Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter LED Modular Lighting Panel Kit - 9 Pack Reviews

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Unleash your creativity with the Aurora Smarter Kit from Nanoleaf. Containing nine Smart LED panels to create a unique design, you'll be able to set the perfect mood. Compatible with iOS and Android, customise the Aurora with various colours and speeds.
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Great item I'm very happy with this
Great item I'm very happy with this .very modern ,it made art on my wall.perfect:)
beautifully product excellent and great fun
beautifully product excellent and great fun
Really fun and well designed product
The Nanoleaf Aurora looks excellent on our staircase wall. It creates a real talking point when friends and family visit. I love the fact it's fully customisable so can fit in with my colour scheme, also any place around the house. It's also great because it's compatible with Apple HomeKit and Philips Hue which have in most rooms of the house now. The only things that I would like to see is compatibility with the hue ligh switches and sync with music
GUI Mood Lighting
GUI is a good way to describe this LED lighting system. It has an organic appeal as the colours can blend smoothly in almost any pattern you like, Hence they feel a little "gooie"! but of course they are "smart" and connect quite easily to the wifi so you can control them from a simple iPhone app. Well I haven't experimented much yet, but it looked simple enough on initial testing. I'm not sure how it will behave in real life. I was confused about how to physically install the thin plastic LED panels, Then I discovered a packet of double sided stick foam pads. I can see this working OK for a wall mounted installation on a clean dust free dry surface. I wanted to try using them on a bathroom ceiling and I don't trust the sticky pad approach, so I'm going to glue them onto a perspex substrate, and then fit that with screws. I think the company should look at making some kind of discrete concealed fixing clips than can be screwed onto a wall or ceiling....
Creative Mood Lighting in a box
The promotional material gives a good idea just how flexible and adaptable this lighting system is. In practise it was very easy to set up and connected to my iPhone after a few minutes. Even without the iPhone interface it can be used to good effect. Being a home maker, I have a good eye for things different and intriguing; this fits this genre but can blend into the back ground if used in a subtle way. The panels can be quite bright if you want. The weakest point to the system is I believe the wall or ceiling mounting options. There aren't many! The kit comes supplied with double sided sticky pads. This could work well on a modern painted, papered or tiled wall. I'd like to see more thought on the installation options! eg concealed metal or plastic clips that could be screwed on the wall, and the panels would clip onto them. Maybe an extension connector cable for separating the panels out?

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