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Naztech Stealth 1000mA Micro USB Rapid Car Charger with Extra USB Port Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge two devices simultaneously. With an impressive 1000 mA capacity and concealed extra USB port, you can enjoy endless device usage on the go.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34878

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 4.2 stars from 17 customers

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Top Charger
Fantastic charger, use sat nav on my mobile and normal charger was useless and even when charging battery would ony last about 1 hour. With this it charges it with sat nav running highly recommended worth twice the money.
Does what it says on the box
This is an excellent piece of kit, the one problem with it is I get interference on my Honda radio. It is plugged in to a cigarette lighter extension lead but when it is turned on the radio "whines"
worth buying
good quality i would buy again
Update to previous review
Though I would share a problem I have with the charger and my DAB radio in my 2011 Mondeo (Sony inbuilt DAB unit).

I have discovered that when I have the charger plugged in, I lose reception on my radio (DAB, FM and MW). While it still charges my devices very quickly, there must be something wrong with the electrics in the charger to do this ( I have other chargers that don't have this problem). I therefore have to downgrade my rating
Charges quick
I bought this after reading the reviews as I wanted a faster charger for my new Note 2 and my Galaxy SII. It definitely works as advertised. Yes the charging light is over the top bright, but was easily fixed with a combination of permanent marker pen and a 5p gaffer tape cut out.
Well done
Quick charged my device and no problem:)Well done
my favorite online store
Exactly what I needed, excellent and powerful charger.
As always, instant delivery !!!
I've tried numerous usb car chargers to allow me to use copilot sat nav with this phone, the best i found would allow the battery to not drain (but not charge) with quite aggressive power saving options. This one allows the use of copilot with data / gps / bluetooth / backlight on at all times / and no power saving options. (This without charging will drain the battery completely in less than an hour). The Naztech stealth actually charges the battery quickly with all this going on. Additionally in power options the phone reports it's plugged into and AC supply.
Naztech Stealth
Excellent product, and excellent service from Mobile Fun – as usual
Naztech Stealth 1000mA Micro USB Rapid Car Charger with Extra USB Port.
I am very pleased with this product and with mobile fun.

You get a fast delivery and a very good service from them.
One useful bit of kit
Very useful piece of kit,in car,runs phone and tablet together,easy to use when stationary,not when mobile.
Can't believe this passed Quality Control
I have just used this now for a week in my car and although it is "slightly" more powerful than a standard in car charger for me this is not the issue!

The glare from the incredibly bright LED indicator when you plug this in is unbelievably dangerous.

My in-car charging unit (all are different)is situation at a low level behind the gear shift.

Even during the day the "torch like" bright light that shines from the LED indicator is so distracting I'm amazed, astonished and shocked that this unit has even passed the most basic test via Quality Control.

At night the unit is total impractical from the sheer glare that the LED emits. It lights up the entire interior of the car with a windscreen glare that makes it quite dangerous to drive with it switched on.

My first use at night I had to unplug it because the bright blue LED light was making driving impossible and dangerous.

I have decided to keep this purely because it serves a purpose of charging slightly faster than normal chargers and the fact that I do have use for the USB charging port too.

I have had to paint the plastic LED indicator BLACK with enamel paint to stop the "torch like" effect from affecting my driving.

I have written also to the manufacturer to view my serious concerns for this product.

Buy with caution!
This charger really is quick and doesn't heat up like others that I have read about on blogs on the web. I had never heard of naztech before this buy, but am really impressed.
Surprisingly good
I really wasn't expecting a lot for the price of this charger, but it is really well made and does charge your handset at a good rate. MY phone eats the battery so this really is a good buy if you have a HTC or alike, haven't tried the extra port, but I guess that could be useful for taxi drivers or drivers of long distances. Would recommend to friemds and family without hesitation.
2 chargers for 1
the extra port in this charger is invaluable for me with my kids who all have a phone each and constantly need to charge their phones usually just when we leave home! brilliant service from this company as well.
Fine charger well made but at the price maybe the charge light should change colour when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is fully charged

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