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Native Union Curve Bluetooth Handset with Base - High Gloss Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed and developed by renowned French designer, David Turpin, the Native Union Curve Bluetooth Handset in high gloss black allows you to connect up to two Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone and a laptop to take crystal clear calls.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43197

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 4.9 stars from 15 customers

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Brilliant as ever!
Well as a proper gadget geek, I couldn't resist the Curve!

You know when you are trying to do a million things around the house and balancing a mobile on your shoulder and between your ear!

Well, I think I was conditioned only to balance a proper handset, however, we remember, we couldn't go too far until the phone fell off the table

The Curve does both, and amazing bit of kit, recommend it whole heartedly
Great Piece of Kit
This hand set was just what I was looking for as I do not have a land line in my Mobile Home. Now I can hear the Phone Ring and know where it is !! Looks classy, was very easy to set up and works well with both mobile phones, although have not tried the voice recognition feature yet.
All In all a smart piece of useful kit
Great item
Worked perfectly with my iPhone,very good connection
good clear sound use anywhere in house.
Great device for that old fashion feeling :)
Great device , looks good and does what it says.
Recommended if your looking for a handset to leave device available to browse etc.
Delivery and service was excellent as well
very stylish.
Only just arrived but seems sn excellent piece of equipment and very easy to use, it is also very stylish.
Stylish and Practical
Very elegant addition to my desk. Easy to pair with my mobile. The sound quality is good and very clear and much easier to hold when on a lengthy call than holding the mobile to my ear. Excellent value for money and have recommended it to quite a few people already.
Excellent item
Cheapest and quickest service
Fab styling, fab function!
This telephone handset is totally cool, looks great, works great, means I can leave my iPhone charging somewhere while the handset is by the bed for that vital middle of the night call. I luv it!
Makes life easier
I have been looking for something like this for my office for a long time.
It was easy to set up and even easier to use!
Looks great sat on the desk too.
No more fumbling around for my mobile when i'm in the office.
Very Good Quality and useful peace of kit
Very Good Quality and useful peace of kit
Really Good Value For Money
Just what I have been looking for.
I live in an area where the reception on my mobile is restricted to the front of the house, and varies throughout the day. Frequently on receiving a call, I loose the signal half way through, or have to stand in the front porch to get a decent signal. I noticed that if the phone was in the hallway I never missed a call. Now with this new handset, I can leave the phone in a 'good' reception area on charge, and link to it via this amazing handset. It paired with my phone instantly and the sound quality is excellent, like using the land line. I would thoroughly recommend this unit to anyone in similar circumstances. It looks good, well built, feels very substantial and an interesting range of ring tones.
This handset just works. It's so easy to connect to two phones, has some functional but not intrusive ringtones and is very comfortable to hold. I used to use a corded handset, but it was a bit if a pain having to change plugs between phones and also meant you had to keep your phone close to you. With this, it's a brilliant walkabout handset which I can easily prop under my chin, hold in my hand I readily opt to just use my phone, just like the good old days.

So far, so good. Seamless connection with two iPhones (one for work and one personal) and it's very easy to answer of make calls with either.

Highly recommended, and a good price too.
Perfect phone accessory
I use my mobile phone a lot in the office and constantly have to cup my hand under the phone to be heard clearly. Well not any more. The Curve handset is just what I needed. Easy to set up, good range and clear reception, it is the perfect answer to using you mobile in the office. Looks great too. I think there is some phone envy going on.
Good Quality Item
Surprisingly good build quality for the price. Weighty (without being too heavy) handset.

Easy to pair. I bought it to use with both work and personal mobile at home.
Automatically connects when turned off and on.
Just what I needed
Excellant product for areas with restricted reception as you can leave your phone in a good reception area and use the Bluetooth handset to make and receive calls . Very easy to set up and use

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