for watching TV or DVD all in one screen so it makes it easier for my wife. The only downside is becasue I am using iTouch and the battery capacity of the iTouch does not last long, I have to charge the iTouch everyday. I can turn the iTouch autolock on but if I do and I want to change the volume or pause the film I have to unlock the iTouch first. I'm not sure it is a bug of the iTouch or the IR RC. If I have to unlock the iTouch first and use the IR RC button, it does not seem to work unless I click the iTouch menu button to show the menu again, then click on the IR RC software again to go back in. Alternatively I can turn autolock off completely to avoid the problem but it does use up the battery quickly. I think it is more suitable for iPad or iPhone which have a larger battery capacity.

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